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  1. Uncharted_Artist

    Wireframe of my graveyard scenery

    I like this! Good stuff.
  2. Uncharted_Artist

    Game Design Student Looking fo Advice

    If you want to be a 3D artist, cant stress enough to start drawing from Life, and picking up some books about Anatomy. You don't have to learn the names of all the muscles but you should know which ones will stand out if flexed, and where they all are, as well as understanding how they move the human form. When i started Game Design school they made me take a 2D Art and Animation course before i could go into Game Design, and i never picked up a pencil in my life before hand..... I was just like you and knew that games were a huge part of my life and that I wanted to try and give back to it some how. I hated 2D back when i was starting, and when i Graduated I knew i wasn't good enough to attempt to get a job in the industry so i buckled down and i Focused on my 2D skills. It was a long road, and still is but looking back I absolutely agree 2D is an important part of becoming any type of artist. That being said I also know people who are very good at 3D without being able to draw a stick man, so take it as you will, I just believe 2D art, or at the very least an understanding of the principals can never hurt when pushing towards a 3D artist. As well as which software to learn, because I myself looked at a lot of them, and I would always google to see which ones people thought were the best for 3D. You definitely need Photoshop, that's a given, but as for Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender. It's all very much personal Preference. I have spent a lot of time in Maya and 3D Studio Max, and i'm currently learning Blender as I can't afford to pay for a license for the first two, but I personally love 3D Studio Max. I know a lot of people hate the interface for that program, but i find it better than the others, as well as the modelling tools are so intuitive, I feel like they almost thought of everything to make modelling easier with that program. For animation most people will pick Maya, and while this may be true, I really love the use of a Biped in 3DS Max which is essentially a one click shop to get an entire human skeleton made so you can start Rigging your characters. It's just funny when i was doing Game Design back in 2004, the big 3D program for games was 3D Studio Max, and as the years go by i'm seeing a ton of game designers moving towards Maya. Long story short pick one, and if you like the way it feels stick with it, if you don't try another.. You can attain the same end result with all the programs, it just comes down to skill. But i will say this if you don't have a license for Maya or 3D Studio Max, you can use them for learning, but be aware that you can't use anything you make in the Educational version of those programs in your game. This is why i'm learning Blender. Also if you are looking to work for a AAA Studio the industry standard is for 3D Software is Maya or 3D Studio Max, so this may help when deciding which one to learn. Kind of a long post, but I hope this helped some.
  3. Uncharted_Artist

    Thoughts on 3d Characters/Problems with hands

    The hand needs some work man, but i really like the style you are aiming for it really reminds me of the old Everquest days. I put in some suggestions for your hand. As for the wrists going all wonky, 3D can be a sensitive beast some times, but definitely a rigging issue if they are twisting on you when moving the arms or whatever, possible parenting issue? Maybe even the pivot points of the bones are different from each other, maybe the bones of the hands are set to Local, the arms possibly set to Global, something like this could cause some weird behaviors when moving one or the other in space.... Its been a while since i rigged to be honest but im just shooting out some ideas to look at, Basically you want it set up so when you move the arms the hands dont move, and i cant exactly remember the way to go about it but it seems like the hands are moving as you are moving the arms without you want them to?? Anyways man hope you figure it out dude! Keep up the Work!
  4. Where did you get the Art Assets, did you make them yourself? Because they kind of look like you grabbed them from an asset store of some sort, the art looks very inconsistent and kind of not very good. This is all the input I can provide as I am not a programmer, so if you are just worried about the programming side of things then I apologize. But congrats on making a game dude! No easy task ever.
  5. Uncharted_Artist

    Is this sprite anim ok?

    I agree with most everyone, it kind of looks janky, also the back foot changes a lot when it plants down on the ground... Also the timing needs a bit more work, my animation teacher always said best way is to video tape yourself running and that should give you the timing. It looks very mechanical, which could be fine if he is a robot, but i'm not sure if he is a human in a mech suit or not, but don't forget about weight! This will give your movements a realistic feel, emphasize that foot planting down more, its carrying the weight of the entire body as well as his gear, along with the force cause by the momentum of running. When the foot plants your body should go with it as it is sprung forward for another step. Your leg is essentially cushioning your body as it bends a little for impact... This is hard to describe in words, but get someone to video tape you running from the side, then slow the video down and really examine what is happening. Humans move in arcs and curves don't forget this as well. Your back foot also the toe stays curved up as its moving forward, this would not be a natural motion. But animation is very difficult man, so keep it up! This is a very good start because you took the first step! Buy Richard Williams book "The Animators Survival Kit" this should be the bible for any aspiring animator. I hope I helped ya out some. Keep at it!
  6. Uncharted_Artist

    Show Off

    Cool stuff man, Thanks for sharing!
  7. Uncharted_Artist

    Notes on GameDev: Dave Grossman

    Good Interview! Thanks!
  8. Decent interview, while he speaks the truth about skill trumps all, I feel he repeated himself a lot and that I have not left this article with anything more about "how to be a game designer". He said a lot about beta testing other games, but I some what disagree if you are trying to be a concept artist for video games, better time would be spent developing artist skills rather than playing someones beta... Either way appreciate the Interview!
  9. Good Day, My Team and I are currently looking for another artist/artists to help with building a Game. We are looking for Environmental Concept Artist to conceptualize areas in our game world as well as anyone who can draw, paint and design creatures.characters. We are not designing a hyper realistic game, instead a more stylized, simplistic approach. There is no pay, but a share of the profits when game is sold that is split among team members is what you would be working towards. Skills Needed: Able to imagine, and create believable worlds, as well as a keen eye for spatial composition and lighting. Knowledge is Photoshop is a must, but if you prefer working with Traditional mediums that is perfectly fine as well, but in order to create textures for the game it will have to ultimately be created digitally. As well as knowledge in a 3D software is an asset, we will have to create these environments in 3D if we do decide to go down that road, we have not finalized whether or not we will be making a 2D or a 3D game. Ability to create textures Driven and self motivated is a must when creating your own game, none of us get a reward for our work until the end of the journey, so it takes a special breed of people to be able to grind through the hardships in order to make and be apart of something great. If you would like to be a part of the team or just Volunteer to help us out on a few things, please send me a private message with some examples of your work. The following are some examples of the level of work we are aiming for.
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