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  1. Played it for a bit and found it really fun. Having to type the colour is annoying though so may I suggest you swap it with words you have to tap?
  2. Now starting on the first 10 different encounters. Any ideas? http://t.co/NIcy0fGbmR
  3. CiaranTheLyne

    You - Text based RPG

    Hello, I'm Ciaran Lyne.   Lately I have begun work on a small game called You. It is a text based RPG with randomly generating economy, worlds, government and so much more. In the game, you will be given a question every turn, this will be randomised and when answered it could end in a few things such as a battle, extra hp, less hp to name a few. One of the main mechanics I am working on is evil. You begin with a number of evil randomly generated from 1 to 100. The higher your evil the more vile things you will have the option to do and that's the opposite for less evil. Most things you do will affect this stat. There are many other features planed that I haven't mentioned but if you're interested follow me on twitter @CiaranTheLyne for updates on the development. I also plan on the first tech demo being posted on there before any where else, or if you prefer a blog sort of thing I will be posting a link to the dev blog on my twitter in a few days as well.   Thank you for reading and have a nice day.     
  4. Just today I began work on a text based game called You. Expect a small little tech demo in a few days.
  5. CiaranTheLyne

    Does this have potential?

    It's a great piece of software don't get me wrong but I don't think there is room on the market for this. If you put it up for free or quiet cheap some where with some ads on the download page. Keep working on it, if it gets some attention in the next few months try to start selling it but if it doesn't put it up for free and see if it gets the attention it deserves then start charging for it.
  6. CiaranTheLyne

    Is Programming Fun or Work for you?

    If I had to give some advice I would say if you are trying to make games using your programming skills and making games is the part you don't want to give up, try and find something else in the game development world you could do. Art, sound, design or anything else.  If you aren't having fun find something else although since programming is a great thing to do come back to it every now and again. Hope I helped.
  7. Twitter seems like a lovely thing... until you follow @EA
  8. Almost finished a new song! Back to my favourite thing in the world! GAME NETWORKING AHHHH http://t.co/pCgLIvdjla
  9. CiaranTheLyne

    In need on some guidance.

    1. Different engines are, well, different. Play with all of them and decide what you feel most comfortable with. I would say try to not go near UDK since it maybe discontinued soon.   2. I say Maya is better but some people like 3Ds. For this I would suggest getting some one to help you with it so getting a friend or someone to be your modeller or whatever they are called. If you really want to do it then I would say jump into Maya and watch some tutorials on youtube for it.   3. I know JAVA and I would say don't try and learn it. If you are already familiar with C++ use it. In the end most languages do the same thing with different ways of doing it.   Hope I helped.
  10. RyanAir - too lazy to paint planes. http://t.co/2yB9IHnI17
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