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  1. Quote:Original post by MindWipe And maybe go somewhere, do something out of the blue, an impuslive action. /MindWipe that's what i always dreamt of, but i still lack a) money b) courage c) the right opportunity (i thought after i'm finished with studying would be the best time, but now i've got a good job offer i can hardly refuse...) as for the "internet phenomenon", i find myself in the small group of people on the "not very much" side. i've had a flatrate adsl for over 5 years now and the internet was always something that was there and ready to use, like electricity. i used to spend practically all my free time behind the computer, surfing, playing, and also programming. but over the last year or so this has declined somewhat, and i spend more time with friends (i seem to be one of the few lucky people who know their friends in person). the last chapter in my story is that i moved away from my parents, and i rented myself a cool apartment together with a good friend. that was almost 3 weeks ago, and if everything works out, we should have internet access again tomorrow (only at work now). but in the meantime i realized that i'm not as dependent(/addicted?) as i thought i am. i often wanted to turn on my pc, and almost as often i realized that i didn't need to. i guess it will be different when we have internet access again, but the whole lifestyle change won't be reversed... and i'm glad about it
  2. after the first few clicks, it's mostly just a matter of paying attention. i thought i was good when i solved expert in 500 seconds, until i watched a friend doing it in 300, while he was talking to me ;-) anyway, let's get philosphical :-P i think everything happens as a reaction to what has happened before. everything we regard as "random" is just not knowing all the factors. this relates to minesweeper as well as to brain activity (aka thoughts) or quantum physics. so if you KNOW the current state the universe is in, you can tell EXACTLY what will happen. luckily we don't know, so life still holds some mysteries for us to wonder about ;-) edit: what i tried to say was that everything is a pattern. of course, most of it is (and probably always will be) incomprehendable by humans, but on a small scale (like recognizing the "pattern" of the OP's route) it's perfectly feasible, although some people seem to be more apt than others...
  3. nev

    Post your house pic

    i remember finding my house on terraserver some years ago, they had awesome coverage of europe ... bummer its not free anymore :-(
  4. i thought of that too there wouldn't be much (if any) of the heavier elements around, because they're only created in supernovae (although maybe some high-tech fusion device could do it too). so a lifeform like us would not be possible in a first-gen system. this leads me to the conclusion that it would be either totally boring or totally awesome :-P
  5. if i only hear the term "summer tune" i get angry. i see your point, which is perfectly valid, but "summer tune" just makes me want to run against the next wall. i associate it with some crappy song from the charts that's played on every station all around the clock (or so it may seem) sorry
  6. nev

    Why no more games?

    close-to-realism?? the only game i can think of that matches this would be operation flashpoint, but i somehow have the feeling that this isn't the kind of game you meant battlefield is more like fairly-large-scale-multiplayer-arcade-and-maybe-a-little-tactics to me. edit: i feel bad just for responding to this
  7. nev

    The PC Console barrier

    (just venting a little bit) my impression is that "excellent" console games can hardly be compared with "good" pc games. the big publishers (evil EA, etc) are only in it for the money, so they'll want to go for consoles with every single title. so the games have to be easy/accessible enough, so even the last idiot can play it, while still providing others with a challenge. and preferrably accomodate every age group. the result are mediocre games, which are advertised and hyped until it comes out of your ears (ok, can happen to pc games too). additionally, they only go with safe/proven concepts that always sell (thanks to the stupidity of "the masses") like all those yearly EA Sports games or Tomb Raider. and since the big publishers continue to eat software companies, pc games are going down the drain as well (or are continued as console games, which is kinda the same (for me at least)). good examples are Deus Ex 1 (pc) and Deus Ex 2 (console & pc) bottom line: blame the money (you can blame everything on money) (i know i'm generalizing a lot and maybe exaggerating a bit) my suggestion: continue as it is now, but instead of pocketing the shitloads of money form console games, put it into the development of better/"riskier" games as for controls: different games will never be ideal with the same controls, on a console or on a pc. IMO fighting games are best on consoles, while shooters and real-time strategy is best left to the PC. Quote:Original post by Unwise owl (/start pointless sidetrack rant) On the other hand, I find myself increasingly annoyed in modern PC software where the urge to make it more user friendly goes at the expense of functionality of the software. I hate certain new functions in M$ Word for example that each and every time make my life more difficult, and it's not always that clear how to turn those off (if possible at all). A common issue I encounter in several programs nowadays is when the designers have tried to hide parts of the interface in order to make it appear less complicated. All in all this means more work for me even since functionality I use on a frequent basis is hidden every time I start up the damn program. (/end rant) seconded
  8. nev

    New world order - conspiracy theory or reality?

    Quote:Original post by fractoid Ah, you all think that it's the Illuminati that are in control, but in reality they are merely hosts for the Earth's true despotic rulers! tiny apache helicopters??? i knew it!!!
  9. nev

    If I were king of the world...

    Quote:Original post by Boris Karloff Quote:Original post by nev granted, WW1 didn't just fall out of the sky, there was a reason. Unfortunately, it was a complete bullcrap reason that wasn't worth fighting a war over. But there you go. any reason for war is usually complete bullcrap. and what is worth fighting a war over? but back on topic: what about celtic origins? or slavic?
  10. nev

    If I were king of the world...

    well, until WW1 a pretty big part of europe was austrian, and for quite some time too granted, WW1 didn't just fall out of the sky, there was a reason.
  11. nev

    Do you remember?

    too bad evil EA shut Jane's Combat Simulations down. those games always came with awesome manuals. i personally like to have manuals, if only to cover the time until i'm back home/finished installing ;-) ps: newest game with decent manual would be World of Warcraft, it also had some background info (mostly the events of Warcraft 3/Frozen Throne)
  12. nev

    think of a word game

  13. nev

    think of a word game

  14. nev


    if i use a signature, it's usually one my favourite quote of my favourite character in my favourite game. this usually means "Answer you will, and my sword shall be the question" by Minsc in Baldur's Gate 2. another awesome sig line (which i'm surprised i have not yet seen here on this board, someone's bound to have it) is: "There are only 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary and those who don't" edit: "it's impossible to fake my signature! it's different every time"
  15. nev

    *sigh* red tape..

    obviously, this is not a problem on this side of the atlantic. during the 80s i spent about 7,5 years in europe, never stopped me from donating ;-) and since when have the US higher health standards than most european countries?
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