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  1. I'm out! Thanks for everything you guys done, I bit sad right now :(
  2. Oh, I know it's common, but at least it's SHARING, y'know! ugh, eh! please be less ugh-y, what you say? onomatopeia, yeah! But thing like yea! or cool! still tolerated right? I hope so... thanks :( you make me BIT sad :( *sob* oh right missing something, ohohow!
  3. Yoyo Games I mean, but please don't talk like that! Please your smile and I like/miss your "Don't feel bad, yea?" like that, but ok, thanks for your feedback, ugh (oh, no again!) bit sad for your words :(
  4. Not abusive part, only LOLs and Funny! Really, no ABUSIVE thingy!
  5. Thanks for the one who follow on my topic, (or it's just me? lol!) Subcribe to my video channel on Youtube for more game progress and Trolling girl BSes! For some ohohow!
  6. Firstly, going to say "Hi!" to the community. Isn't or Doesn't a great idea, a Game Maker game (especially Windows and Mobile Android or iOS too!) (especially too "Studio"s) came up with a workshop? (Hey, don't steal my idea, or if you ask me to make it to your game, any engine probaly, go ahead!) Okay, the procedure work like this (the non coded or compiled yet!), the user/community maker submit their work to your e-mail or your official team email, then, also came up with item name and descreption +pricing and special feature (like disguising maybe, or extra coins or cashes), after you or team receive the e-mail, (I recommend using, oh! Plus the character sprites too +walking animation, but faster way, give'em template like hand or gun holding pose and you make an invisible object moving along the arena with the character, work with enemy too! for invisiblity one, but that's okay! ;) If you want ;), hehe!) Ummmm, what's next? Ah! Make a selection! Where should be added to game and where's not (possiblity due to non suitable art for your game, or... pricing too expensive, but in my game, it should be greater than 200 and not bigger than 10000 (ten thousand), cause that's too expensive, I think, for non-powerful weapon, so whatever!) Or other reason, maybe, hehe...     Okay, any sugestion or silly idea are pleased and welcomed, and also please Up vote me! Thanks! Okay, almost forget! Boo! It work with custom taunt (based on engine you used, I'm using custom sound and frame, up to 2-10 or arround 19 to 20) ...skip! Oh, and weapon and cosmetic item (can be clothes and reskin too!). Community map maybe? Or anything, and if your engine supported, trade! YEah trade system! Or, someone selling items (pricing is up to user or player) and online maps, or feature, or trade for custom arena or enemy (of course, their community maked, map). Anything your genre (online or offline) this should work, as if you have good hype or fame (otherwords, fans, yeah).   I hope this article (I hope I post in the right thingy, I mean, section!) should help you boost your sale or feature, but I think feature like this should be online mobile game rather than PC or console, doesn't know if this work on 3d too! But in case, this should boost your 2d game, mostly. But not pixelated one or whatever! Need your support by +1-ing my post, so I can maybe write a good article like this (should post this too) Oh, and mostly shooter and RPG game whould be awsome! See you if your game's done! ;) hehe! Uhhh, anything could be I should know? Oh, and about my game character, but no! Not here too! Should post in other thing, I mean post! Okay, thanks! Good night, game Frostier (or Froster), just my, our game company/group/team name!   EDIT:   Oh, and almost forget! The compiled code one! Explained below in this EDIT: #1   This is my experience using GML, maybe there are some refference to other game programming language, because that is normal! Thanks... //It's not real javascript, just kinda like them, it's pure GML (Game maker Language) //This step is the compiled one, maybe it's easier for you if you are a lone programmer //too! //Okay, here we goes! var /*your item here*/, game_item_name //or simply item_name or whatever! /*your item goes here*/ = game_item_name //Oh, and also, I'm quite noobs about coding, so sorry! You can delete this thing! //Just letting you know, this too! //Your item name goes here, it should be like this: //obj_your_item_name (without // is okay, but it's recommended!) var game_price //or simply your currecy (or whatever) name! var game_item_display, /*or ; so skip this!*/ game_sprites, game_icon_shop, //You can also declare your own variable! But this is the most common! //Eh, my english look good, isn't it? Ah, don't worry, I'm better at school than other! item_name == //Optional! or, game_item_name, it's based on var above game_price == //your_price goes or belong here! oh, or use single = if failed //at compiling, just as you know! game_icon_shop == //should goes like this spr_your_sprites game_sprites == //Like something at battlefield, +walking animation, optional too game_display name == //Just for shopping thing, you may ...skip! this game_extra_frame == //If multiple sprites is used, should goes like this: //spr_item1, or ; spr_item2, etc game_extra_feature == //Just like poison effect, or particle, it's up to you too game_projectile == //especially for shooter game, for non shooter game, maybe just //for particle usage like "whink" or "boink!" or you may rename it //End of the stats, althought or althrough you may add your custom variable below: //================================================================================= //Custom variable, if any //game_custom_variable == //value goes or belong here //End of custom variable, //================================================================================= //EDIT: //Custom variable are designed and recommended for someone that need the custom item //could be useful too for uhh, weapon scrolling, specially for RPG and shooter game! //Oh, right! These code are belong to me! With exeption custom variable! //Please if you use this (with edits too!), credit me! "Adi Satria" or just "can2x" //in your game! Or, give me donation so I can make more useful code for compile like //this (or these)! Oh, and for custom variable(s) don't forget to declare them in //var thingy, thanks through this is EDIT: #2, in code! Aw hehoho! // //Method of contacting me: // //>GD.net account = ("hehe, here> can2x)" //>Facebook = ("Adi Satria, so far as this written it's SR4 logo") //>Gmail = ("robotrocket11@gmail.com or gamefrost@gmail.com - registering!") //>Anyother? Ah! //>IndieDB = ("As can2x, it's ModDB, don't know if that's worked too") //>Or by... SMS = ("Not recommended, and I'm not giving you guy my number!") //>Soon, Skype = ("Could be as GameFrost, or Frostier") //>Oh, right maybe our own databases I hope, so far still using my "Ultimate Game book // available in "Meet the Team" video through my personal channel, or our Officials, // subcribe for more video, trolling girl-class BS (Stand for Boarding Schools), first // introduced in Meet the Team vids hashtag #2 part2 or simply hastag #2.5 D, eh hehe! // //===[End of the Line, not GTA oops!]=================================================== Okay, maybe it's enough! All copyright belong to their own represctive, or ah! Whatever! Oh, right and the religy thing! All good thing came up from the gods, with their or your own religy, (not the wrong thing one!) And all mistake (not all, hehe) came up from me! Okay that's all, so far for Youtube and other support still using my oersonal Gmail e mail "Adi Satria" SR4 too! Thanks, bye!   EDIT:   Okay it's now pure edited 3 time so it's hastag #3, just edit some error on code, so steady on! Oh, crap! Which part? I forget, should find it! Steady on!   Oh, right got this from nowhere but my silly thinking (but now I'm thinking about Pyroland with some creepy cute Unicorn, oh no!)   "Sit tight, hold on! Deep breath! Ready on! We're going! So, what!!???"
  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Thanks! It really help! I will get it "check it out!" Really really thanks! Oh, one more! Any idea on resolution? Eh, is this game maker studio? Oh, forget that! I'm checking it in!
  8. Nothing, really! Just... wondering how or when to start this?
  9. Adi Satria

