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  1. The new BA Games Art showreel 2013/14 https://vimeo.com/106678768
  2. New piece by Michael Wilde, (original concept by Wouter Gort)      
  3. Hunters Tale is almost finished,   Francesco Segala, Pixelart 2D sidescroller project   More information on his project here - https://www.facebook.com/hunterstale   Here is his book   You can order the book here, £13 including post - http://www.peecho.com/sps/13297424530800/36083-Hunter%20s%20Tale%20mini%20artbook   A few WIP shots from another summer MA project, more to come soon.      
  4. A mixed selection of examples from this years showreels to show you the range of students skills.   http://vimeo.com/96844188   http://vimeo.com/96844192   http://vimeo.com/96844189   http://vimeo.com/96844186   http://vimeo.com/96844571   http://vimeo.com/96844570
  5. MA Games Art course in this month’s 3D Artist magazine, very nice of them to do so.   Also in the Training Spotlight in Develop Magazine, bonus :)
  6. Hello   I thought you might like to see some of our students work from the University of Hertfordshire. We are located in Hatfield, 20 minutes by train from central London, Kings Cross international station.   BA (Hons) - 3D Games Art & Design, BA (Hons) BA (Hons) - Visual-effects BA (Hons) - 2D Animation and Character for Digital Media BA (Hons) - 3D Digital Animation and Modelling   MA - Games Art MA - Animation    We can also offer PhD studies    Here is our website - www.uhanimation.co.uk   Here is our Showreel - 2012 (new version coming soon) https://vimeo.com/55198000   This is our home, The Film Music and Media Building, the animation courses have the middle floor.   An article in 3Dworld magazine rating us as one of the best courses in the world to study 3D     Any questions then PM me, Neil Gallagher, Programme Leader, BA & MA 3D Animation and Games Art   The University Of Hertfordshire has received full Skillset accreditation for all teh animation games art courses - Welcome to Creative Skillset - Skillset     To say that we are proud of this achievement is an understatement. To gain such a high recognition for all of our programmes is down to the hard work and dedication of the Staff, the enthusiasm and quality of our Students, and the support of our amazing Alumni.   If you would like to talk to our students in person then you can post here on our student forum. www.3dhit.co.uk   Social sites are run by UH Alimni with some tutor input:   You Tube- http://www.youtube.com/user/uhanimation   Vimeo - http://www.vimeo.com/uhanimation   Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/uhanimation   Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/uhanimation   The Games Art course has a strong emphasis on the study of software tools and teaches all the cutting edge software you need to get into the industry: Maya, 3DSMax, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop and many more and uses both the Unreal engine and the Crysis engine to enable students to gain access to all the professional tools needed in the industry.   The course explores digital modelling of characters and environments, and helps students to develop animation as well as shader techniques and level creation. You will be taught to create optimised geometry and textures and apply them to game engines, gaining an understanding of the technological restrictions of realtime 3D graphics. Also high to low resolution surface transfer modelling is taught as well as producing high resolution models for promotional material.   The main emphasis of the course is on the student becoming a “Games Artist” so a full day of study during the duration of the course has been allocated to life drawing and clay modelling to help develop a rounded portfolio as well as having live visits from Scott Eaton and Jeni Fairey from Madame Tussauds. So even if you start from a more technical back ground you will be taught the fundamentals of art, composition, colour theory and much more which are essential to gaining employment in the Games Industry.   The first year is like a foundation course where you have a taster of all the BA digital animation courses which are 3D, VFX, 2D and Games Art before choosing your specialization.   