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  1. Lostrick

    A team for beginner

    what do u mean a good camera system? Pong is a 2D game right? you mean like making skills for pong, or some special effects?
  2. Lostrick

    A team for beginner

    Come on have a little faith on yourself! ^^' And yes, contact them if you want to join them. What do you have to lose? Many people happily engage conversation with other with the same passion (if you are polite enough ;) ) They is a huge probability that they are human like you ^^'   Ok i'll try it, thanks for your suggestions   I'm kinda bored of making mini games so I was going to try what it feels like in a team but i'll make many more mini games in the mean time until i get a team
  3. Lostrick

    A team for beginner

    I've created those games already, like tic-tac-toe, snake, etc, and I've created a simple topdown shooter multiplayer with java too. I don't know if that will be enough or not. But I've never seen low requirements like that for a team Should I just contact them and say that I can make mini games like that? I just thought it's nothing to be proud of   not paid isn't a problem for me, I'm not expecting anyone would pay for a beginner though.
  4. Lostrick

    A team for beginner

    but is it okay if a beginner like me join a team? I mean will there be anyone that want to recruit a beginner? I've wanted to join a team and I've been looking at the posts at this forum but I don't meet the requirement that they state
  5. Lostrick

    A team for beginner

    I've created mini games and I have some knowledge of programming language (not much) so the question is, where can I find a team to work with? or should I create many games and study more until I become a pro then start looking for a team?
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