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    Advices for MMORPG programming

      If you put it like that, yeah, we are looking to make an ORPG. To create the maps and models we are using Autodesk Maya, and for assembling everything we use Unity. And at the moment we just have examples for all of that. We really are just pretty much newbies in this area, but we want to learn whathever we can for future reference and  for when we green lit this project.   (About the structuring of all of that, the encounters are ok, but I'm really on a lost for looting and PC progression. I would appreciate help on that area)   Lol, that would be a good idea :v
  2. Ok, a quick explanation.   We are creating a 3D RPG and we would like to make it an MMO. But we are really lost about how to programm Online connections, like making servers and that kind of things. We could really appreciate any help and tutorial possible.
  3. We would like to get advices for 3D modeling. Specifically about: Hair design, eyes design, tips (or tutorials, if possible) for fluid human motion animation, help for UV Mapping, and that would be all for now.   I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.   P.D: I'm not a native english speaker, sorry for any misspeling.   Here is the base model we have:     We use Autodesk Maya for modeling.
  4. gsdg123

    Searching for help for our 3D game

    1. That is the point of this forum. Share your game design and ask specific questions as to what you're looking for. - The game has a pretty small advance as of now, and we are more than anything concentrating on doing base models and a small script of the initial history, for a starting point. I plan on uploading some sketches of the characters, weapons, scenarios, etc... (I have to say myself that I'm pretty bad at drawing, but my mind it's full of ideas. We got a graphic designer for these just a moment ago) 2. The point of a forum is to share information on the forum. You'll have to be more specific as to what kind of tutorials you're looking for. - Hmm, for starters, we need a tutorial for game character design. My pal have been designing this character:       It's the base model for the PC, but we would like to know how to let players to create their own characters, we need more info about creating hair, eyes, tips for a fluid human motion animation, some tips for UV Mapping, and Online Game Design (About the programming of that in the games, I mean)  
  5. Ok, I'm going to give a quick explanation of what we are.   We are a couple of students of 17 and 18 years old and we have recently started to desing a videogame. My partner (the 18 years old one) has quite some decent knowledge about game desing and programming, and I am working as the writer and art designer.   The point of this post is, mostly, to get help, tips and ideas for the game. It will be a third person RPG (we have plans to make it a kind of MMORPG) based on the japanese culture, but we are creating another universe, with it's own lore.   We will be updating our advances (the project has just recently been started), also, if somebody could help us with tutorials for advanced things or the like, send me an PM. I would really appreciate that.   (Sorry for the misspeling of this, I'm not a native english speaker)
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