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  1. tobspr


    About Show the hordes of zombies that your base is not one to be trifled with in YORG.io. Start with only a base, and expand out by building resource-gathering structures and defenses to keep them safe. Watch out when night comes, because that's when the zombies come to munch on your brains. How to play There's a great tutorial that will ease you into the game. But basically click structures and place them according to your base layout, and your nearby items.
  2. tobspr

    YORG.io v2.1 release

    Here is a new update for YORG.io! Some small changes here and there and overall just improving the game. Increased Map Size The map is now four times as big as before (200×200 instead of 100×100). This means a lot more space to expand since previously players already had covered the whole map. However, this also means that old savegames are not compatible anymore – Sorry for that! Detailed Minimap View You can now also hold “M” to show a bigger version of the minimap: Invisible Transporters Earlier The skill tree has been changed so that invisible transporters are now available earlier. This was made to encourage expansion. With the previous skill tree layout, the invisible transporters were only unlockable after most of the map was covered. Up To 12 Crystal Mines Per Resource There are now skills to place up to 12 crystal mines per resource: Destroyed Building Indicators When a building gets destroyed, it’s icon is now shown so you can see which type of building got destroyed: Multiple Smaller Fixes Fixed crash when selling invisible transporters Fixed exploit when loading savegames multiple times Bigger numbers (E.g. “5.6b”) are now better formatted Made easy mode easier Increased difficulty of the challenge mode (New modes coming soon!) Minor Fixes & Performance improvements Thanks to everyone who is continuing to support Yorg! If you are interested in streaming Yorg.io or playing it on Youtube, be sure to post links to this in Discord! I really want you all to succeed and so we can work together in Discord to make that a reality. Link to Discord here: https://discord.gg/UdXda9Q
  3. After reading AMD's presentation about the GCN architecture, which states that integer divisions cost multiple cycles, and unsigned integer divisions are much faster, I changed my data types to "uint" where appropriate, since I do not use negative values in most cases anyways.   However, all variants of texelFetch only accept ivec2/ivec3. What is the reason for this? From what I can see, unsigned integers would be much more appropriate.    I do not know about any extensions which has a special handling for negative texture integer coordinate values, so, is there any reason the texture coordinates are not unsigned?          
  4. tobspr

    Render Pipeline

    Physically Based Shading and Deferred Rendering using Panda3D. https://github.com/tobspr/RenderPipeline
  5. tobspr


    Album for YORG.io
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