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  1. Mark Duffill

    Buying an HDTV

    Well I found the comet site really useful here It has a lot of sets listed and an easy filter/search system (see the left panel). also if you buy it online its cheaper than going to the store. Even though that actual store is the one that delivers it when you do buy it online! I bought this lcd tv. Very happy with it, although yes as a previous comment said, make sure you don't get one that is *too* large. I have a big living room and it still is dominated by that beast! Oh and wait until after new year when they will probably having sales on them anyhow.
  2. Mark Duffill

    Java text smears on scroll?

    Just a stab in the dark but have you checked the monitor refresh rate setting after re-installing? Other than that all I can suggest is checking similar text in Firefox and scrolling slowly via the middle mouse button. If the text smears in that its a display problem, if not then something weird with Java. (I suspect the former) Thanks.
  3. Mark Duffill

    emotion engine in the PS2

    Quote:Original post by Promit Well if nothing else, all those vector units in the PS3 are probably more useful for guiding missiles than something crazy and off the wall, like games or something. Or generating heat and keeping your feet warm in the winter (like the old Amiga power supply bricks, ah the days). The PS3 is seemingly even harder to program than the PS2. Perhaps they should have called it the insanity engine for the PS3... as I can hear the screams of a thousand programmers now, they cried out as one, then where silent.
  4. Mark Duffill

    emotion engine in the PS2

    Oh and on a side note, the PS2 does have an emotion engine.... you should see the number of programmers it made cry! *badda dum disssh*. I thank you
  5. Mark Duffill

    Switching from XP Home to Pro easily?

    If you experience problems with gfx card drivers, you *may* have to do a clean install. I experienced this problem when upgrading from home to pro and found the ATI drivers where "broke" and no matter how many times I uninstalled and re-installed the drivers, still no joy. Asking around at work it seems a few people had exactly the same problem. Hopefully you won't, but if things go weird it might be this problem cropping up. Ta.
  6. Hi All, Background: At work we have a audio+video capture/preview utility written in house. Previewing and capturing at full resolution is a CPU killer if done in software, so I suggested a hardware encoding card as it does all the grunt work on card freeing up the CPU. We got the Adaptec VideOh! PCI (AVC-2010) card, this does the job a treat, but only works with the supplied software. The supplied software works fine but lacks some features the users want that is in our utility, basically on the fly screen shots and bigger preview window for the video. Problem: Anyhow the in house utility is based on direct show and works fine with other capture devices, but not the AVC-2010. It just gets a media_video error when trying to initalise a filter/graph and that. So has anyone experienced this problem before and know of the solution? I feel it has something to do with the card spurting out MPEG2 data instead of the normal streams and thus might need the direct show filter graph changing to work with it. However as always is the case its seems hard to find any source that shows how to configue such things. Any help or examples would be appreciated! Mark.
  7. Mark Duffill

    Find graphics card type without opening computer?

    There is a useful utility I use called Aida32 download Has all kinds of interesting bits that let you find out about the innards of your pc. (temperature sensors, hard drives, drivers... etc) Note if you cant download it from that site just google for it Enjoy!
  8. Mark Duffill

    Hurray! More pronunciation questions

    Hmmm. At work we've always pronounced it as 'D-Q', As in taking something of a queue. Guess we're just odd then! :P
  9. Mark Duffill

    Another Relationship Problem

    Quote:Original post by cowsarenotevil I pose a question to all respondents thus far. Has nes8bit ever, in the history of everything (ever), without explicitly saying so, been serious? Yes, how silly of me... in that case I'd get a nail gun and go and do a bit of American Psycho! :P (just make sure you get good business cards first though, slightly off white ones are best!)
  10. Mark Duffill

    Another Relationship Problem

    lol, I'd recommend buying a banjo! :D Seriously though, is it just because shes a woman you're used to been close with or is it really "love"?
  11. Mark Duffill

    ATI and OpenGl Acceleration

    Quote:Original post by Schmedly Yep, I found this to be a problem a while back. The easiest way to get around it is to create a child window that belongs to the screensaver window. That way you have complete control over the pixel format and specifiying CS_OWNDC. You can do this by calling CreateWindow in the WM_CREATE message of the ScreenSaverProc. Thanks, I'll give that a try tomorrow when I get chance.
  12. Mark Duffill

    ATI and OpenGl Acceleration

    Hi all, Just an update. I've found out that if using the latest ATI drivers I can get a win32 application to use opengl acceleration. This is where I myself register the windows class and create the window explicitly. However when I turn this application into a screensaver it runs in software on ATI cards. This leads me to believe it is something specific about the way windows registers and creating the window that you are given to draw into. so anyone got any ideas on what this might be and how to rectify it? Thanks.
  13. Mark Duffill

    Let's play with Google Earth

    Quote:Original post by grekster Shouldnt be too hard I dont think:S hockenheim?
  14. Mark Duffill

    ATI and OpenGl Acceleration

    Thank all, The issue is still occuring, even if I run the app in a small window that is completely contained within the primary devices window. However some OpenGl screensavers work fine, but these when activating only draw to one window. Perhaps its dependant on how you create your OpenGl window. Anyhow it's a pain, but the problem will go away since we are moving exclusively to nVidia gfx cards at work so as to reduce the support overhead our IT department has to cope with. Thanks again, all.
  15. Mark Duffill

    ATI and OpenGl Acceleration

    Quote:Original post by James Trotter Installing the Catalyst 5.7 drivers for Windows 2000 should give you hardware acceleration. The best way to test this is to run an OpenGL application. It should be unreasonably slow if it's not hardware accelerated, something like 1 fps rendering a simple scene, or something like that. Thanks, but we are already using the latest drivers. One thing I have noticed is that on the one machine it runs fine on only has a single monitor attached. So is their a problem with ATI and dual monitors and OGL hardware acelleration? Thanks in advance for any info.
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