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  1.   I've resumed the development :)
  2. A while ago, I posted on these forums about a project that I was working on, a Visual Programming IDE to enable anyone to create programs. Thanks to this great community, I have received lots of suggestions and I'm forever grateful.   Anyhow, while back I suspended the development for a couple of weeks, due to some issues, long story short, I couldn't stay away from the project since it meant a lot to me, so now I have resumed the development and decided to put it on Kickstarter for some support.     KickStarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1451017695/korduene-visual-programming-ide   Korduene website: http://www.korduene.com/     The goal for this project is to give anybody the ability to create programs and make it as easy as possible. You can check out some of the features on the kickstarter page.   Here are some of its features: Extensible (through Plugins).   Compile and publish your application with one click.   Auto-update for your applications.   Database support.   Easily add multi-language support for your applications. Auto Versioning. Image processing (in the upcoming versions). Video processing (in the upcoming versions).   Some highlights:   No scripting Korduene eliminates the need for scripting and compiles your application directly to C# for highest performance.    Application protection No application is fully protected, however some levels of abstraction is necessary, Korduene will protect your application from being disassembled and tampered with.  External UI controls Beside the list of standard UI controls provided by Korduene, you will also be able to use external UI controls.  External library integration Korduene also supports including external C# libraries, in code form (.cs files) or compiled libraries (.dll files), which is a great way to extend your application's functionality.     Full featured UI designer     Graph to implement your application functionality     Thanks for your time, if you like this project, spread the word.
  3. You're welcome Doc, I shall add more soon, unfortunately no mac version, not sure if that is 100% possible anyway since it compiles C#. 
  4. Just to let you guys know, I have released the first early ALPHA version.
  5. By the way, I have uploaded some screenshots of the IDE, more updates will come soon.
  6. @brightening-eyes All that has been taken care of    @jwezorek This is to give a chance to anybody who wants to create programs, this is not only for programmers. Plus people look at things differently, a graphical interface (a graph) might be easier for some people to understand, rather than pages and pages of code.   @the incredible smoker Not always, in this case one node will be used instead of writing bunch of lines of code.   @Bregma At this point I could probably say the readability of the generated code is not that important, because you will be working with the graph, not the code, and if you want to modify the application, simply load the project and edit away, no need to decompile the executable.   @Stainless I have to admit, I have changed the design several times, but the framework is pretty dynamic, so changes will not need a huge amount of work. For the extra "crap", I gotta say that I am a bit worried about it, but I can have the compiler not to include some code if the related features are not used.   @Tutorial Doctor Thanks for your support.   Thanks to all for your input.
  7. @Stainless, this is the same as you have mentioned, and yes that is true the code behind is not easy. As for the dependency issues, I have written a code generator/compiler based on the nodes, to be honest so far I haven't had any dependency issues.   I could say that I am pretty committed to the project, since more than half of it is done so far and I'm constantly working on it.   Thanks for pointing out the issues.
  8. @Eck   I myself, was one of those people who fell in that category years ago, I really wouldn't have started learning how to code if I had a choice to be honest, it's not about not being motivated, some people just don't want to code (that is the reason why programs like scratch exist), there my not be lots of people, however small or big, I guess I'm filling that gap. I could probably call this unique, because all of the visual programming tools out there today (to my knowing) are part of a game engine, but this is for general programming.   Thanks for your suggestions, I shall look into them, as for the debugging, the program is too strict, it almost allows no any errors, however catching errors would be during compilation time, which I do agree with you highlighting the node with the error would be good.
  9. Yes, of course, I might upload some more information here soon, and show how loops and some other functions are represented, in the graph. And for the other part, I'll be happy to help, let me know what you need.
  10. As i said that feature wont be required, and the reason is because the code is re-generated and re-compiled each time you click compile, run or whatever button to test the application. As for code readability, to be honest at the moment I'm probably the only one who can understand it.
  11. Already have that feature, well sort of, you can view the code if you like, but changing the code wont affect the graph, since the code is based on the graph and not the other way around, but you have to keep in mind this is the type of tool targeted mostly at non-programmers, so that feature wont be required.
  12. @frob, thanks for your input. I didn't say it was a new thing, as a matter of fact i have used them long before i thought about creating my own. I do agree with you, but this is a bit different, all of those you mentioned are game engines, what im going for here is general programming and more specifically windows desktop applications just now. I was simply wondering if this is a good idea and what features it should have.
  13. What im doing just now is for general programming, but the framework that i have created is completely independent, so i can use it if i decided to create a game engine, or a hardware shader creator like the one you have done or a different thing. All will be needed is some extra nodes, which as you know if you have designed the framework well, it wont take long.   Your's look pretty good by the way, let me know if you wanted to exchange notes :)
  14.   Thanks for mentioning that, i forgot about that, i shall look into it.       Thanks for all your input, that is kinda what im going for, where all the heavy lifting is done by the nodes, for example file search with all the search criteria will be done with one node. or other things that might require hundreds of lines of code will be done with one node.   Im not so sure about the mobile platform, even though with all the touch sensors (mine already supports touch input) would make it really good, but porting it to Android or iOS won't be an easy thing.
  15.   That's what i thought, however these are game engines, mine is used for creating applications, but i could use the framework to make a game engine too.   The whole point of this program is to give non-programmers a chance to be able to create applications without coding. I can see that there are some engines out there use the same concept, but is there really an actual piece of software for creating applications and not games?
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