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  1. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    In new version on Google Play: - all levels are remade with improved graphics - you can shoot missiles with FIRE button (instead double tap) - airplane consumes fuel so you have to catch packages to fill up tank  - missiles can destroy checkpoints (gates).   I would be grateful if you can try game and post impressions and if possible few words about performance.   Thanks, Ivan
  2. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    Game is updated with new mode: "SURVIVAL Flight" where you can fly whole day on endless terrain. Graphics on this level is improved and if I get positive feedback, I will use same system on all other levels. Please try and send comments. Thanks, Ivan
  3. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    AVION Checkpoint gameplay videos: Level 1: Level 2: Level 3: Level 4: Level 5 crash: Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Company.CrazyPlane With regards, Ivan
  4. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    New update (2.1.1) brings: - Airplane speeds up when going down and slows down when going up - You can destroy cannon with missiles (double tap anywhere on screen) - few minor changes and level balancing
  5. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    Many of new features in new version on Google Play (LINK): - online top scores (after level finish, top 10 times are shown, try to beat them) - double tap anywhere shoots missile on enemies - option to choose between automatic outer loop or loop dependent on finger position (over or under the steering finger changes loop direction) - new menu music Try, like, rate, help me make game even better... Thanks in advance, Ivan
  6. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    I have made a few changes in new version: - explosions when airplane hits another plane - new effect when airplane collects package - status line (lives, checkpoints, time) is revamped - new enemy airplane models - new enemy generating script - slower missiles on level 12 Can you please try game and send me what you think? I'm open to all suggestions and critics. Please rate game if you like it and help me build new levels, airplane air-to-air missiles, bombs, dog-fight mod, kamikaze mod... Thanks, Ivan
  7. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    New update: Two finger touch anywhere on screen activates automatic airplane loop (if you need to find missed gate). Gates on level 1 have a solid frame, so, it's much easier for newcomers to figure out what to do first.
  8. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    New version is available on Google Play...Lot's of changes. Download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Company.CrazyPlane
  9. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    Lots of changes in new version on Google PLAY: - Added explosion sounds. - Object shadows are enabled by default now. - Added more 3D objects. - Changed font in menu. - Added small increase in airplane velocity.
  10. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    Game AVION Checkpoint is released on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Company.CrazyPlane
  11. imandic

    AVION Checkpoint

    Hi, I have "released" fist beta version of "Avion Checkpoint" flying game I'm working on last few months (Android 3.2+, work in progress on iOS version).   Fly your small airplane, avoid collisions with ground or enemy planes and collect gates in right order. You can find more details at: www.avion-checkpoint.com or you can try Unity3d web player demo at: www.avion-checkpoint.com/avion Take a look at two levels on YouTube:   Gane engine is Unity3D.   Suggestions are more than welcome.   Few screenshots: Thanks in advance, Ivan, Serbia
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