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    Look and Feel Oppression Advice

    Legend of Zelda isn't the only game in it's genre, it's just the best one
  2. Sorry, I meant for the developer of the website, with either access to the server or a local copy. I have inherited a sloppy mess of a website and need to clean things up. I have played with regex some, but such a thing is beyond my abilities at this time. While it would be good practice to figure it out, I'm more interested in getting the work done, especially if there is some tool freely available to help.
  3. Can anyone recommend a program that can scan a directory tree for a website and report which files depend on which others, and which are orphaned? I'm thinking something like Dependency Walker but for PHP and related files? Thus far my google-fu has failed me. Thanks!
  5. Don't read the file in the game loop, read it once when the game starts and save the values in the variables you already have. Or did I misunderstand?
  6. There is no problem in computer science which cannot be solved by one more level of indirection
  7. krez

    Prioritizing in game design ideas

    Eh, you're probably right that nobody (else) would read a manual, but there has to be something. Maybe just add in popup explanations for each thing that happens (the first time, or the first few times, or always until the player checks the "ok stop telling me this" box or something). Sorry I don't have a great idea for a solution... just think if you were going to explain this card game to a stranger who never played before, what would you have to tell them as the game progressed?
  8. krez

    Prioritizing in game design ideas

    I just lost my post before submitting unfortunately (grr), so now you get the short version (sorry): It needs polish. As Acharis said, some of the wording is awkward or unclear. For the dialogue, it would be better to show which character is saying what, or at the least start a new paragraph when the speaker changes. The graphics are not horrible IMO, but they aren't wonderful either (and I have no recommendations, being the least artistic person on the planet). Also, what are the game rules? The story mode says that it will teach you the rules as you go along but this seems limited to telling you what each card does as you select it (which is OK, there is no need to learn every card when you only have a handful at a time to work with... but at the same time, I don't even know what is *possible*). Do you have a rule book (on a website or in the game)? After playing for a bit I'm still unsure how battles are resolved or even why some card are disappearing or moving, etc. What does support / ambush do? Specials (+1 attack chance)? Things like that. I'll try again when I'm less tired.
  9. Goooooooooooooooooold!
  10. While I am not saying not to use a library, Excel can connect to a database on a remote host easily enough. So you wouldn't need to install Excel on your web server.
  11. krez

    Storing Game Data in Data File?

    PhysicsFS might help you out here. It allows you to pack up your files in a few different ways (e.g. zip), but also allows you to store files out in the open (and handles it all for you, which is great for development and modding). So you can just have the files laying around in sub-directories during development, and pack them into an archive for release, and allow users to mod the game just by dropping some "updated" files in the right spot while not messing with your originals. I'm not sure if it handles encryption. It doesn't matter much anyway though, because if your program decrypts anything the key is discoverable, and anybody can rip it out with a bit of work. Then your only choices are to sue them or get over it (whether it actually hurts your business or not). Are you enough of a DRM Nazi to go after self righteous entitled hippies? Personally I do not buy games that come with stupid evil DRM... but I also don't complain, they just don't get my money. I also do not consider packing files to be invasive DRM.
  12. You could also set up your Excel file to pull data directly from the database, either on-demand or every time you open the Excel file.
  13. krez

    [web] Secure server

    Don't roll your own security. Use well known and well tested security (e.g. use SSL instead of trying to encrypt your connections yourself).
  14. A good demo and a discount. Two examples that spring to mind immediately are Mount & Blade, and MineCraft. Both of these allowed you to try a free (limited) version before paying anything, and offered a lower price if you pre-ordered or bought during the beta. As for the second part, I have no idea.
  15. krez

    Square or Hex board?

    This is the main difference I think. With a square grid, you have to consider whether or not diagonally adjacent spots are adjacent (e.g. if you can travel / melee attack diagonally), and if so, whether or not it should be penalized or count as farther than a horizontal or vertical movement. Neither is wrong, but you have to account for it one way or the other. With a hex grid, all adjacent spots are definitely adjacent, and all distances are obvious (no worrying about diagonal spots being somewhat farther). On the other hand, one of either horizontal or vertical movement is impossible without "zig-zagging". It really depends on how you want the game to feel. Both options can be made to work well and look good, I wouldn't worry about hexes confusing players or squares looking boring.
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