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  1. There aren't a lot of comprehensive resources for this, unfortunately! The iOS standards can be found on Apple's website here https://developer.apple.com/design/tips/ I also found this excellent Gamasutra article that has some more general game UX guidelines https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/289637/6_examples_of_UI_design_that_every_game_developer_should_study.php
  2. whendricso

    What does good code look like?

    I don't agree with you on this one, as autocomplete takes care of verbosity, and I specifically like the explicit typing of members because I like to have rigidly structured code. I think this is largely an issue of preference, var is a syntactic sugar that some people find useful but I find that it reduces self commenting and makes large codebase changes more difficult later on.
  3. whendricso

    What does good code look like?

    Oh good to know! I don't like var because it makes the code harder to change and read. I did not realize that it was statically typed at compile time. Thanks!
  4. whendricso

    What does good code look like?

    Please don't ever use var unless you NEED a dynamically allocated type. Hint: you don't. Otherwise the code looks good!
  5. As a beginner, I would use Unity. It's easy to make a physics-based game with Unity using only very simple scripts or even a visual logic editor like PlayMaker
  6. whendricso

    Feedback on HeliHavoc

    Wow thanks for this great feedback! Really in-depth with helpful examples. I will definitely be taking these lessons into my next project.
  7. whendricso

    Feedback on HeliHavoc

    http://gamejolt.com/games/helihavoc/29025   Hello all ")   Above is a link to an old game I made, called HeliHavoc. I programmed the game in C# with MonoDevelop. There is a Unity Web Player version somewhere, but I lost the link :/   Anyways, I'm specifically looking for feedback related to how you feel it could be more polished & professional. I would like to incorporate lessons learned from old projects like this into my new project, so your honest feedback is really appreciated :D   What are your thoughts?
  8. MultiGame Click for the free version!   Unity is powerful, but hard to use for non-programmers. So, a drag-and-drop framework that eliminates the need for coding or visual logic editors, MultiGame is a comprehensive game development framework for Unity.   It's easy. Want health? Add it. Inventory? Click. Combine objects and components together to control Unity itself directly. Full documentation is built in to the editor! Just click "help" on any MultiGame component, or hover your mouse over field names for a helpful hint. The full version of MultiGame includes over 130 components, and growing every week. Powerful Managed Message functionality lets MultiGame command any script component even if it's not included with MultiGame! This free evaluation version contains a few dozen of the most useful components in MultiGame. You can even use this in commercial projects, free of charge! But, if you like MultiGame please send feedback!     MultiGame is intuitive. Use it's robust Interaction system to receive events such as player input, triggers and collisions, broken joints and send Managed Messages using an intuitive and consistent interface.     MultiGame has an ever-expanding feature set and the full version already contains over 150 components including: Interaction system Robust Message Manager that can send commands to any script Motion for transforms and rigidbodies General game functionalities and scripts Modular AI system User created content and construction/destruction systems Animation systems Combat system including health, damage, projectiles, and melee with combos Inventory system Save/load preferences Save/load entire game to binary Multiplayer support with Photon Cloud Mecanim state machine behaviors (state machine visual scripting with Mecanim editor) Level and prefab generator (beta) MultiGame is great for adventure, physics, tower defense, RTS, RPG, FPS, MMO, open world, action, racing, arcade, or really any real-time genre or combination of genres you can imagine.   I would appreciate your feedback before I go for the full release so please:   Get the free version now!
  9. whendricso

    Unity Vs Unreal

    If you use Unreal, Epic Games takes 25% of your revenue, after Steam or Apple, so you end up getting around onlt 50% of the revenue from your game vs Unity which charges no licensing fee at all, or $1500 if you make $100,000 or more   Plus, Unity is more performant on mobile devices, has a larger community, better Asset Store, and uses a more modern language (C#) for coding, giving more power, speed and flexibility than Unreal. And, if it's a visual logic editor you want, Unity has PlayMaker, which is an add-on you can get for free from the developer's website.   There is a reason more people use Unity. Actually, there are several.
  10. whendricso

    Good Engine For 2D Games?

    Game Maker Studio actually has shaders now, so it supports lighting and all you need is to get some lighting packages from the Game Maker Marketplace. Also, Game Maker has drag and drop logic editing, which is actually quite useful even if you know how to program because it provides a lot of useful shortcuts. Game Maker is a really solid engine that supports multiple build targets including HTML5. I would recommend it over Unity in almost all cases especially for beginner or even intermediate developers.
  11. whendricso

    Unity - Script Languages

    As mentioned by other users, C# has become the most accepted language for Unity for a variety of reasons. Not least of which being parity with Mono .NET - giving you access to the most powerful multiplatform libraries available in game development. Also factor in the much cleaner code and strict typing in C# and you will find your Unity games have fewer and easier to resolve bugs when using this language over Unityscript. Finally, using C# in Unity, you will inevitably learn .Net and true C# which will also open up future opportunities for you outside of Unity and game development in general.
  12. whendricso

    Oort Online. The biggest sandbox ever!

    Sexy Minecraft!
  13. whendricso

    Ugaris - The legend recovered (Classic MMORPG)

    Cool! Good luck on your remake project!
  14. Sometimes, it's just time to move on.   HeliHavoc is a game I made last year, and after a deal falling through with a mobile publisher, it's been sitting on a flash drive ever since.   Well, it's actually pretty fun and I would love to have a chance to finish, but time simply does not allow.   So, I'd like to give the game away. I hope that many of you enjoy it (despite that it's fairly short)   Happy flying
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