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  1. I found this on the World of Warcraft website and it was written by a World of Warcraft employee so i thought i would share this with everyone, its recent as of 2013. And i have the link to the original post below. The replie from the Blizzard employee can be found on the 17th post on page1. If you do not like clicking links. just copy a paragraph and paste it into google and click search and click on "8 year old gets advice about game industry".   Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7592909216?page=1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   [copied/pasted text deleted by moderator, per comment below]
  2. GameDesign14

    How do i become a game director someday?

    Sorry i did not get back right away. Yes being a game artist is what i want to do first, because I am a very creative and imaginative person. I want to do concept art and make 3d models and animate an rig them, I think after going to school for this to go to school for game development and simulation to learn software engineering and programming with C++. There is a good school near me within driving distance. One of the people who work for the school came to my high school one year a few years ago said one of the students got an internship with epics games and got to help with some of the making in the gears of war series.   I love anything to do with games and gaming. Im the kind of guy that would sit at home and want to create a game from scratch all by myself on my spare time for fun!
  3. My name is Nathan and i am 21 years old. I was reading about becoming a Game Director and this seemed like a really reliable link: http://www.insidejobs.com/careers/game-director   I am going to school soon this October for media arts and animation with concentration in game design. And my classes look like: -game programming for the artist -game modeling and animation -level design -game environment art -materials and lighting -game prototyping -character sculpting -game production team -observational drawing -design fundamentals -language of animation and film -digital painting techniques -life drawing and gesture -storyboarding -2d animation principles -3d modeling -backround and character design -digital editing and audio -hard surface and organic modeling -character modeling and rigging -visual effects   And they do have the advance portion of these classes I just did not list them!   I was reading this website and i wanted to know if insidejobs.com is a reliable source for my field. Game design/ game development has always been a dream of mine since my sophomore year of high school, it is not something i came up with just off the top of my head. I know becoming director of anything is not easy and requires extremely hard work and effort to obtain the position and to keep it. And i know you have have a lot of experience with game design and working in the industry. I mean like 10+ years in the industry not just experience itself like going to school.   I am a really imaginative person and i highly believe i can become a game director sometime in my life time. But i can't just say it have prove it and make it happen. And if i try really hard and don't get the position it was still worth the effort, because game design is something amazing to achieve to begin with!     So to make it clear becoming a Game Director, I would have to be a game designer/game developer first correct? i want to make sure i was not being miss led!
  4. GameDesign14

    Need advice please with game making

    Unity does support users using C++, but ONLY FOR UNITY PRO USERS.   ahh ok that makes sense, thanks for correcting me !
  5. GameDesign14

    Need advice please with game making

    Slap those idiots in their respective faces. The younger you are the better you learn. Only a moron would ever suggest postponing any form of learning. For diving into 2D, I would rather suggest you take a more hands-on approach than going through Unity or any engines. At 15, this is when you need to be doing the more hardcore learning, and trust me your brain can handle it (actually, this is when it’s designed to handle it, so this is really your only chance to take advantage of that—miss it and look forward to an uphill battle from then on). After learning C++, it took me all of 2 days to learn C# and get a window with an image all from scratch. In a week total I had my first C# application: A multiplayer Tetris clone with AI. Trying to take C++ to the point where you have Direct3D running with images you loaded etc. is not worth it for a Pong or Pacman clone, and later you can apply C# to Unity when the day finally comes that you should switch to an engine. When you are ready to move into 3D, you should be asking what to do when the time comes. It depends on how young you still are and other factors that may easily change between now and then. If you are still young I would recommend sticking with raw Direct3D (not OpenGL unless you have no choice). Again, take advantage of your age and do things that others here will try to tell you is “too difficult for a beginner”. It’s not. It was for them because they waited until they were older to start learning. The industry is saturated with people who have experience with engines such as Unity. Being able to show from-scratch work is much more impressive to an employer. Just spending your life in Unity means you have no real idea how everything inside is working, and if a company wants a person like that it certainly has plenty of choices. Take advantage of your age now and aim to stand out in the future. L. Spiro    I did not know the industry was saturated with engine junkies. I should work from scratch too and teach myself to write stuff during college on the side when i go in October!
  6. GameDesign14

    Need advice please with game making

    May i also add there is another great website called "WorldofLevelDesign" it is a really great site with tips on level designing. And you get two free E Books. i have not really used this site much. But i have checked out the Ebooks before and it is worth checking out. One of the books is a short book and then there is another book that talks about game environments it is a 50+ page book!
  7. GameDesign14

    Need advice please with game making

    Hello Fal, I would recommend going to code academy and learning basic javascript writing and using the unity engine. You can create 2D and 3D games and it does not cost anything, the only catch to it is if you plan to use it to make money at some point you have to upgrade to the pro version, but only if you make more than $100,000 with it, but if your just using it for educational purpose you are perfectly fine. Unity does not use C++. It uses Javascript, and C#( C Sharp), and a few other languages. It was the game engine used to create the popular game angry birds. You could probably find some great 2D/3D game making video tutorials if you look on youtube to help you along.   If Unity is to new for what your looking for, if you can invest some money i would recommend DarkBasic by thegamecreators. Its free to use engine for the single home user only, and there is a book to go along with it for i believe $40 USD. Just bare in mind you will need to use Blender to create your character models and animate and rig them for the engine, Blender is free to use under the GPL(general public license). Just let me give you a word of advice if you ever plan to use any engine to make money before you turn 18 make sure your parents read the terms and license agreements so you don't get yourself in trouble.
  8. GameDesign14

    I want to learn to make games. What is my path?

