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  1. If you weren't so keen on hardware DRM (which isn't available anyway) you could always root your phone and use one of the unofficial ROMs to get vanilla Android.
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    If you do not reset the levels, you have to make absolutely sure that a player can't "break" a level. Also, you can use this to your advantage: for example, after completing a level, if the door is locked from the other side for a returning player, they could need an upgrade or new power or whatever to find a new way back around. Your game is great BTW, I played the demo you put out not too long ago for much longer than I should have, just because it is fun to swing around (my favorite game of ALL TIME was Bionic Commando).
  4. krez

    GDNet Slim

    The site seems to load much faster for me (not that I was complaining in the first place). And screw IE6, it was replaced something like 4 years ago (and again last year), and sucked in the first place.
  5. krez

    Notes on "Adverarticles" and Featured Articles

    The difference between the Particle Explosion article and this one is that the former had some meat to it (it was more than a truncated features list for the product), and it didn't mention the product name repeatedly (once to explain that the settings are for Vicious Engine and might need to be changed for other engines, and twice at the end to mention what was used to create the images and sample video for the article). The information presented was not only relevant, but also informational enough, no matter what one uses for graphics. Personally I would have preferred if it mentioned that the author was affiliated with the company that created the engine used, but at least the article didn't stink of advertisement. I understand that this might not technically be an ad since you weren't paid, but the article is just barely not tied directly to the product. "You need this (we do that), you need this (we do that too), you need this (we and a couple of our competitors do that), you need this (hey guess what?), and you need this (wow gee, our product does all these things essential to The Right Way)" is not an article in my opinion, but an ad. At best it is officially sanctioned SPAM. The fact that you made this separate thread after just a few suspicions were brought up, coupled with your admission that "it could be construed as sneaky" followed by your defensive arguing of semantics, shows that you knew ahead of time that it was shady to call this an article and realized that you were caught. This is the purpose of full disclosure, and had it mentioned that the article was written by the CEO of the company that made the engine being "featured" nobody would have complained. Maybe a better title would have been "How Vision Engine Tools Can Improve Run-Time Streaming in Online Worlds" (but that would have made it sound like an advertisement). I'm not really angry or anything, and sorry if I come across as rude. I understand where you are coming from and appreciate that you promptly "came clean" so to speak. I just want to recommend that in the future "articles" written by people affiliated with the "featured technology" have a full disclosure statement, preferably at the beginning of the article. That is responsible journalism, and would prevent backlash and accusations of subliminal advertising or other unethical behavior.
  6. krez

    End of year reminders

    I agree this is worth doing. I checked mine for the first time ever this year (before this I just "winged it" as far as getting financing for vehicles, etc) and two of the three credit bureaus has inaccurate information (aliases / alternate names (?!), completely invalid phone numbers linked to me, and one of them had me down with two SSNs (one of which was correct)). It hasn't ever been a problem as far as I know but I do feel better having corrected it. You can also freeze your credit in all 50 states; in many it is free, but in some there is a small fee unless you have documentation that you are at risk of identity theft (e.g. a data breach notification letter from whatever dumbass company had poor enough security to allow their employees to bring company laptops on vacation with unencrypted copies of their entire database). Sure it costs a few bucks and takes a couple days to unfreeze it again when you want to get a loan or open a credit card or whatever, but at least you don't have to worry about getting screwed over someone else's mistakes regarding your credit, and it is cheaper than "monitoring services". I suppose the only draw back is if you like taking out impulse loans (if such a thing exists) or signing up for every credit card you see.
  7. krez

    V5 UI: Top Navigation Bar, part 1

    I've been getting worried every time you bring up the "search don't sort" motto, as I am one of the "browsers". I'm glad you are keeping people like me in mind, since I spend an inordinate amount of time reading the forums here without any particular direction or goal, and I'm looking forward to the future post where you explain how you are accounting for it (and I hope it isn't really "random"). That said, all of this looks nifty as hell and very useful for the times when I am looking for something, or keeping up with a specific topic.
  8. krez

    SqlBits IV

    I'm in a similar position professionally (except that I got laid off and am looking for a new job). I think an important thing to push on programmer-types that are trying to use SQL Server is that it isn't just a place to dump data randomly and messily, and that one should look for a set-based solution if possible. I cringe every time developers "hand in" the scripts for what they think the database back end should be for their new projects. I have also seen plenty of stored procedures written by programmers that crawl performance-wise that are fairly easy to convert to set-based solution, improving performance and getting rid of all the contention. I am not putting down developers, it is just a different viewpoint that is necessary when using a RDBMS. I started off on the programming end (and still do some of that work) but I learned the "proper" way to deal with SQL Server. Without being told the proper ways though, a lot of programmers simply think that the database system is slow or crappy.
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