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    Community Created Game?

    Sunandshadow,   I had no idea that you could create the illusion of movement by using animated textures until you explained it to me.  Thank you.   There are still so many common things about game development I am clueless about.  The only thing I spend my time doing is thinking of fun toys and game mechanics.  I really enjoy learning about these other aspects.   In your comment you also mentioned "community libraries".  A quick check in the community tab on this site shows me a community gallery.  Is that what you were referring to?  If this site does not have a community library as you talked about, any idea where one would exist?  I have been toying with the idea of making a website dedicated solely to developing games as a community but if a websites like that already exists I would love to join the fight.   Thanks again for your help sunandshadow.
  2. While playing the game Unmechanical, I have an emotional reaction to the outcome of a puzzle and it sparks a tangent.     The tangent starts from 11:20 in the video below.     I would love to hear anyone's comments about the ideas behind this tangent.   Sleep Tight Everyone!!!   nine'O'three
  3. Xenofied

    Community Created Game?

    I was playing the game Unmechanical and I came across a section of the level that really struck my curiosity.   I saw a level designer use various objects and code to create the illusion of a faucet running water into a pool with all the visual effects entailed.    The amount of creativity needed to perform such a feet intrigued me to the point of thinking about it.  The following video explains my thoughts.   Please watch from 0:17 to 2:52 for the explanation.     I would love to hear everyone's thoughts of either how the illusion of that faucet was created or my idea of a community created game, OR BOTH!!!!!   Thanks!!!!!   nine'O'three 
  4. Seriously, some of the responses here are so eye opening!!!!  Only after reading your responses did I realize what was actually happening!!!  Thank you so much for the help!!!  The game does show a very unorthodox way of shading (even though I have no clue what the orthodox way is).  I noticed that when the object was bright it would gradually (very slowly) change to dark as I held it in a dark area.  It was as if the object was taking longer than usual to adjust to the environment.  I would have never made that connection without your help!!!   You are wonderful people for helping and I know if you all joined forces you could make an amazing game together!!!!   THANKS!!!!
  5. Xenofied

    Why Am I Walking on Nothing?

    Everyone!!  I am so glad you decided to take time to answer my question.  I have no idea how long it would have taken me to realize that it would be very difficult to have a character actually step on each individual stair on his way up a flight of them.  That sort of action is taken for granted by us in the real world that it was hard for me to learn how to translate it into the digital world.  Right now in my game design adventures I am having fun trying to figure out how to create real world instances like turning on a faucet in the digital world.  IT IS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF CREATIVITY FOR ME!!!!!!   Thanks a million monkeys for your help!!!   Good day!!
  6. Xenofied

    What makes this rock bounce up?

    Thank you so much for all your answers.  It makes me so happy that there is such a vibrant community of people out there who are willing to take time out of their day to help spread their knowledge.  Your input has helped me understand certain aspects of game development and will undoubtedly help anyone who sees this thread understand how to make a game even a little bit better.  Making a good game is possible alone but for me it is much more enjoyable with a community.   As I continued to play the game there was a point when I could drop an object into a similar opening that had a collision agent attached.  Your information helped me better understand what was going on.  It would be so cool if we could combine our knowledge and solve even more difficult problems.   Anyways, I appreciate your help.   Good Day!!!
  7. What would you want more?   A toy with one mechanic in an environment with many interactive mechanics?   A toy with many mechanics in an environment with very few interactive mechanics?
  8. Hello!!     Thanks for your eyes.   Please watch this video from 1:18 until 2:52.  I know it is a little long but in it I explore something weird I found in the game Unmechanical that I would love to see if anyone on this website understands.     THANK!!!!YOU!!!!   nine'O'three
  9. Hello Everyone!!   Thanks for your eyes.   I ask that you watch the following video from 1:17 to 1:41 as the question I have is concerned with that section.     As the title entails, my character doesn't actually touch a single step when walking down them.  Why is that?     Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Also if someone's attempt to answer this question sparks an interest within yourself, feel free to engage that person with questions or ideas.   Thanks!!!   nine'O'three
  10. I came across something interesting while playing the game Unmechanical.  I am not sure if the issue is a development one or simply my computer sucks.  Any help would be awesome because I am trying to understand the dev behind many games I play.   To see the actual issue please watch this video from minutes 9:15 to 11:20.     Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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