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  1. Decided to start a "devlog" for my progress on https://t.co/OMCoBtEJIh - https://t.co/78EONzZLLV
  2. Hi!   Together with my brother I've been working on a new game for a while now and we're reaching a point where we want to let some other people have a look at it and see what they think. Mind you, this is still in early development, but we always keep a playable version online on nationsonline.net.   The gameplay is not entirely fletched out yet, but essentially it's going to be turn-based multiplayer 4X game on a hex grid and playable in the browser. It uses WebGL for its simple 3d graphics. The UI like the 3D graphics, while not the prettiest, should work on desktop, tablet and mobile phone browsers.     So if you like you can test the game without creating an account on https://nationsonline.net/ - just choose "play as guest". We also set up a simple forum for feedback and a devlog, though of course feedback is very welcome here as well!   So, thanks in advance for any thoughts!   P.S.   I occasionally post about the progress on Twitter, as well.
  3. If you don't want ideas from players that's fair enough. Makes me think we really should add that option to disable posting of ideas. Then the developer is the only one able to put up ideas / features for voting and so on and just can get feedback on his specific ideas.   I definitely agree that the developer vision is important, especially for indies.
  4. Thanks for all the answers so far!   Nathan2222, you are correct, it is not regionally restricted in principle. However, we are limited by the countries that our payment provider (Stripe) supports. Currently Stripe merchant accounts are available in 17 countries:  Australia  Canada  Ireland  United Kingdom  United States  Belgium   Finland   France   Germany   Luxembourg   Netherlands   Spain   Denmark   Italy   Norway   Sweden    This means that you have to be located (or at least have a bank account) in one of these countries to be able to receive money via Stripe.    We definitely encourage developers to have a payable prototype ready (we check and contact every developer upon registration). In fact, right now there are multiple games on the platform that have not yet been made public since they do not have a playable version yet.    It's true that ideas may sound better on paper than in practise and that things can change throughout development. It's a good idea to not go into too much detail when creating a "feature" on gameloop.io for funding to keep all the options open. Also in principle a "feature" can be anything. You can be very specific (e.g. "Add shotgun") or very general ("Create 5 Levels"). In the end all that matters is that you convice players to support it with their money and keep your promise in general, i.e. if you promise a multiplayer mode you should deliver one. But maybe we should emphasize to users that results may vary. We already do explicitly point out that there are always risks during developmet and that the feature may not be finished at all.     Of course it's up to the developer to have a coherent vision for the game and he has to decide which ideas are accepted and which ones are rejected alltogether. Ideas on gameloop.io can actually be labeled "rejected" by the developer (including an explanation as to why). The developer has complete control over which "features" he creates and it's up to him whether he accepts suggestions from players or not.    Naturally you could argue that people will get upset when they can post suggestions but the developers just ignores them. If the developer is just not interested in player feedback in general he shouldn't use gameloop.io. On the other hand, if instead he just doesn't want people to post new ideas, but still have them vote and discuss his own, and fund his features, we are planning on allowing developers to disable the posting of ideas through users. This may also be useful for other scenarious when the developer temporarily just doesn't want new ideas to be created.     Of course this wildly variable and depends on the payment model of the game. What the players get in return is up to the developer. For example you could do a similar thing to Steam Early Access, where there's a playable prototype and people who fund the alpha version (which could be a "feature" in terms of gameloop.io) get that version as a reward, while other people have to pay for it (presumably at a higher price).    Or maybe it's a free to play game that has ambitious goals. Players who fund the feature get unique ingame items or virtual currency. Obviously there are many different scenarious, and it remains to be seen how and if this concept works out. We won't know for sure until someone tries.   Some of the developers we are talking to right now have free to play games. At the upcoming GDC Europe / Respawn and GamesCom in Germany we will personally meet several smaller and larger professional game developers that expressed interest and hopefully can convince some of them to put their games on our platform.      I suppose the developer could simply create a "feature" called "version X.Y" to direct funds at general further development of the game.
  5. Hi guys,    I'm Mathias, co-founder at gameloop.io, a new crowdsourcing and crowdfunding website for games. I just want some honest feedback of game developers.   The basic idea of the platform is that ideas for games can be posted (both by players and developers) for discussion and voting, and the developer can turn the best ideas into features. Features go through different stages (Planned / In Progress / Finished). Additionally developers can choose to run crowdfunding campaigns for these individual features (we call it 'micro crowdfunding') - works a bit like Kickstarter, except rather than whole projects only individual feature packages are funded. Another important difference is that there is no time limit on the crowdfunding. It ends immediately once the funding goal has been reached. Players have to back early if they want to make sure to get one of the selectable rewards.   When you look at the website you see that there is a bit more to it, but that was the gist of it. So, what do you think? Would you use such a service for your game?   I'd be grateful for any feedback!
  6. gameloop.io

    Sample Collada Animation

    Hi, as it happens I have developed a Collada loader in C# a few years ago. The basics all work (materials, textures including normal maps, joints/bones, bone animations).   So if you want some example code and Collada models, take a look at this GitHub repo:  https://github.com/Bunkerbewohner/ColladaXna   The library was originally developed for usage with XNA, but also works indepedently. The repository contains two animated DAE files under ColladaXna Standard Sample / ColladaXna Standard SampleContent. A very simple one with only two joints and a more complex one.     Mathias
  7. Hi everyone, we're a small team from Germany and we have been working on the prototype of a platform with the goal to make it easier for developers to collect feedback and suggestions from players, as well as fund the ongoing development of their games.  On Gameloop developers can collect new ideas and feedback for their games and subsequently crowdfund the resulting new features while aiming to complete development in short time frames. This is in contrast to classic crowdfunding that aims at larger sums for entire projects that are hard to plan and are carried out over long time periods. Since the funding goals and amounts tend to be smaller, we call this approach Micro Crowdfunding. We believe this can be benefitial especially for indie developers who use agile development methods. We launched the beta only a few weeks ago and we are trying to see if anyone is interested in using it. So far we have 10 (public) games on the platform, at least two of which will be available soon via Steam. Please feel free to visit us on https://gameloop.io and let me know whether you are interested.  Any feedback is welcome!   Thanks!
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