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    Can't seem to display anything

    How simple a fix this was... Apparently, when using commas to separate the elements in the array of strings representing the shader source, the shaders don't actually compile (even though glGetShaderiv(foo) says it does). That was a waste of time.
  2. Hello! I've recently moved my programming environment to a new PC, and the code I was working on before seems to have stopped rendering much of anything. All it seems to render now is a single, white point in the center of the screen. I'm using the Win32 API instead of a windowing library, so it's very possible that I forgot something somewhere in the code (or perhaps my archiving software decided to rollback a .cpp file).   [redacted]
  3. TooMuchCoffee

    Check if GLEW already initialized?

    Right, but Glew doesn't need the context to continue existing to continue providing extension function pointers accurately, so I could create a temporary context, init Glew, then delete the context at the start of the application, but that approach would be impractical if the application being developed doesn't even use OGL.   I've run a simple program that creates an OGL 2.1 context and attempts to init Glew multiple times on a few of the systems I have lying around, and on a couple of the older ones it tends to crash while initializing Glew for the second time. So I'd rather play it safe and make sure it's not initialized more than once.   Alright, I'll own up to that brain fart. I'm used to using libraries with both fooInit() and fooClose(). 
  4. TooMuchCoffee

    Check if GLEW already initialized?

    Upon further thought, I think I'll use a static variable to count the number of windows using GLEW, so that GLEW won't be initialized if it's already present, but won't be closed upon the deletion of the OpenGL context if other contexts still rely on it.
  5. I'm working on a small engine that facilitates window handling on Win32, and I need a way to check if GLEW is already initialized. Normally, I would just init GLEW at the start of my application, but my engine doesn't assume anything about what method is used for rendering (or even if it renders at all). OpenGL is utilized through a derivative of a base window class, which attempts to initialize GLEW upon instantiation. However, if GLEW is already initialized, it will throw an error and the window won't be created. So how can I check to see if GLEW is already initialized to avoid trying to init it again? I'd rather not resort to globals, but if I must...
  6. TooMuchCoffee

    Name for a small country/island ruled by a dictator

    Why not simply let the player decide? I can't think of a good reason that the end-user shouldn't be able to do so, unless you were to include the name of the imaginary island/country in the game's title or promotinal work.
  7. TooMuchCoffee

    Name for a game where you are a dictator

    "Our Glorious Leader" 
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