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  1.   That's not a bad suggestion. Maybe some kind of treasure hunt or trail of clues that leads to something, which will force users to fly to different cities.
  2. I've now created an 'upcoming updates' page for an idea of what we want to do next: http://www.textgangsters.com/updates/
  3. We've had an idea similar to this.   The main actions in the game are crimes (an extensive list), pimping, flying to new cities, buying shop items, drug dealing, gambling at casinos and attacking other players.   The idea for missions I've had is a mixture of those things at random.   For instance: Fly to New York, buy 2 units of Cocaine, fly them to Cairo and sell them. At Cairo, buy 5 units of Heroin and fly them to London and sell them.   And a variation of everything: Train your whore twice in Seoul then gamble $10000 at the casino in Dubai etc etc etc etc     The idea is to say something like '.mission' and the mission is determined by what you can do at your XP level, and provided at random. Once you complete it you get a cash payoff and your Mission statistic increases by 1 completed mission each time.
  4.   This is excellent feedback! We'll look at adding more RPG element to it so new users understand more.   We are also going to be adding missions which will give users a number of tasks to complete.   Thanks for your input
  5. Thanks very much for the replies, everyone.   We have been developing even more since posting here and will take on further suggestions during the future development.   Very much appreciate everyone's feedback with this. It helps a great deal!  
  6. We have started developing a text-based game designed around the organised crime world (performing crimes, pimping, drug dealing, gambling at the casinos, flying around the globe etc) and so far so good.   Players have the ability to purchase items (with cash earned from crimes etc) to upgrade atk/def which is used to fight other players in an attempt to steal their cash. A number of different stats combine to give an overall 'score' that we use on the Leaderboard page, automatically updated through SQL.   For reference sake website is: http://www.textgangsters.com/   The 'How to Play' page lists all the different things you can do so far.   What we're stuck on at the moment is creating more of a reason to play.   So we're seeking some feedback from others on what enhancements we might be able to code in that will give players of the game a stronger sense of purpose for leveling up and continuing to play.   Any feedback is welcome (provided it's not abusive/negative) as any suggestions may spark more ideas.   Thanks in advance all!  
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