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  1. I'm currently working on a input for the user, to allow the use of some commands but somehow i have a problem with the the alignment of the messages in the input or chat history. I've added an Vertical Layout Group to the Content of the ScrollView shouldn' that already do the job, if i add a padding of 20 to all sites? If the text goes too big (near the right side or the content or the middle of it) it breaks out of the content a litte bit but shouldn't it fit in the Content or do i stil need to add something to the Content of the ScrollView or to the text prefab?   The Text Prefab that i'm adding with code has no Layout Elements added to it. I guess it does not need them or is that the problem? If i look in the scene, when the game is running i can see that the text prefabs that are breaking out of the content are bigger then the Content but the other ones, that don't have that much text seem to have the right padding.   How can i fix that problem? I don't know what is wrong or what i'm missing.   I also have a question: How can i remove text, if there is too much in the content, like that the last message get's removed, if it's overflowing the content? Righr now i have the problem that if there are some messages added to the content, that all messages get invisible if they're overflowing the content.
  2. TDLover

    Image or(vs) Panel?

    What is the difference between the UI Elements Image and Panel of Unity? When should i use the panel and when the image? I mean, they're basically the same and they both have attached a image component, so what's the advantage of using a panel instead of image? The panel is quite hard to positioning, beacuse if you change something in the Editor it also always changes the size.   In the Image UI Element you can move it along the axes without any effect on the size, or am i wrong? Isn't the Image better then somehow? I feel like it is, so or are their any advantes on the Panel UI Element? I always thought the Panel is for grouping UI Elements and the image is obviously for an image to use on but you can also group UI Elements in your image, so why should i use an Panel instead of an Image, if the Image is easier to handle?.
  3. TDLover

    (Procedural) Level Generation

    I guess you can cut off procedural levle generation, the voxel terrain and the weather system atm, because they're really advanced topics, but i'm really interested in them. Then a more specific question here: Is there any good tutorial or series on how to create good looking models and on what i should really take care on? I've created some models for my tower defense game already and some environmental sutff, like trees and so on but i have problems with texturing them, so i'm especially looking for texture tutorials and what i should take care on.
  4. I've already decided a while ago to work with Unity, because i've worked a lot with C# until that time. B in the recent time i've also worked a lot with c++, so i guess it wouldn't make any difference to me, but i'm already registered in the unity community, so i guess that i will stay with Unity and make my projects with it.   I'm currently searching for good instructions or tutorials on how to build up "good" and also easy expandable (modular) levels. I also want to do it directly the correct way, without any mesh problems or whatever could happen there. I guess i also need to work a bit more on my Art Skills. The last time i've focused a little bit more on my Programming skills and also more OOP like and also a bit on learning how to create Art stuff with Blender. I'm also looking for good Tutorials about creating game assets and make them game or engine ready, so if you guys have any good ones, please leae a post here. ;) Especially for characters or creatures for a game and on how to create buildings and textures. To be honest i still need to work a lot of my Art skills i guess, because programming wise i'm much better.   Are their maybe also any good Level Design Tutorials out there, or "complete" Tutorials to create a small FPS, a Tower Defense game or a small 2D Game, maybe also including the creation of the assets for the game? (Doesn't have to be included) Like the title may also suggests, i would also like to take a look at procedural level generation and voxel terrain or voxels, is that right said? ;). Are their any good resources / tutorials for that somewhere? Somehow i have a huge interest in that both themes.   I don't want to make any too big game yet, don't missunderstand me please. I've already made ping pong, breakout and some basic other baisc game, like text games with Unity, to get into the Engine again. Maybe i will now also start to make a Pacman Clone and after that with a 2D Game. But my target is a Tower Defense game then or maybe a cool small 3D Game. I have a few very nice ideas for the Tower Defense game.   I'm also searching for an Tutorial, on how to make a weather system in Unity? I've not found any good one yet, so if you guys have one, please share it also with me, please. So, do you have any good resources or links to websites or youtube videos, where i can find "good" Tutorials on that themes and maybe also good looking finsihed assets, which are maybe also free to use or to take a look at?
  5. TDLover

    good Game Developement beginning?

    C# is actually the one thing i'm currently the best in. I've also made some small things with JS but nothing really big.     Damn, i thought that would be an library or something. I didn't knew, that it was the command line.   But like i said above i've already made some desktop applications using a database, i've already made Ping Pong, which was pretty easy and a lot of cli applications before i started making winform or wpf applications.     I've said that i don't have made any animation or graphic yet, but i've made some using c#, changing the positon, make it look like an animation etc. Yea, but i think i could not answer the question what a game exactly is doing, at least not in all aspects, like animations.     Yea, right. I didn't get that name. ;) But Unity has also an awesome community, right? That's what i have heard at least.
  6. TDLover

    good Game Developement beginning?

      I'm interested in both aspects, not just the "game". I've also like to do a lot of the work for my own, i mean not just "click" and done. ;)   I've also thought about using Unity, like i said in my post, but i'm not sure. The Cryengine is also something i mentioned, but i think it's to much, especially for the beginning, so i think Unity would be an better choice. Is Unity for free? I think at least it requires a registration or something like that? But in Unity i still have to Code, right? Which programming language is it using?   One question, also: What is CLI and is it hard to work / learn / using OpenGL or Directx? I've also heard about SharpDX, SlimDX and OpenTK for C#, are this good alternatives and what is a good advice for C++? I think OpenGL right. Does nobody know what SFML is? I've also heard it's good.   I also would have to start with animations etc. or can this all be done in Unity or do i need something like Blender, Photoshop or Paint.Net? Like i said in my first post I#ve never did that before. If someone has an book advice, that would also be great. If someone has a german book, that would be the best. ;)
  7. Hey,   i want to start with game developement and my dream is to develope a tower defense game in 2D or 3D, but i don't know how to start. I've already devloped some applications in C#, PHP and C++ but just some small things, not 100% class based, but i've never developed a game. I've already wanted to do some 2 years ago but i didn't get it.   I don't know which way i should go because I'm not asbsolutely new to programming but i never did something with graphics, like animations and so. I've did some things like a slidbar in C# but that's not the same, right?   I've thougth about starting with OpenGL but is that a good idea? I've also thought about starting with an Game Engine like Unity, Cryengine Irrlicht.Net or something like that but i have no clue if that's a good way to start.   Like i said i would like (or my dream is) to make an Tower Defense Game with some nice graphics, like these old warcraft 3 tower defense game Element TD (if someone knows here). I loved to play that and i think that's, what i want to do. Not 100% like that and not that many varients of towers.   Should i start with OpenGL or should i start somewhere else? I've also heard about SFML but i don't know, what that is. Like i said i thing i also need to start with making graphics or animations, how should i start there? Blender or is that not required?   Thanks in advancve and sorry for my not 100% good english. ;)
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