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  1. Actually I already have client-side everything ready and I got the source from the client. Currently Im just building the server-side for this. I got all packets and everything I need.  I only need to write the functions like spawn monsters/items/damage etc
  2. Currently Im working on the monster system (hide/unhide/spawn/respawn) etc and I would like to know how the pro do this?   Currently I have so much code that I dont even know what I did nor do I have an overview anymore. And of course it is not working correctly.   Now I was wondering how the pro do this?   A game with 5000+ monsters per map.. A player log in but of course he should only load the monsters which are in a certain radius. While running the server will check if near the characters are monsters -> true = unhide and false = do nothing. And a second check for if monsters are too far -> true = unhide and false = do nothing.   Of course there is 1 big list with all the monster data and 1 list per player which contain the data which monsters are shown and which not.   But now what about the monsters which are dead? A third timer for them ? If the death time from a monster finished then he will respawn and everyone in the monster radius will get an input into his list that the monster is there?     If anyone could tell me "step-by-step" how the monster system should work? Like - Player log in and only unhide the monster in his area. -Timer to check players current position and unhide monsters if there are some in his area..     The more I work on this the more my brain starts to think different and I make everything more complex than it actually is...
  3. Artur Litau

    question about items

    Hello, got a question about items.   Should I run query every 3-5 minutes which safe all user data with items. Or should I save items inside database right after user picked up an item or traded items with other player?   ^ question about MMORPG
  4. Artur Litau

    Saving player data

    ok I understand now and know how I should do it.
  5. Artur Litau

    Saving player data

    Hello, im currently working on a MMORPG game and I would like to know where/how should I save some player data.   With data I mean data like player name, is the playing on fighting mode (boolean), is player online/offline (boolean), is the playing sitting to recover life (boolean)   Currently Im saving some data like character name, character id, account id like this: this->characterID = req->charId(get player ID per packet from the client); public: int GetCharacterId() { return characterID; } private: int characterID;     but I need to save much more data like experience, life and much more I thought that would be very bad to do this for everything.   So is there any good idea?   Maybe something like a create a session"table" for every session(player) ?   Once the player log in I will fetch all data from database and put it into the session"table".   Example: this-> AddUser(const char * UserID, unsigned int UserEXP, unsigned int UserLife, CClientSession * pSession)   But Im very new to c++ and dont really know how should I do that or what would be the best way.  
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