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  1. Hello! This is my first finished game. Enjoy it and comment! http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/the-fantastic-adventure-of-a-ball/44034/ Sorry if my english is bad :)
  2. Hello! anyone has experience with adsense in browser games? I'm looking for ways to monetize my unity 3d creations. I know some sites has their own monetize program like gamejolt, but others no, and I want to publish there too.   Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry if my english is bad. I look that mochiads doesn't exist anymore, so what options are? I want some way to monetize in sites like minijuegos or armor games, etc If you have experience with this, please, tell me thanks
  4. Slap those idiots in their respective faces. The younger you are the better you learn. Only a moron would ever suggest postponing any form of learning. For diving into 2D, I would rather suggest you take a more hands-on approach than going through Unity or any engines. At 15, this is when you need to be doing the more hardcore learning, and trust me your brain can handle it (actually, this is when it’s designed to handle it, so this is really your only chance to take advantage of that—miss it and look forward to an uphill battle from then on). After learning C++, it took me all of 2 days to learn C# and get a window with an image all from scratch. In a week total I had my first C# application: A multiplayer Tetris clone with AI. Trying to take C++ to the point where you have Direct3D running with images you loaded etc. is not worth it for a Pong or Pacman clone, and later you can apply C# to Unity when the day finally comes that you should switch to an engine. When you are ready to move into 3D, you should be asking what to do when the time comes. It depends on how young you still are and other factors that may easily change between now and then. If you are still young I would recommend sticking with raw Direct3D (not OpenGL unless you have no choice). Again, take advantage of your age and do things that others here will try to tell you is “too difficult for a beginner”. It’s not. It was for them because they waited until they were older to start learning. The industry is saturated with people who have experience with engines such as Unity. Being able to show from-scratch work is much more impressive to an employer. Just spending your life in Unity means you have no real idea how everything inside is working, and if a company wants a person like that it certainly has plenty of choices. Take advantage of your age now and aim to stand out in the future. L. Spiro   Wow, first post I see in the forum and you made my day. You motivated me a lot. Thanks, I feel really noob, and all seems so dificult, a game has so many classes and designs that making a game seems impossible, but you make it look so achievable... Really, thanks a lot. And fal I'm in the same path, well, I'm 19 xD But maybe we can talk and share experiences. Sorry if my english is bad, I'm spanish native. Thanks again. Leoxs
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