We have many open days during the year so feel free to come and look around our state of the art University that teaches twenty seven thousand students per year, has a £40 million night club and dining area, swimming pool, climbing wall, gym and over a thousand societies waiting for you to join - so if you like canoeing, walking, going to the cinema or playing the didgeridoo, there is always a club for you.   The University of Hertfordshire is 20 minutes by train from London’s “Kings Cross Station” and three stops on the underground to the Buzzing Soho industry where Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has its headquarters. By car it’s just off the A1 and 20 minutes drive from the M25   http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&tab=wl   Quotes from the Industry about the University of Hertfordshire Courses.   Paul Gaboury 3D Product Development Manager Pixologic Inc   "The student work coming out of University of Hertfordshire is studio ready. Just watch the showreel and you'll see how talented the students are at this school. I always enjoy seeing what the students at the University are creating with ZBrush and are always blown away by the top notch quality." http://pixologic.com/   Jolyon Webb | Art Manager   |   Blitz Games Studios        “We found the University of Hertfordshire students well-informed and focused; we were impressed with what we saw.”    http://www.blitzgames.com/   John Laws   |   Head of Art   |   Frontier            “UH is one of the few Universities teaching the correct fundamental skills required by the games industry – you have the right mix of traditional theory and cutting edge digital art creation, and understand that the tech is a tool rather than the end in itself.  I’m impressed.”    http://www.frontier.co.uk/   Ian Yarwood-Lovett   |   Lionhead   |   Franchise Art Director   |   Microsoft Games Studio            “Visiting the UHanimation course was a real eye opener for me; the quality of work produced coupled with the enthusiasm of the students makes this course one we’ll be watching very closely in the future.”    http://www.lionhead.com/   Louise Ridgeway  |  Head of Animation   |   Rare Ltd   |   Microsoft Games Studio            ‘What a pleasure it has been visiting the University of Hertfordshire for film day again this year.  They again proved that they are one of the top uni’s for the industry at the moment, with another outstanding show of effort and commitment by a great bunch of enthusiastic students.  A diamond in the rough.’    http://www.rare.net/   Tara Saunders   |   Studio Art Manager   |   Sony Computer Entertainment   |   London Studio'            "The University of Hertfordshire has provided our studio with some talented graduates in recent years. It's definitely one of the courses to watch for upcoming talent"    http://www.scee.presscentre.com/   Hans Bacher, Art Director For Disney       “Great student films, and a great showreel! you have some very talented students”.   http://www.disneyanimation.com/   Shelley Page, Dreamworks.         "The animation students I met at Hertfordshire were both talented and articulate with some very good work - and I'm looking forward very much to seeing the completed final projects this year"   http://www.dreamworksanimation.com/   Aidan Gibbons, Senior Visual Effects artist, The Mill London      "The University of Hertfordshire’s Visual Effects work really impressed us on the live projects we ran with them; we feel that their students are the ones to watch at graduation time."   http://www.themill.com/     Companies setup by UH grads   https://www.rewindfx.com http://www.altergaze.com/ https://www.rendernow.co.uk https://www.squareedge.co.uk https://www.overthrowmotion.com https://www.aniboxx.com https://www.rolepoint.com https://www.thepondstudio.com http://nadom.co.uk/   --------------------------------------------------------------------------   Companies our Alumni are working at   Games:   Activision (Shanghai) Activision (UK) Apache Solutions Ltd Babel Media Beatnik Games Bioware Blitz Games Bohemia Interactive Simulations Climax Creative Assembly Crytek UK Digi-Guys Dovetail Games DR