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  1. Hi, for this question the knowledge of EU countries tax systems would be helpful, but your general knowledge is also welcomed. Here is a "theoretical" situation. Lets say that i made game and uploaded it to steam. I got some money from sales and now I have 2 options: should i pay taxes for Denmark(where i student) or should i pay taxes for Lithuania(where i technically still a citizen)? In general my question is: under what circumstances I should pay taxes for specific country. I mean if i got a cucumber from country "A", went to country "B" and sold it, I would give taxes for country "B" (because act of selling cucumber took place in country "B"). What about intellectual products? I mean there technically no place where i sold my product, so according to what rules my profit bounds to specific country's tax system? P.S. I doubt that place where I was while putting game into Steam is important, but just in case I will say that I putted game while I was in Lithuania(right before i went to Denmark).
  2. Thank you Tom Sloper for question improvement.   As to others repliers , well yes i enjoy making games, but this time i took it to much serious and it ended to be half hobby style half business game. Oh well i guess i got advices i wanted(and i very thankful for them).   See you soon.
  3. Hi there, thank you for checking this topic. I very angry/depressed now, because i came to hard realization that my game is (sry for language) VERYYYY SHITYY.  I know that developers's creations is always  worse then they intended, but in this situation i broke a record.....    It wouldn't be a problem if i just gave this game some hours, but ohhhh noooo i gave it some months , and mentally i can't now say to myself that all was in vain. Won't bother much more with my crying and will go to main question. Is it possible for me to sell this game(get sponsored) for any portal for at least 500euros(560US dollars)? I see that in our day there lots of great flash games that's why my game is most likely is unsalable , but who knows maybe i wrong and you know the truth and could give me some advices . Link to demo :  
  4. Hi. Right now the only thing i want now is a pizza everyday :D . and here starts the logical chain -> make game > realese game -> profit :D.  Ok if seriously right now i making flash game using action script 3 in flashdevelop(kinda weak with tools ,but free for commercial use). Artwork seems to be good with copy right, engine seems works, sounds are great and about 90% of game are done. and time came to ask myself a question about profit part. You see it's my first game and i kinda "green", gonna post it on armorgames.com , ofcourse i didnt talk with they staff-memeber so i still dont know all things about sponsorship and dont even know if they agree to post it or pay any money, because lets agree all first games are ""Shitty"" :D. But lets take the following scenario: they posted it, i got money for it, and lets assume all of them got to paypal. And now here comes the main question: can i freely translate money to my home-country bank? because in some way those money are ""earned from job"" and general rule says ""you shoud pay taxes from your earned money to country"". ofcourse every country have it own laws, but i looking for most common scenario. (if it helps i live in Lithuania(small country near Poland and Belarus)).   If I said any nonsense, be free to point it :D . good day  
  5. thanks all for you tips, now starting to learn one of software
  6. Hi. I done with reading many books and articles and it's time to program in raw as3. I decided to use windows 8 paint program and soon i understood that i have problem. White background is.... well white , while i need transperent. In ""edit color"" there no option for alpha color or something similiar. Most of the flash tool software are trialware and i can't use them in commercial use unless i pay. So i looking for your solution or name of free drawing software in commercial use.
  7. Thanks for your tips, i sure they will help me in my next searches and learning material. Going back to tuturial so good i found a book that describe as3 from scratch,  then shows how to use some advanced technics and also shows easy game code about zoo. if somebody is interested name is (Essential action sript 3 by Colin Moock).
  8. Hi everyone. I will try to soften you first because i sure that you will answer to my question in rude way, stating that i just don't know how to search google. Ok, so first i must admit that right now i'm in fury(as i can't find what i want). I like to start learning something from scrap to fully understand concept. Like for exsample learning all 3 possibilities of declarating types in c++ or unique tricks like java ToString function. just knowing primal features is not for me, i must know like 99% of everything about programing language to use it as best as i can. I hope that you understood my policy of learning. Now here comes question/asking for favor : i need some very good tuturials for pure as3 language , from scientific way. I mean most what i found was just ""make image, handle event,make game , make game, make game .... bla bla bla"". I dont want to know how function to make rectangle is works(because it obvious), i want to know how it build so in future i can use this knowledge for making own more advance version of drawing rectangle. I want a long tuturial there most of important functions/data types/classes described accurately.
  9. I know that it preaty old post but i want just to verify. If  for exsample i make game using microsoft visual studio 2010 express and directx then i can freely sell my own made product? Yes this question can be silly but i stupid as you can see:)
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