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    Automata, Virtual Machines and Compilers

    This is a good articles and well demonstrated. I created a parser generator two years ago using the weak precedence algorithm to generate a syntax analyzer. I used C#. The generator receive a weak precedence grammar as input and then verify it and generate the analyzer.  You can check it directly by typing your inputs in the checking area. or generate the source code of your new analyzer. I didn't implement everything like yacc does but you can generate a full elevator for arithmetic operations using a weak precedence grammar. you can check my parser: here
  2. mohessaid

    Getting Games Done

  3. mohessaid

    Introduction to Octrees

    Wow! Unbelievable, this article is so detailed, thank you professor.
  4. This is cool, and efficient. I tried when I was a student to work with a company(http://gteamers.com) like this. They use lot of things (websites, solutions, services, ...), I never heard about, till that day. They were really cool, and I am on my way to do like you did guys. This is a good thing. I love your article so much. And if you can tell some stories about bad experiences (if they don't harm), and solution you came with to solve them, The view will complete.
  5. mohessaid

    Multilevel-Multiplayer with Unity

    very cool, if you continue you will end up with a new version of secondilfe, thanks for the article.
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