Studios Electronic Arts Eurocom Eutechnyx Ltd Exient FortuneFish Ltd FreestyleGames Frontier Frozenbyte Full Fat Games Geomerics Gusto Games Headstrong Games Hothouse Creations Idle Creations Ignition London Jagex Juice Games Keen Games Kuju Lionhead Studios nDreams Nektan Nintendo Outso PlayerThree Ltd Playfish Playground Games Plumbee Poly Assets United Inc Psychotron Radiant Worlds Ltd Rare-Microsoft Games Real Time Worlds Rebellion Games Related Designs Reloaded Productions Remode Rockstar North Rocksteady Studios Slinky Pictures Sony-London Studio Sony-Cambridge Studio Space Ape Games Spiral House Splash Damage Square Enix Supermassive Games Traveller's Tales Twimler Ubisoft (Singapore) Ubisoft - BluByte (Germany) Zoe Mode   --------------------------------------------------------------------------   3D, 2D & VFX :   Activ8 AixSponza Analog Ancha Aniboxx Animated Storyboards Anthem Studios Archipelago Atomic Arts Atticus Finch Axis Animation Azimuth Post Production Baby Cow Base Black Big Red Button BinWeevils BlinkInk Blue Zoo Boutiq Caboom The Character Shop CherryCherry Cinesite Click 3X CoolToons Cult Toons Cumi Ltd Digi-Guys Digipost New Zealand Disney Production DixonBaxi Double Negative Factory Fifteen FireStep Flickerpix Fluid Pictures The Foundry Framestore Gener8 Gentlemen Broncos Glassworks Glowfrog Gnu Films Happy Finish Hi-ReS Huge Media ImpossibleTV Infinite Frameworks Inspidea Jellyfish Pictures Jim Henson's Creature Shop Kavaleer Productions Kazoo Creative Keyframe Studios Laika Les' Copaque Lupus Films Mainframe Method Studios Milk Visual Effects MNC Animation Moving Picture Company Munky The Mill Nadom National Space Centre Natural Motion nDreams The Neighbourhood Neon Nexus Productions Nomint Pictures Nuframe Nvisage Nvizible One Dead Pixel One of Us Overthrow Productions Passion Pictures Picasso Pictures Picture House TV Pipedreams 3D Pixomondo Plowman Craven The Pond Studio Postyr Post Production Prime Focus PTE media Pumphouse Productions Qvisten Studios Realise Studio Realtime UK Redvision ReelGood Rewind FX Rise FX RJDM Animations Rushes Saddington & Baynes Selex SI The Senate VFX The Sex Pixels Sherbert Smoke and Mirrors Spider Eye StitchthatTV Storm Studios Studio AKA Studio Liddell Sudden Black (SBTV) Th1ng The Third Floor, Inc Tidal Films Uber Union VFX Villains Wear Black Vine Post Production Visual Method Windmill Lane VFX Zoo Films   --------------------------------------------------------------------------   Arch Vis   ArcMedia AVR London BAM Design Build Crystal CG Foster and Partners Last Pixel Miller Hare PreConstruct Real Visual River Film Communication Rock Hunter Smoothe Square Edge Tiger X Tinderstone Uniform V-Real Vyonyx     --------------------------------------------------------------------------     Product Visualisation   A.i.Solve Autonomy Bentley Motors Burrows CGI The Creative Partnership Dialectyx Douglas Fisher Firedog Design Fusion Medical Animation HMX Media MediaSphere Ltd Odd Boy Random 42 Sparkle Media Taylor James Tekuchi Wilma Studios     --------------------------------------------------------------------------   If you are thinking off applying this will help for your interview      Here are this years final projects.   Games  & Design   A.C.E. UDK Engine https://vimeo.com/96801058   Whispers of Rei, Oculus Rift  https://vimeo.com/96801060   Siren, CryEngine, Playable Game https://vimeo.com/96803461   The Shadowed Crow, CryEnine https://vimeo.com/96804176   Gatekeeper, Unreal 4 https://vimeo.com/96804175   Storm in the Willows, CryEnine https://vimeo.com/96795814   VFX   Elmstead and Close, Architectural Visualization https://vimeo.com/96795813   Delayed, VFX piece. https://vimeo.com/96829152   Infinity Class, VFX piece. https://vimeo.com/96829151   0315, Train crash, VFX piece. https://vimeo.com/96804174   Whispers of the Ocean, Short film, VFX piece. https://vimeo.com/96795815     3D Animation   The Barbarian Library, 3D Animation https://vimeo.com/96801059     2D Animation The Catch, 2D Animation https://vimeo.com/96795816   A Fist Full of Amateurs, 2D Animation https://vimeo.com/96803460   Aurora, 2D Animation https://vimeo.com/96795811
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