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  1.   I am really really sorry if I said or did something to upset you. If so, I have to say I definitely didn't mean it! there must be some misunderstanding between us. I deeply appreciate your help here, why would I lie about anything?         I tried, problem does still remain. I already upload the images.     I have not tried this yet, as I said before, my objects are all mapping other stuff, I need to figure it out how to do it in a proper way before I do any modification on models.     I tried a couple in glBlendFunc, and also tried change the alpha value. If I use a lower value, like 0.3, the meshes looks thinner but still exist.     Yes, my textures have no alpha channel, I got bitmap files, I just load the texture by gluBuild2DMipmaps. If there has any alpha channel in texture, I don't know where to modify it.     This is still about resorting, I have to say again, I will try it, since modifying my model is a little bit complex, I prefer to try other way first. And I have no non-transparent objects in the scene.     I use gluPerspective, the near value is already 0.01f.     I will try it later.           Again, I am really sorry.
  2.   I am reading those articles she gives to me, I think they would be helpful.     I upload some detail images.     This is quite inspiring, I will try it out! thanks!
  3.   can you upload somewhere this model i want to see it (one organ that is not properly displayed), maybe some face normals are reversed     you mean the 3DS model? I am sure that all my 3DS model are accurate.    Is there any possibility that when I render a 3DS model into an OpenGL scene, the normals are reversed by some inconspicuous mistakes somehow?   I upload more detail images, you can check it out. 
  4.   I am working on it. I am sorry to say that what you mentioned did not solve my problem.   Now it seems like not that easy to solve this issue. Some of you guys recommend me to resort all objects in a proper way, but even if only a single organ displayed in the scene, the problem still remains. And the thing is, in my case, each object is mapping to other stuff, resorting means changing everything. It does take time to solve this. Seems like a major problem to a rookie like me.    I think Ohforf sake is right, Transparency is not as simple as enabling color blending, maybe this is the key point here!   Thanks anyway! 
  5.   It is just a 3DS model generated by 3DS MAX.
  6.   All organ models are 3DS files which generated by 3DS MAX, and be rendered into the scene from inside to outside, but the thing is, I am rendering a human body here, they can not be simply organized by inside and outside, or front and back, right? Just like you said, I need a free view, I need the whole body can be rotated so that you can see the body from any angle of view. So, at this point, organ A covers organ B (but you still can see organ B through organ A because of transparency), but if rotated around, organ B covers organ A instead.    But if I disable the depth test, if organ A is rendered last, organ A is always covering organ B no matter which side you look at the model, then the whole body looks creepy and weird. It is totally not what I want. The funny part is, now meshes are gone.   What's more, if set all color alpha value to 1, which means no transparency at all, and enable the depth test back on, everything looks fine.   Like I said to WiredCat, I will paste codes up here after I review all over my solution.   Problem still remains even if only one organ in the scene.   thanks a lot!
  7.   you mean glDisable(GL_CULL_FACE) ?
  8.     I set ambient to the same color like diffusion color, problem remains. If I set a light from the back side, the back side of the model looks fine but the front face becomes the weird side instead, and if turn out all lights in the scene, then the whole model is covered with meshes. I thought the light can solve this problem someway somehow at first, but when I turn on all the lights, both in front and back, both sides of meshes remain. So now I think may be the light is not the key point here. My whole solution is a little bit complex, it takes time for me to the extract all OpenGL parts out, I will paste my codes here later.
  9. hi guys! I am a rookie in OpenGL, so, please do not laugh at me about my silly questions, aha.   here is the thing.   I need to turn on the color blending to deliver transparent effect. But weird thing happens, the front side, which is facing the light, looks not bad, like this:[attachment=22381:QQ??20140629143801.png]   but the back side looks awful, seems like some parts of surface are missing, latticed holes, like this: [attachment=22382:QQ??20140629143822.png]   I tried to add another light on the back side, but both sides turn out to be awful with holes then.   Is it a issue related to lights? or texture? or depth test? because if I disable the GL_DEPTH_TEST, holes are gone, but the whole body looks awful, not the way I want it to be looked like.   Or it is something else? I even do not know where to get started to solve this problem, someone please help me!         For more details, now down to only one object in the scene.   This is the front side of the lung: [attachment=22411:1.png]   This is the back side of the lung: [attachment=22412:2.png]     BUT, if I change the light in the scene to pointing at the back side:   The front side: [attachment=22413:3.png]   The back side: [attachment=22414:4.png]   If I turn on two lights, one pointing at the front, the other pointing at the back, both sides of the object covered with meshes. If remove all lights in the scene, the object looks dark, which is obvious, and both sides of meshes remain. This makes me believe that the light is not the cause of the issue, right?   More angles of view, might help you guys to see the meshes more clearly: [attachment=22415:333333.png]   [attachment=22416:QQ??20140630224309.png]   [attachment=22417:QQ??20140630224328.png]
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