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    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    Hi, just wanted to inform you about Ceilfire progress. It has been a while, but from this post on, I will really try to post my progress reports every two weeks.   There are a lot of small changed and design changes, but in last time I was busy integrating tilemaps support to Ceilfire. The result is:     Now Ceilfire supports tilesets. You can mix them with normal objekt, like in Tiles editor. Layer contains new properties for tilesets. How to use them in Ceilfire you can read in the new tutorial: Link to  the Tilesets Tutorial . A simple example with a tileset map you can try here: Tilesets Test-Map   I also fixed the embeding of Ceilfire games into external pages, all games have a "embed" link on the play page. How the external embed looks like, you can see here:  http://sufryd.com/ . You can also create Facebook apps from Ceilfire games (similar to embeding), how it's done I will show you in the next tutorial.   The project has also a Facebook Page: Ceilfire Facebook  If you like the project, and would like to somehow show it. You can like it in Facebook.   There is also a new Ceilfire forum, if you have any Feedback/Suggestions/Critics you can post it here or in the Ceilfire Forum.    Thank for your attention, I hope I didn't forgot something. Any feedback/critics/suggestion is always welcome!  
  2. n3on.net

    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    Hello, here is a new update! Unfortunately there are no new games to show. But there are still some very nice changes!   Here are the main changes 1. - Remaking of the games is fixed now.  - added Phasers moveToPointer, moveToObject, moveToPosition actionens to the Sprite-Object. So u can implement basic mouse controls.  2. The properties-bar is redesigned and much more clearer now  Here is the old version: [attachment=24558:editorpage1.jpg] And here the new one.  [attachment=24559:frontpage2.png] A nice thing is that you can edit without pressing the enter key now. So your color changes etc. are directly visible while you change. Makes a lot of things smoother. 3. There is a new property in Game-Object to define custom thumbnails/preview images. You are now not restricted to the default logo (the one with the shaped C letter and colored background) [attachment=24560:uploadImageProperty.png]   There are still a ton of stuff to do but it's getting better, a big part is thanks to the critical user feedback. If you already visited ceilfire you probably need to clear your cache or reload ceilfire several times to get new javascript files.   There are two new tutorial videos:  1. First one is now to you editor variables to imlement stuff like player-score:  2. spawning and destroying of Objects (done last week, so with the old properties-bar):      Like usual every feedback and feature request is welcome! And register on ceilfire for support http://ceilfire.com
  3. n3on.net

    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    Here is a new update:   - Text-object has a fade-out action - Added create object/spawn object action, what opens the path for the shooting-style games - Added variables that can be created and set/incresed in actions -> nice for scores, lifes etc. - openURL action in the game object -> nice to promote your page, starting point for ad-based games - rotateToObject/rotateToPointer action. e.g. you can let a player turn when u move the mouse - top-tags sidebar in the assets market   and some more stuff i forgot     The game of todays update is a space-invadors style game "Space Defenders". It shows you features like spawing objects and turning to mouse, variables for score    http://ceilfire.com/p/544b9c77fad0705234dbc196   Screenshot: [attachment=24356:space_defender.png]   Game-play video if you have some problems (let me know), with some other assets   And here is a new tutorial, its about how u can shoot objects and create e.g. shooting spaceship like in the game   So, hope it was a good a update and try to top next time  
  4. n3on.net

    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    In last days ceilfire had many bugfixes but also a new nice feature.   Here are some of the update: - If you click on a game, a countdown will be started because a lot of users had problems getting the mouse in the right position fast enough - You can click everywhere on the player to start the game - There is a irc chat for help and so no - Game description supports markdown syntax   - There is a new partner site http://ceilfire.com/partners. Everyone who has a web-project with a community component can contact me and we can support each other platform   - If you are not registered but wants to save a game, you can register directly in the editor by clicking "save" button without losing your game     And now the new feature:   The editor supports now Text-Objects. Till now text had to be embedded into an image before it could be used in the editor. Now there is an extra Text object with all properties like you know from Phaser.   [attachment=24187:textobject.PNG]   As i said i want to post a new game with every update. Todays game is:    This game wasn't made by me but by non-technical team-member  http://ceilfire.com/p/5436749a028dfb4833a4659e It shows the first tries how one could made educational games in ceilfire.   [attachment=24186:education.png]   Here is a roadmap for the near future: - Tilemaps support - Particles - Reference other objects in event rules - Support of bigger worlds and the camera   Hope it was a good update :)  
  5. n3on.net

