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  1. From your "Terms of Use": "Registration is only available for natural persons above the ageof 18 with full legal capacity or juridical persons, who are effectively represented for the registration." If I'm reading that well, it means it's not regionally restricted. "So what do you think?" Since it's not regionally restricted, it's better than Kickstarter.
  2. So you've hired people to create a game for you before? Hmm, I have one question, why did you ask if it's a good idea to hire people to create a game if you've hired people to create a game before with "more expensive staff"?
  3. True, considering (correct me if I'm wrong), he was the person that adviced them (Zuckerberg and Savarin) to remove the "the" from thefacebook.com to make it facebook.com
  4. Learn how to use a search engine. You assume I don't because?
  5. Wait, "angel investors"? I'm not after that, or at least, not as much as I am after making a fun, originalish, challenging, replayable game.
  6. Since it's a cheap game, why hire people? It'll be way more frustratingly interesting to create it yourself and you'll learn a lot from it AND save your money (Read frob's post to see).
  7. It was facemash, right? I know about that. I don't see how facebook is a clone of that considering, IMO, it'll be like saying a fully functional warship is a clone of a bike. The stolen idea I was referring to was that of HavardConnection nka ConnectU. Insert idea where you see play and implementation where you see work. Yeah. One idea there is very interesting. (nka = now known as)
  8. And for some reason, the only (impossible) alien meeting/invasion scenario is the one where the (impossible) "aliens" just happen to be "smart" and "want to wipe out humans" or "have weapons" or some other "apocalyptic" scenario. It's surprising what people choose to believe in.
  9. Huh? "hot or not" clone? That does, make sense. So it's basically: play = idea work = implementation -> All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. -> All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy. Right? LOL Just like an article I saw on cracked.com on "7 game ideas that will never become reality" or something similar. Thanks.
  10. Why do people say this? Remember facebook?
  11. That would pretty much be the end of Ba'al's existence.
  12. Sorry if this comes off as harsh but do you realise how stupid you seem by assuming I am evading a ban? No, like seriously, I'm evading a ban with an account that bears an exact resemblance to my previous one? I'm evading a ban by talking about things related to my previous account which under "evading ban" circumstances, is supposed to have gotten me banned again an hour ago? What an odd statement.
  13. Right, you do. Good one, you should be proud. And more than 200 years ago, the oldest Biblical scrolls weren't the Dead Sea Scrolls. Ergo, evidence for such things aren't sitting in someone's truck.
  14. But for some reason, you want evidence of such from people who share your views. That's silly. Biblical history is not a living thing so it has no presumptions on the history of Bible. When was the Bible written according to the "Historians"?
  15. BiblicalArchaeology.org - Certainly not a biased, unreliable source!Sorry, I couldn't find "Noreligionarchaelogy.org" because for some reason, you want sources from people who have NO interest in finding anything Bible related. I should go to "cSharp.com" when looking for tutorials on Lua. What time would that be?