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  1. Got my first serious GitHub commit coming today...hopefuly. It's looking likely, but there's still much to do.
  2. Going on two days without sleep. Freakin' Insomnia. Guess I'll code. Maybe even seriously again for once.
  3. Hello. Saw the name and just thought I'd say "hi". Caught a few of your talk from DigiPen on the Game Engine Architecture Club Channel on YouTube. Not to be mean to your classmates, public speaking isn't for everyone. You're really the only one I watched up there who pulled of a good presentation...not that their info was bad.
    1. SeanMiddleditch


      Hi, Trevor. Thanks for the compliment; the speaking takes practice, and lots of it. Part of why I founded that club was to help people (like me!) get practice at giving talks.
  4. Jablonski's tutorials, recommended by Cydric, aren't bad at all.  There's also cplusplusguy once you get far enough to extract the SDL 1.x code he's using and replace it with SDL2 on the fly.  Then, there's George Hayes on YouTube.  Didn't go all the way through his series, but what I saw I can imagine being useful to someone new.  There are a few more who's names I forget at the moment.  Sorry.   As for C++, there are the standard text you've probably been told about repeatedly: "The C++ Programming Language" by Stroustrup, "The C++ Standard Library" by Josuttis.  "C++ Primer Plus".  Don't confuse that last one with "C++ Primer" which, if I remember, expects you to have more of a programming background right from the start.  If you're basically new, it's bad.   Also, keep in mind C++14 is out now.  GCC 5.0 due out this year will fully support it (I think).  If you're buy books, buy recent prints or you're going to be learning C++11 at best.  C++14 has enough shiny bits for me to give the opinion that it's worth it to wait for the coming editions to get coverage of of rather than just buying C++11 stuff if you're going modern.   For C++ video tutorials, There's a professor named Satish(?) Pinod on YouTube who's good.  "Hello Friends, collegues, C++ learners."  Then, there's another you'll easily find as he frequently pops up with Pinod's playlist.  Once you're ready, BoQian.  BoQian == the man.  He goes into enough detail on the advanced stuff for you to figure out the rest.  For concurrency, Bartos Milewski (I'm sure I've butchered his name).  If you make it to atomic programming, Herb Sutter.  He has many - and there are many other - good talks on the CppCon YouTube Channel, but that entire channel is more or less advanced material.  For additional Sutter, he has his "Atomic Weapons" talk on Channel9.  ...much much more...   I too should have a tutorial series up soon for SDL2-2.0.3, but it's probably going to get labeled "advanced" for being detailed and going into the SDL src, known bugs, etc.  Feel free to drop by when I upload it.
  5. Trevor Williams

    How to disable vsync in SDL 2?

      If, as you've said, you're using OpenGL with SDL, don't try using SDL_RENDERER_PRESENTVSYNC.  You won't create an SDL_Renderer when using SDL with OpenGL, and you only use that flag when do.
  6. Suffered a bad hardware failure a few days ago. Started a github repository to safely backup my code. Right now, it's a mess. I'll spend the next few days making what's there presentable.
  7. Busy Busy Busy. Starting a GitHub repository for some game code today.
  8. Rumors of my death have been mildly exaggerated. I'm still working. I'm into the source for SQLite these days. Can't believe there's no reference for the error codes thrown by specific sqlite functions.
  9. Thinking about tossing the libraries and going to the OS APIs/Porting. Not loving the libraries.
  10. Took a day off. Back to it in the morning. All is well.
  11. Got SQLite integrated. I'll see what of SQL it supports in the documentation today. Tomorrow, I'll setup TBB. Can't wait until C++ gets native support for parallel programming. To me, TBB is just a work around until that day comes.
  12. Got a fair amount done today. Tomorrow, back to benchmarking my dynamic key/button binding implementations and non-blocking message boxes.
  13. Things are going quite well. Screwing with collision detection today.
  14. Trevor Williams

    SDL_GetDisplayBounds(int displayIndex, SDL_Rect * rect)

    Yeah, I thought it was strange a function called SDL_GetDisplayBounds can return normally if it can't get the display bounds too.  I'm also wondering if it can really be trusted to validate a display index.  The macro CHECK_DISPLAY_INDEX it calls doesn't return abnormally only if the display index is invalid.  It returns abnormally if the video subsystem hasn't been initialized too.  In other words the index could be good, but you still get an error if the state of the video subsystem is bad.  Passing Null is valid for other SDL functions, but it's documented in the headers in their cases.  Makes more sense to me too because most manipulate more than one value.  If you don't care about one of two, passing Null for that one and still succeeding as long as the other makes it through makes sense.  But....I don't know.  I'm just going to be careful how I use SDL_GetDisplayBounds
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