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  1. So where do i start? I have an idea for a game and its pretty simple, i already did most of the coding for the "game" part of it, but now i have no idea where to start regarding making it work online. I am reallly noob at c# and programming ingeneral (just started but am a quick learner) so i was wondering if anyone could point in the right diretion regarding what i have to do and what should i look for (tutorials, what i have to do, books, videos, whatever can help me). The goal here is to make it have some sort of random matchmaking that just puts you to play with whoever else has the game, and to make it work with facebook where you can directly play with your friends who have the game (i don't want to implement the game to facebook). Thanks!
  2. viniciusxis

    Help with terrain textures on a 2d isometric view

    I have photoshop in my brothers pc actualy so i can use that, if there's any tutorial on doing those things in that particular program would be great. These tricks are neat and i'll probably use most of them to achieve the look i want, but as far as drawing the texture (not coloring), would that be some sort of pixel art? The good textures when you zoom in are basically pixel art, but when you test them zoomed out on the 2d view they look great.
  3. viniciusxis

    Help with terrain textures on a 2d isometric view

    Damn, so many amazing answers! Thank you all for the fast returns, i really feel welcomed like this haha.     Thank you! Yea i know i piled a lot of stuff, i just wanted to be as thorough as possible. From experience i've had in the past people usually don't get what you want and ask more questions instead of giving answers, but thanks for the advice, i'll try to be more direct from now on! As far as a decent texture artist goes, i'm afraid i'm all we've got (that being said, i'm also afraid i'm very much new to all of this, which is why i'm seeking help and tutorials hehe. We don't have any money to invest in an artist right now so i'm picking up that share to do whatever I can.       I've tried searching for "hand painted" tutorials or stuff like that but what i came up with so far hasn't helped me at all in terms of terrain textures. If you know any good tutorials or people who are good with this, please let me know     Yea, everything you said makes a lot of sense! And wow, i can't believe how much better you made a texture i didn't even like in the first place! Could you maybe walk me trough what and how you did? All of this has been VERY helpful, but i also still need a few directions towards doing my own terrain textures. These are great pointers and i really mean it, but if i'm gonna start from "scratch" (or at least modifying a few of the good textures i have so far), i'm gonna need help and tutorials.   Also, when you mentioned before (and i think others mentioned too) that instead of one grass tile repeated i have a good ammount, do you mean that they are gonna be used inbetween each other (therefore me having to make it seamless on the 'borders' but change stuff in the middle of the tile/terrain texture) ? Or do you mean like those ss i posted before on UO, where they transition between one grass type to another? If it's the first option, how would i do that?   Also thank you Jefferytan! Do you know any good tutorials on using those functions(Perlin/Simplex)?  Again, thanks a LOT for all the response, specially them being this quick!
  4. Bit of a backstory, me and a friend were always gamers and Ultima Online fans, played for ages. We always talked about if someday we did a game like it how we'd do it and well, now it's our little (lol) project. I know i've heard and read all the dontwasteyourtimewithmmorpgs and i agree with pretty much all of it, the reason we're doing it is basically for fun and something to do with our free time. So if you don't know Ultima Online it was one of the most played mmorpgs ever, and imo the best one ever. It is a isometric 2d view rpg with heavy PVP action.  So after we discussed a lot about the game and such we started going around tackling each small thing (we actualy have nothing yet, just a bunch of ideas) at a time and read a bunch of tutorials and stuff on how to do most things. I began thinking about textures and stuff, how we'd like the game to look etc, so i decided to try doing some terrain textures and see how that looks, so i began looking for all kinds of tutorials.   This is a picture of one of the terrain (grass) textures UO uses the most: (sorry for using paint to edit these, its just faster)   After trying to follow a bunch of tutorials on terrain texturing,and failing miserably (most of them were showing artifacts, a lot of patterns, etc), my buddy made a program to test the texture and told me i needed to do them 64x64 (i was basically doing them huge as most tutorials did, also we realized that we might even need to do them 32x32), and even tried a few free textures and they looked nice (seamless and no artifacts):   I'll try and attach these and all the other texture files in the end.   This one is seamless but the problem with it was that you can actualy distinguish a tile from another, you have those patterns that are easy to see. It's very important that the terrain textures (not city/house floors etc, actual terrain) are not noticeable, as you can see in the first UO pic. After looking more and more for tutoriais and stuff about this problem (i couldn't possibly be the only one ever to experience this), i found some guy with a similar (not the same) problem and someone posted a texture in his topic. Aparently the texture was made in blender but the thread was old and had no more responses after that. I ended up trying it and i had very good results:     Now this one, although still a bit noticeable, was good. This is sort of what we're looking for. The thing is, its not ours, and i don't know how to make something like it (the file, which will be attached, is like a pixel art because of the small size). The color is exactly what we had in mind and it really looks like grass, but you can still see some connecting lines between tiles (it looks like a puzzle if you pay close attention).   What i need is someone to help me figure out how to do that in the above imagem, but also improve it and make it my own. Every one i try to make in photoshop ends up having patterns wherever the detail is (i can't simply use a green background), and mostly doesn't even look seamless and gets a lot of artifacts. Here are a few screenshots from UO to showcase a bit more what i need:   This is the same grass texture  with another type of grass texture inbetween and a dirt texture (there are transiction textures to all of these, i'll attach one).   More from the second grass texture.   Snow texture.   As you can see, in all these pictures you can't really notice the tile (which is the goal). You may see the pattern but the important thing here is to not notice when a tile begins and another one ends.   We also really like the Torhclight2 graphics, specially the terrain (we really want something that seems more drawn/hand painted than what we have in UO, but ultimately we just need unoticeable tiles).     So, can i get some help? Any help is apreciated (links to tutorials, actual direct help on doing them, etc). I'm new to the community and definitely looking forward to be an active member! edit: Sorry in advance if my formatting is bad or out of line, please let me know. Like i said, i'm new! Thanks! edit2: The Files! [attachment=22692:uotext1.jpg][attachment=22693:uotext2.jpg][attachment=22694:uotext3.jpg][attachment=22695:tile.png][attachment=22696:asdz.jpg][attachment=22697:1.png]
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