    How do you get ideas for new games?

    Oh, right, +1, thanks! But which post? Is that you or anyone else? Also, sorry for spamming in your half or really curious post thanks! I'm out!   "Finally! He out!"   Craap, you mr...!
  10. Adi Satria

    How do you get ideas for new games?

      Oh, right! Thanks! It seem you were friendly than... umm, the other! I hope am I right, uhhh... right? Thanks!
  11. Adi Satria

    How do you get ideas for new games?

    But, please??? NO dislike! Hey, can you help me get the RID out of here! With, ummm 1+? Please, or pretty please??? It affect my rating from 101 - Netural to 99 - Learning (Or could just someone read that "I am learning". And, if someone think my post is unuseful, just hmmm... Ignore'em, please! Thank, aw! No -1, please! Can you? thank again!
  12. Adi Satria

    How do you get ideas for new games?

    What??? -1? What happen with you guys? AH! *sob* :(( :(
  13. Whoa! This thing has feature like Facebook too, whoa!
  14. Adi Satria

    Cry Engine or Unity?

    In my opinion, Cry Engine for big game, maybe AAA. While Unity for smaller game
  15. Adi Satria

    How do you get ideas for new games?

    Why do you need an idea? This is not a frivolous question. - So this is unexpected, but very true observation. While still creating games for only hobby purposes, You need an idea for an interesting time spending. Sometimes your idea You can build up to a commercial use ..   Good luck in your work.   Oh, wait! You mean, that I can sell my idea to public? Where? Where I can do that? Please tell me! I'm curious!
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