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    Rats time is running out Alpha 01

    We have been working non-stop & we are proud to announce the following elements that have been added in RATS since the last iteration: Rats Time is running out alpha3       New environment game mechanic:     Pressure plate doors                       Upgrade your ability               Special Items               Fire Boots                           New power up items:       Invisibility cheese                 Reverse time cheese                     Double coin cheese                   Speed cheese particules                       If you have some suggestion for new special item feel free to tell us.  
  2. Joelatciteremis

    Rats time is running out Alpha 01

    Rats Time is running out Alpha3 On IndieGameStand Pay what you want. https://indiegamestand.com/deal/ Get Aztaka and Rats soundtrack if you beat the average. We cant wait to have your comment on the alpha3.
  3. Joelatciteremis

    Rats time is running out Alpha 01

      Albert Breach play #RatsGame Alpha 01!  Indie Sunday! 
  4. Joelatciteremis

    Rats time is running out Alpha 01

    Feel the ultimate rush of a heist by sneaking in, snatch as much loot as possible, grab the diamond, avoid the guards & get out as quickly as possible before your time runs out. Your ultimate goal is to take down the Pig’s cruel control over the world!   Rats – Time is running out! is a time based game in which you will need to be focused, quick & strategic. Be mindful since all of your actions will affect time & keep an eye out for powerful items that will aid you to succeed. You will be constantly pressured but the rewards will be even greater. With success, you will even be able to elevate your character’s abilities. In the end, will you play it safe or be greedy & risk it all?         Players will be able to rob banks near september 2014 on Mac, Windows and Linux, and mobile.                     RATS is a bank robbery game in which the player progresses in a world where time is of the essence; every second counts!     The pressure of time and the feeling to be between freedom and prison   Pressed by time ? You have not seen anything yet ! It is pressured by a diabolical countdown that the player will have to fulfil tasks and reach goals.                                                                                                   http://www.citeremis.com       Influences:   RATS is a cross between Gauntlet and Pac-Man with a hint of Roguelike elements.   Gauntlet (NES) : For its arcade feel, its musical style and the urgency feeling you get while discovering the different levels.   Pac-Man (Arcade) : For the simplicity of its level design.   FTL : We must admit, we have been playing FTL for several hours and we just love the Roguelike genre it brings!     What is to come?   In its present state, the available demo is not complete. That said, the following aspects mentioned will be implemented for the release of RATS.   Pigs. Other playable RATS with special abilities. Rat’s hideout where you choose which character to play with, mission & tools selection. Array of artistic elements to diversify the next maps. A market to purchase tools & abilities. Achievements. Develop for IPad and Android. And much more!   Game Access   OS: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8, Mac OSX 10.6+ or Linux CPU: 2GHz Memory: 2GB Graphics: 256 MB, minimum resolution of 1024×768, dedicated card recommended Disk Space: <1GB
  5. Wow cant wait to play this game!   Joe
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