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    Open World games?

    Recent months ago, i started a topic about open world games in Unity. Well this may be a bit more different but its somewhat similar to it. Recently i heard a rumor that Rockstar Games are planning whole United States as a map for GTA 6.  So yea i was wondering that it might not be possible.  Because of the draw calls and tris. And i still doubt something like Occlusion Culling(a feature of Unity engine). l guess RAGE engine was used to create GTA series , i haven't seen the game engine and its features but still i have this doubt , is it really possible?
  2. Hey Guys, after a long time i'm asking a question a question here. Now what my question is that is it possible to create open world games within Unity game engine? i mean it will lag a lot  with a  lot of Drawcalls and tris. My PC specs are intel core i3 , CPU @ 2.40GHz  and 2gb ram also a 1gb video card. Also approximately how many vertices can unity handle before it lags on my computer? . Thanks! 
  3. HassaanAtif

    TheCreek development update 5

    New updates to show the world that neither me nor my game is dead! now i think its safe to say that i'm really closer to a beta ver!  
  4. Hey Guys, So i attached a sound called "RainSound" to the first person's main camera and i looped it! now i want that audio to be destroyed at a specific point and i wanna play a new sound there! how can i do that? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, so I wanted to know how to create an ocean like in "The forest" game? I mean Unity's custom water can't do that?  Thanks! 
  6. HassaanAtif

    My Upcoming videogame "The Creek"

    Thank you!! And You can like its facebook page! to get aware of newly updates  www.facebook.com/TheCreekGame  
  7. HassaanAtif

    My Upcoming videogame "The Creek"

    Thank you very much!! Yeah you guessed it right!! It will be  a horror game!   !! 
  8. Hey guys, so i've been on a game so lately!! here's the youtube link  .  Please give me your good and bad feedback!!  Thanks
  9. HassaanAtif

    Unity3d sound problem?

    Thanks Ikarth   ! it really worked
  10. HassaanAtif

    Unity3d sound problem?

    Hey guys, So i attached a rain sound to my main camera of over 1 minute and after 1minute it stopped! how can i let it go throughout the whole scene? 
  11. Hey guys, I was thinking of creating of a human character 3dmodel then i heard about make human!! And my question is that if i create a character in make human can i use it in my game for commercial purpose? thanks in advance
  12. HassaanAtif

    Is Unity 3d right for a horror game?

      Okay, did this people give you a reason WHY they think its not suitable? I know a lot of people have a strong opinion about engines without even trying them out. Most make their opinion about it because they saw game Y using engine X and think its the shizzle / shite, and come to the conclusion if the game is good / bad, the engine must be good / bad.   Just because the Crytek games look awesome does not mean their engine is awesome... graphics is 90% the quality of models, textures and shaders, and only about 10% the quality of the engines tech (the performance of most of the early Crytek games is actually horrible. Has to do with lots of highend effects for the time, but most probably also the engine that was not properly optimized. But this now is of course again me jumping to conclusions, just like the Unity naysayers were).   Just because there is no good horror game made with Unity on the market (and I have a hard time beliebving that) does not mean the engine is not suitable for it!     So rather than listen to vague, unfounded opinions, research it yourself. You can download the engine for free, and give it a try. Most probably it will just work fine for you, as soon as you start to understand how to build your game with it.   Thank you very much dude. I really appreciate your answer.  Now i understand everything. And now i will stick with unity and will give a shot to blender to create 3d models!! . And use Audacity city to create sounds and i will use Adobe Photoshop for creating 3d textures! And one last thing that i wanna ask and that is how can i create horror, creepy music. Which software should i use?  Thanks in advance!!  
  13. HassaanAtif

    Unity 3d help!

    Hey fellas, So i am using Unity 3d and when i add a spotlight in the scene the light doesn't appear!! Please can anyone tell me why this happens!! Thanks in advance!!
  14. HassaanAtif

    Is Unity 3d right for a horror game?

      Woah dude!! thank you very much!! You've completely answered my question!! Actually most of the people were saying that its not suitable for a horror game. So i was getting confused. Anyways thanks again!! 
  15. HassaanAtif

    Is Unity 3d right for a horror game?

    Hey guys sorry i accidentally pressed enter . So i wanted to ask is Unity 3d right for a horror game. And also please suggest me a good 3d modelling tool and tool for creating audio for my game. 
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