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  1. Matthewdeargameaudio

    Fabric Vs Wwise

    Hey Folks A client has asked if I would mind using Fabric instead of Wwise (my preference). I've not used Fabric before. Those of you that have, do they have pretty similar functionality? Is Wwise far superior to Fabric? Thanks
  2. Matthewdeargameaudio

    Working with multiple platforms

    Hi I have recently begun working with Wwise, and wondered what are the things to consider when working with a game that will be released on multiple platforms. This is not a issue for me in a current project, I just thought it would be a good idea to 'jump the gun', as it were. For instance If I had a game that was both being released as a next-gen console game and a iOS port, would there be a way around making the audio work for both? Or would I have to make two seperate audio sessions for each platform? Also, any thoughts/ideas/pointers on the methods, practices and things to consider when working with multiple platforms would be much appreciated. Or indeed any articles or resources that tackle thissubject head on. Cheers, Matt
  3. Matthewdeargameaudio

    Mastering Seperate 'Adaptive Audio' Tracks

    Thanks for the help guys, I'm speaking with the programmer later today so I'll probably come back to this thread once we've determined what exactly all our problems are! The only game I can think of as a reference to this kind of thing is Proteus, in terms of the 'interactive soundtrack'; the music changes with both the position of the player, field of view and interaction with the environment. Though, this game was not VR. In a traditional 2D/3D game am I right in thinking that all the audio is mastered to around 0dB and then re-mixed within the engine/audo middleware? With some sort of limiter to prevent the combined adapting music and sfx from peaking? I can see this as an art in itself! Cheers.
  4. Matthewdeargameaudio

    Mastering Seperate 'Adaptive Audio' Tracks

    Hi I've recently taken on a project that involves exploring a small area using a virtual reality headset. One of the key features is the players ability to 'create' their own soundtrack via proximity to certain objects. i.e parts of the music are allocated to certain objects within the game, volume/panning determined by proximity. I have al the music written but I'm struggling to work out the puzzle of getting the final master to gel together properly. I haven't sent this off to the programmer yet. Ideally I'd like to program the music myself but I've only just started learning audio middleware method and am not in a position to take on the task and meet the deadline. The engine used is Unity5 The issue being I want the music to flow smoothly without wild differences in audio levels. My current solution is bounce all the 'seperate' music tracks individually but master them together to make sure they dont peak at any point? But this necessitates a lower overall level for each track, add to that the change in level based on proximity and it could be a big problem. Has anyone else come accross a similar problem? Cheers, Matt
  5. Matthewdeargameaudio

    Feedback appreciated on latest song.

    Hi I've released the second character theme I've written for one of my current projects! I'd really appreciate any feedback on the mix/master. https://soundcloud.com/matthewdear-1/the-hunter-the-hunted Cheers, Matt
  6. Hi I'm a composer, sound designer and voice actor with a focus on audio for games. I've been doin this full-time for about 8 months now and have done some small projects. I've been applying for in-house jobs and have had one interview. However I did not get the job, citing experience as the mitigating factor. Particularly I have found that I am found wanting in the audio middleware aspect of these job adverts. I have had small, cursory glances at Wwise and FMOD but not really delved into them yet. I've also done a few audio implementation tutorial videos through Unity. My question is, for those of you with experience of Wwise and FMOD what is the best way to learn how to use them? Any books, websites, videos you'd recommend. I've seen courses offering tuition on them, but they tend to be pretty expensive, enough to consider the self-taught approach... Cheers, Matthew Dear www.matthewdear.tumblr.com
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