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  1. Hey everyone! I am still working on the game and I'm now basically done with the shuttle, so you can now fly through space and land on the planets instead of teleporting. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any messages from artists yet. I guess beginners like to join new projects to learn, and since pixel art is not a common art style and doesn't look as realistic as a "normal" game, it's not something a lot of people like to do. I thought Guy Fleegman would have more luck finding someone than I had with my previous threads. Apparently, that is not the case. If you are reading this and are interested, feel free to contact me via PM or on Discord (Beosar#8149). I have put 5 years of my life into this project and I would really like to finish it, but I can't without marketing and I can't do marketing in the current state. The game only needs a few assets, including better textures for the grass, podzol, and stone brick blocks, mipmaps for the plants, a bed model, etc. before I can make some videos and upload them to my YouTube channel. I would be very grateful if you could help me with that (the assets, not the YouTube channel). Cheers, Christopher
  2. Yes, but there is no point in changing it, doing that just wastes time. Oh, yeah, I could write the type and then remove it afterwards but I'm rarely using any complex types in containers anyway, most of the time I use basic types like int or string or pointers as data types. Maybe it's because of the missing autocomplete. I could really need some features to speed things up in general, e.g. I often use tuple because it's faster than writing a struct/class with 3 data members, including a constructor if I want VS to show the constructor arguments, it doesn't do that if I use "{}" for initialization.
  3. By being inexperienced when I wrote that code 3 to 4 years ago. It is actually fixed and I made sure this won't happen again. I'm actually using new to initialize smart pointers because Visual Studio doesn't show the constructor arguments when I use std::make_unique etc. I don't see that as a problem though. I'm open for suggestions as I have the same problem when I use emplace() or emplace_back() on their respective containers, I would really like VS to show what constructor options I have. It actually just made the same bug cause a crash more often because something changed. Any change could have caused that, it just happened to be another bug fix. It's weird that it didn't crash on Windows 10 on 3 different computers though, it really should have crashed at least sometimes.
  4. I found the problem, it was a small error on line 4078... I actually read from something that was deleted. That was pretty old code, it's weird that I never had a problem before. I don't even know why I'm doing it that way, it makes no sense. I changed it so it can't happen anymore.
  5. I do have debug symbols but no debug heap and the code is optimized. I don't know, I have never done this before because I didn't need it. I guess now I need it. Edit: I think I nailed it down to the GUI. It doesn't crash when I disable everything but the menu. Now I just need to find out which part causes the crash, good thing there are only about 20K lines of code for the GUI...
  6. Hi, I'm trying to find a bug in my game that causes it to crash on Windows 7. It crashes (almost) reliably when I do a specific thing in the game, but only on Windows 7 and only in the release build (without debug heap). It's some access violation reading from address 0000 0xxxx xxxx xxxx (it's always those 5 0's and a "random" number, weird). I'm testing my game on Windows 10 and this never happened in months (or years). On Windows 7, it crashed randomly and when I looked at it I actually found 2 problems and fixed them and now it crashes more often. The problem with the error is: The game crashes at some point in time when I allocate or free memory in a different thread. I even tried to write code that causes such an error (to help me locate it) but everything I try makes it crash immediately. How do I find the source of such an error? I would use the debug build but it just doesn't crash in the debug build. And I can't go through 50K lines of code. I'm using several libraries but I doubt it's one of those. Their behavior shouldn't change on a different version of Windows. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. In theory it aligns them so it works with standard data types like int and double, but not necessarily to 16 bytes. Especially for 32-bit programs it might only use 8-byte alignment. As I said, using XMFLOAT* data types is much easier and usually not a significant performance hit.
  8. I think you need __declspec(align(16)), but I'm not sure. Or you could just use XMFLOAT3 or XMFLOAT4 and save you the hassle of overloading the new and delete operators.
  9. Thank you, but the people on r/playmygame are just interested in free games and won't spend money on it anyway. I already tried to promote it there, it didn't help at all.
  10. Quick update: Well, not much happened actually. No one bought the game yet and I'm still trying to figure out how to do marketing. I think I tried to do the right thing with contacting a PR/marketing agency, then waited almost 3 weeks for their reply, and guess what they came up with? Advertising on Facebook... 🤦‍♂️ I'm not doing marketing on Facebook like all these bad mobile games with their false advertising. I would need a 3% conversion rate at minimum, I don't think that's realistic at this point. I was thinking about offering the game for free for 1 or 2 weeks and promoting that with a PR campaign, is that maybe a good idea? What do you think? My budget is €2000.
  11. Beosar

    I can't find an artist, why?

    But doesn't that apply to all kind of art? Well, except that other kinds of art are not as easy. It's not that easy, I'm using textured voxels so people have to use my editor for some parts of the creation process. The thing is I was not finding a single artist. Now I have found Guy Fleegman through this topic and I'm hoping to find someone else so the two can complement each other. Yes, it does, but I'm still struggling to find more artists. I hope I can just make some money to pay someone, that would be much easier. So far I still made $0 for 5 years of work, which is about $0 per hour I've worked.
  12. Pointer won't solve this problem. You need to add a copy constructor and an assignment operator to your struct LOD that initialize the reference correctly.
  13. Maybe this document helps understanding it: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/0141/b1416bb749bb5ba94210a30d70f0824760a4.pdf I don't know why projecting the triangle onto the plane should work, it seems wrong to me. I mean, the normal is different, that doesn't sound right. Unless the point is already on the the plane of the triangle. The method from that paper seems to be faster and easier. And it works for points that are not on the triangle.
  14. Yeah, I can confirm this. I tried to find some work on Freelancer.com but there is always someone from India or Egypt or other cheap labor countries who bids much lower than I can afford. I would have to work for half the minimum wage to compete with those people. That said, sometimes you can find some well-paid jobs, but it's very rare. In fact, I have seen one so far and that was a design contest for Airbus. And I got my logo there through a $200 contest. But if you lose you have worked for nothing so if you participate in a lot of contests you won't make that much on average unless you are really good. I have looked on Freelancer.com for "game marketing" and couldn't find a single job. I guess you won't have much luck there, just do marketing in general (there are a lot of other marketing jobs) or look somewhere else.
  15. For me, marketing is too important to let a freelancer without any references (other games he marketed successfully) handle it. I will hire a video game marketing and PR agency here in Germany, even if that is more expensive. They often have just better connections and more people who are experts in different fields (graphics design, PR, marketing, ...), something an average freelancer cannot offer at the same level. I'm pretty sure some mid-sized indie developers will look for freelancers for their marketing. You could just search for projects on those websites to get your answer.
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