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  1. GreenTitan

    Raster art for beginners.(Tools,problems,tutorials)

    Well hope I find out too. Haha. 
  2. GreenTitan

    Raster art for beginners.(Tools,problems,tutorials)

      Well that is an understatement. Hahaha.                   Got the message though.
  3. GreenTitan

    Raster art for beginners.(Tools,problems,tutorials)

      Well I tried out krita. Guess it did not suit me. Also i could find more reference or tutorial for gimp and quite a lot of people recommend Gimp when a person asks for no price charged art software. Although, your art does look nice. 
  4. GreenTitan

    Raster art for beginners.(Tools,problems,tutorials)

        Thanks for the links.
  5. GreenTitan

    Raster art for beginners.(Tools,problems,tutorials)

    Well I want to make a game which is much like Zelda or Hyper Light Drifter or Binding of Isaac.(But not pixel art or flash art.)So its like a 3/4 game with high res art. These images are similar to my game in sense of the point of view and how far the camera or point of view is. I could not find high res art with 3/4 view. I am planning to make an indie rpg game with high res art since the indie market is over saturated with games with pixel art. I  trying to make my own specific style for game art.  
  6. GreenTitan

    Raster art for beginners.(Tools,problems,tutorials)

      I am curious. If i were to do high res art( raster art), how would my art process be? How do you do it? I mean i have heard that some draw on a paper and then scan.Then, he/she would edit in an art program. Some just use tablet to do draw it. But as an artist what process do you use or recommend to be productive as an artist? Thanks for the explanation.   Dramatically down-scaling images can end up look bad. Some people create their hi-res versions, and manually downsize them using the better algorithms of art programs (instead of the faster and sloppier real-time resizing algorithms), then touch-up the down-sized versions to make sure they look fine, so they end up with 3 or 4 different sizes (Huge, Large, Medium, Small), and then choose the closest-matching size at run-time. Especially with text - you want to choose a font size that is as close as possible to what you want on-screen. Taking hi-res rendered text and downsizing it a huge amount looks ugly. Same thing with characters or other things with lots of sharp details - you don't want to loose pixels arbitrarily, but you need finer control over it. Though, it seems to me, some indie games just render at a fixed resolution, even tiny ones like 800x600, and then resize the entire screen (or let the monitor resize it, when it's at fullscreen). I think Braid was one of these 800x600 games. Just be careful you aren't twisting your game's aspect ratio out of proportions (you don't want things stretched out or squashed). With the top screenshot, Spelunky, I don't know what they do, but they could just show more cave area, until some preset max resolution is reached (i.e. where the character and GUI elements still occupy enough percentage of the screen real-estate to see clearly), and then switch to up-scaling from there (or rather: let the monitor upscale). Also, for styling: The Art of Braid   So its like doing a character in Gimp in 1920 x 1080. Then, resize it to multiple sizes and edit it. Well that does explain a lot. I have read that usually raster art usually cost on  target devices memory. Is that like accurate? I mean if i were to make an mobile game with raster art would it limit my game's scale in sense of content in art?   BTW thanks a lot.
  7. GreenTitan

    Created this last night...

    Looks like a 3d/ Voxel hybrid. Is it your own unique art style? Looks nice.
  8. GreenTitan

    Raster art for beginners.(Tools,problems,tutorials)

    Hmmm. For example, lets say that my target device is pc. If am not wrong, monitors average  highest resolution is 1920 x 1080. What happens if a person plays my games on an even higher resolution monitor? What does indefinitely tiling mean?
  9.          After much consideration and reading, I have decided to use raster art for my games.Please do note that i am a newbie as in i have never done raster art for games before.I am confused about some issues.For example, I have heard that raster art will have problems with different resolution. Is this true? Then how do this games go around this issue.       Secondly, I want to use gimp for this since it works well with my drawing tablet.(wacom), But there are lack of tutorials on raster art for gimp. Or am I getting it wrong here and it is considered as normal art done for games( digital art for games). Well this are questions which are seriously mind numbing for me.
  10. GreenTitan

    2d infinite runners for pc.

      If I am not wrong, Deadlight is more of a platformer + sidescroller. The game is awesome though. I played the game in pc and enjoyed it.
  11. GreenTitan

    2d infinite runners for pc.

      Lets say that theoretically a game developer wants to make a 2d infinite runner for a console or pc. What would the said game developer tweak with the game to make it suitable for pc or console? In my opinion, maybe making it more story driven or making the game have more control based on what DiegoSLTS mentioned.
  12. GreenTitan

    2d infinite runners for pc.

    Wow thanks for the answer. Explains a lot.
  13. Hello,          I was always wondering can a 2d infinite runner game be made for pc. For example, tiny wings.().   I have not found much 2d infinite runners for pc. Why is that? Secondly, will 2d infinite runner be a enjoyed in consoles or pc? 
  14. GreenTitan

    Art for game programmer or beginner.

      I have a interest in doing art like this.   for example: https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQdh6DZrS7nfSiGPSNqRKC56sau3Nr4FHPTblsXJQVTgUqZ9TIZsQ
  15. Hello,         I am a game programmer who has not done any game art before. I want to create a 2d/3d infinite runner based on whichever art style is much more intuitive or easier to learn. So my question as a beginner in game art which art style would suit a programmer?
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