      I want to start off with two-dimensional games, but later branch off. Like I said before, my goal isn't to make one game in particular, it's to learn how to create games. And I'm thinking that the path probably begins with 2d games.   Anyways, I don't want to spend any money on this endeavor. It is possible to learn without paying for courses right?      Okay. Stick to Javascript and learn this so-called WebGL magic. Got it.    Frankly, this response isn't as thorough as I wanted, I was hoping for some tangible (and free) resources you could point me to, but thanks for answering anyways. I'll just go back to googling things for the time being.    Unity is still a great free engine. It can be used to make 2d and 3d games. It was the engine that was used to make the popular game angry birds! I will do a google search for you and help you out!   Ok so what i have found is:   -learnunity2d.com -howtobuildgames.com   Your best bet is to go with unity engine, don't forget that you an also look on youtube for video tutorials, there are probably so many great tutorial videos you can find!
  9. GameDesign14

    I want to learn to make games. What is my path?

    If you look up GameInstitute on google they have a great course that teaches a lot. All access for $49 for i believe a year last time a checked.$99 for 5 years and $3000 for a certificate program. I personally would not pay $3000 for a certiticate. If your going to buy the $49, you mine as well save up the extra cash for $99 if you plan on investing a lot of your time learning.game development. This site i would recommend, its looks pretty legitmate. I have not used it myself but i am certainly thinking about.it, its looks like it would be a great thing to invest in using while in college to help give me an upper hand. I am also new to the game development field i am actually going to college for it soon in a couple months.     What type of games are you looking to create 2d/3d or both?   Unity is a great engine to use with javascript, the Game Institute will teach you C++ which is used for most high end games, But i would recommend sticking with javascript and playing around with unity for a little bit, unless you would rather learn C++ instead and forget about javascript.   I forgot to mention, the only downside to Game Institute is if you plan on making characters you need access to professional programs like 3dsmax and Maya and stuff for character modeling and rigging. But if you end up wanting to create characters to animate,and rig you could use Blender thats under the GPL(general public license)!
  10. GameDesign14

    Introducing Myself

    You were given untrue information. Level Design isn't rare, and college does help, and the job description you were given isn't entirely accurate either. Perhaps you should wander over to the Game Industry Job Advice forum and read the FAQs - and ask questions in that forum.   Ok i will check out the game industry job advice forums just to make my knowledge better  thanks, i appreciate it      Im still going to be going to that college though. I am really satisfied with what they are going to teach me, and going to animation is great because i will not be tied to just the gaming industry if i cannot get in right away!   My courses throughout the 4 years are:   -game programming for the artist -game modeling and animation -level design -game environment art -materials and lighting -game prototyping -character sculpting -game production team -observational drawing -design fundamentals -language of animation and film -digital painting techniques -life drawing and gesture -storyboarding -2d animation principles -3d modeling -backround and character design -digital editing and audio -hard surface and organic modeling -character modeling and rigging -visual effects   And they do have the advanced training for these courses i just did not list them because its a waste of space!
  11. GameDesign14

    Introducing Myself

    Hey everyone my name is Nate, i just signed up and i would like to introduce myself. I am new to the game design industry. I have really been wanting to do game design since my sophomore year of high school, i graduated in 2012, My Junior year i tested into a vocational class for graphic design but i did not like it because i was discouraged by everyone's drawing because theirs looked like real life people, but they were all kids that went to art schools. And so i dropped out of it the first week and went into a marine trades program for learning how to fix boats and i found welding. And i did really great with, actually i was really good at it and i loved welding and i was ready to get a job after high school. But the down side to it was needing a car to get to the welding warehouses which are not close to where i live so eventually i just got turned off by it. And i realized i was not to into welding anymore and its not what i really wanted from the start. So as time goes by i saw all these advertisements for these different colleges for game design. And well to make a long story short i began to download the different game design engines because i was interested in level design. But someone said that is a very rare position to find and not something you can really go to college. And that for level design you are either making models and importing them or programming stuff on the game engines. So i chose animation. I was like hey what do i have to lose why should i be discouraged because someone else's drawing is better because if i really want it everything will workout in the end. And the school i am going to everyone takes basic drawing classes in the beginning to make sure everyone is on the same page. I am a gamer to i love playing games competitively and thats one of the major reasons why i want to be a game designer, i want to bring multiplayer games to a new level and something unique someday. And i can't make any promises but hopefully i can achieve my dreams and get to where i want to be. And i hope everyone else gets to where they want to be in their game design adventure to   So im due to go to college in October to learn animation. And its a great college to. They teach you from concept art to , animation, level design, and programming. Well There is my story on why i am here and look forward to be talking and working with you guys!
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