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    Please help. I suck at coding...

      C#, Java and Python are good languages to start with. Avoid C++.   I am intermediate coder with java script, i had made some personal mod scripts for the android version of Minecraft. I will look into C#, though.
  2. Chicken nuggets are fake
  3. Uzzu12

    Please help. I suck at coding...

      It recommends C#. Should I try it out or no?
  4. Uzzu12

    Please help. I suck at coding...

    This may help! Thanks!
  5. Uzzu12

    Please help. I suck at coding...

      Sorry Alvaro.     Yep, C++ is what I am trying to learn, I suck at it, and I SHALL learn and be a pro at it. I have many other hobbies, but I suck the most at this one.       I have just tried to do the basics, and I am okay at javascript.
  6.   Please help. I have had this amazing idea for an 8-bit, side scrolling, survival game, but i have know idea what to do and all the tutorials confuse me...     I basically know how to do the "Hello, World" beginner program and that is it.                                                                                  <<PLEASE HELP>>
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