    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    Hi,   There are some updates with a new awesome feature    Changes: - A Lot had problems with registration, I relaxed now password requirements and show detailed message why the registration fails.     There is a new video tutorial linked directly on the front page or you can see it here:    Not to the new feature: - If you click on a game now, you will see a "remake it" button. If you click on it, the editor will open with the game. You can change the game and if you save it, it will be saved as a new game. So you can test without making a game from the beginning  If you have no account, you can make changes but not save them. It would be awesome if you register    I will try to show some game with every update. today is "drunk breakout": - the gameplay is like breakout but if you hit a block, it will fall down and if you get hit by the flying block, you will lose. http://ceilfire.com/...c80d4cc1909263e   Here is a screenshot showing the game and the "remake it" button.   [attachment=24102:breakout.png]   The project is community driven, so every critics and feedback is welcome.
  6. n3on.net

    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    Hello,   So, after months of posting without a testable system, now you can test the project under ceilfire.com it's still very basic and I still use like max 10% of Phaser but this means that you can have a very big impact on the project with your feedback and ideas.   You can test everything without an account but for uploading assets and saving games you need an account and it would be awesome if you register.   Ceilfire should work in firefox and chrome, but in chrome I get sometimes the cross-origin-policy errors because I store all assets on Amazon S3.   So feel free to post your thoughts! There are unfortunatly no tutorials yet, online first-step guide (big blue button on the frontpage)   Here is a very basic clone of flappybird like in the video in last posts.   You can check out the first-steps tutorial to learn the editor workflow (the big blue button on the frontpage) http://ceilfire.com/docs
  7. n3on.net

    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    Have created a timelapsed making-of video of the FlappyBird game, so you can see the editor workflow.   [media]https:[/media]
  8. n3on.net

    [WIP] Online Game Maker - ceilfire.com

    Just made a milestone for me, could manage to make "Flappy Bird" like behaviour with the editor. Here is a a short devlog video, shows flappybird and some other game.   [media]http:[/media]
  9. n3on.net

    Need a little guidance.

    I would try Android, would be a really good experience and you learn more. (New plattform, dev environment ...)
  10. n3on.net

    Opinion on Getting Started w/ A 2d RPG

    You said that you already know JavaScript, so maybe HTML5 game would be something for you? There are plenty of libraries like PhaserJS or CreateJS . Not directly for RGBs but still easy to learn.
  11. Project-URL: Ceilfire    Hi ,   I would like to present my current project. Maybe you saw it on another boards, I want to make a Platform where you can play and create HTML5 games. It's a online game editor with community functions. I want to develop it with the help and the feedback of community and not in vacuum. The project is already in development for about one year now, but I'm a single developer, so it's in the early stage. I plan to release first somewhat usable version in about two weeks and hope for some input. Today I just show you some screenshots and dev-videos I made in this year.   The technological side is based on JavaScript. The server is a NodeJS server with mongodb, The client is written in JavaScript using awesome PhaserJS as a game engine.   So here are some pics, the assets are from opengamesart:   [attachment=22748:ceilfire_main3.png] [attachment=22749:ceilfire.png] [attachment=22750:post-6231-0-48249600-1390078424_thumb.png] [attachment=22751:post-6231-0-73657400-1390078407_thumb.png] [attachment=22752:post-6231-0-83071000-1390079433_thumb.png] [attachment=22753:post-6231-0-96575700-1390078415_thumb.jpg] [attachment=22754:screen7.png]   Some (old, the first one is newer) devlogs [media]https:[/media] [media]https:[/media] [media]https:[/media]     So in two weeks I try to put it on
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