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  1. Love the new marketplace, I'd love to have an account! Initially I tried signing in with my account I have for the forums here, but no dice. Then I tried making a new account and it said I would get a confirmation email, but it's been 3 days now and nothing. Any help with this? Thanks!!
  2. Hi guys, I'm did some voice over for these guys and they're in the final days of their kickstarter. It's a really awesome game and I truely believe they deserve to be backed. But I'll let the video speak for itself. Thanks for looking!     KICKSTARTER [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xybVW52T90w[/media]
  3. I've begun the tedious process of combing through the thousands of different youtubers/streamers, and trying to find which channels might be interested in our game. However, I feel like there's some sort of service or list that I'm missing that will help make this process less daunting.      I've found some sites/services that claim to help in this, but I have no idea if they have a large uderbase, or if they send out automated messages (I don't want to do that) or if they are effective:   https://www.gamxin.com/   http://www.playfindr.com/   https://www.keymailer.co/   So for those of you who have already gone through this stage, did you use anything that helped you find Youtubers more easily? Or is my best bet, just sticking to it and having patience? Thanks!
  4.   Hello all, thanks for reading. I'm with W3 studios, and we're creating a RTS/FPS hybrid that allows you to switch between both modes at anytime. Or, if you wish, you can just focus on one playstyle the entire game. It's up to you. We've actually been working on this for awhile and have already been greenlit, however we decided to switch over to the UE4 engine and that has taken some time. So after months of going dark and working in the shadows, we finally have some progress we're excited to share with everyone. So without further ado, here is our new website! Abatron
  5. Hi guys, Not really an announcement, but thought this might be the best place to post. Our team is almost finished with our new website and before it goes live, I wanted to get some feedback from the community. Mainly: first impressions, would you be interested in the game, did you gain a firm understanding about what the game is like? Things like that. Thanks in advance for any notes or thoughts! http://www.abatrongame.com/home#abatron-rts-shooter-intro
  6. Sounds great! I'll certainly be keeping an eye out.
  7. This. It's not the act of gaming that's the issue, but the content. If there were more educational games geared towards gamers, I bet they would see test scores skyrocket.
  8. I love survival games so you have my attention. Will this only be for mobile? Do you have a release date set yet? I'm also very happy to hear there is a social element to the game, as most survivals are single player. And I love me so co-op.
  9. Would voice over count for being included in these articles?    If so, here's a couple that are handy in regards to hiring talent:   https://www.gameacademy.com/hiring-voice-actors-for-your-indie-game/   http://mikebithell.tumblr.com/post/104997317017/voice-actor-hiring-cheat-sheet
  10. We've got a big update regarding our VR missions. In addition to a complete visual makeover, we've also added additional training rooms and added health packs around the levels. Some added areas include a shooting range, movement course, and an overall starting area where you can choose what weapon you'd like to start with. We're still adding and tweaking things as we go, so expect more updates to come!   A quick look at our shooting range: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uBfkXdsAQM     If you'd like to buy the VR Missions now and try for yourself, you can get them here: https://indiegamestand.com/store/1421/dark-storm-vr-missions/
  11. Hi Duburlan,    Sorry for the late reply! We are developing in Unreal Engine 3. We considered updating to 4, but it would have been too much to redo at this point.  MicroWave looks great btw!
  12. From the album Abatron

    The Haagenti are a race that see no need for hands and the like, so they replace them with guns!
  13. From the album Abatron

  14. The VR Missions are now available! - https://indiegamestand.com/store/1421/dark-storm-vr-missions/   Trailer - www.youtube.com/embed/1n5qvDFiGcA   This is an alpha version of the game. We will be updating it often and are accepting feeback and any found bugs on our forum here: http://forums.adarkstormiscoming.com/index.php