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    Perfect tyvm for the fast response :)
  2. destluck


    Alright im not to sure if im using the right terms. Anyhow i wanted to know if there is a difference in declaring/initializing a function before the main or after it.   - Is it better to declare it before main or after? - What affect does it cause?   example: // function delcared before main() char askYesNo1() { ......... } // main function int main() { return 0; } // function delcared after main() char askYesNo2() { .... }
  3. Alright i keep getting 2 errors:   Error    1    error LNK2005: _main already defined in main.obj   Error    2    error LNK1169: one or more multiply defined symbols found #include<iostream> #include <string> #include <random> #include <time.h> using namespace std; class Player { public: string mFirstName; string mLastName; string mStreetName; string mGender; int mAdress; int mAge; }; Player GetPlayerFromConsole() { Player npc; cout << " New Player Signup: " << endl; cout << "Enter your first name: " << endl; cin >> npc.mFirstName; cout << "Enter your last name: " << endl; cin >> npc.mLastName; cout << " Enter your Age: " << endl; cin >> npc.mAge; cout << "Enter your Gender: " << endl; cin >> npc.mGender; cout << "Enter your Street name: " << endl; cin >> npc.mStreetName; cout << "Enter your adress: " << endl; cin >> npc.mAdress; return npc; } int main() { Player newPlayer; newPlayer = GetPlayerFromConsole(); cout << "New Player info Sheet: " << endl; cout << "Player name: " << newPlayer.mFirstName << endl; cout << newPlayer.mFirstName << endl; cout << "Player Adress: " << newPlayer.mAdress << newPlayer.mStreetName << endl; cout << "Player Gender: " << newPlayer.mGender << endl; cin.get(); system("pause"); return 0; }
  4. destluck

    Keep getting stuck

    thx for all the great posts and links reading trough them as we speak :)   great stuff
  5. destluck

    Keep getting stuck

    Thx ill give it a read.
  6. destluck

    Keep getting stuck

    hehe well that's reassuring i think ...   when i finish work in 1h ill be able to pinpoint exactly the parts im having issues with.   Normally i learn by knowing what specific things are used for in a game based environment.
  7. destluck

    Keep getting stuck

    Alright i have been trying to learn C++ for a while now. Been buying VTM's and books and i always seem to get stuck. Always around the chapters 6-7 and that turns out to be where pointers kick in. Maybe the books i have a just bad or im just a real slow learner.   Anyhow i was wondering if anyone  could link me a few things i can read or tutorials that helped you learn C++. If anyone is willing to coach me a bit that would be awesome :) .   Any info or help is more then welcomed sick of being stuck or not able to wrap my head around some issues i have.   DestLuck  
  8. destluck

    Image detection

    this for the info yah basicly the anti-macro screen pops up randomly and shows 3-5 icons. Then you have a list of icons at the bottom and you must click the icons that match.   as you can see in this picture there 3 icons/images from the tops have to be matched with the ones on the bottom.   [url=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/853/825t.png/][/URL]   http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/4273/825t.png
  9. what would be the best language/method to get image detection to work? The anti-Macro brings up a screen with images/icons that you need to match. The icons keep changing. this video should show what i need the program to do. ** Link ** *** ***   thx for the info
  10. Looking to Hire a programmer to help me bypass a game issue. You tell me the price for the project and i will pay you for it.     Game: Ashen Empires Payment method: Paypal Payment: Milestone   this video should show what i need the program to do.   [mod edit: link redacted]
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