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  1. My main goal is to do the game, lol. 1st one suits me better.
  2. It wasn't really a question, more of a "please get me started". Art isn't a problem, I'm a very good artist (both pixel-art and 'smooth' art).
  3. I started the idea here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/659094-game-engine-that-will-meet-my-requirements/   After almost a year, I'm coming back, same ideas, but things have changed.   I started by learning C# and I did that for about 2 months, then, school began, and I had to learn C++ in school, though, with my already existing C# knowledge, the stuff I was given at school was so easy(after 1 year of study, my schoolmates barely got into bi-dimensional arrays), so I started going more in depth and because of that, I abandoned C#. Then, because my teachers noticed that I know a lot of stuff in programming,they helped me make my way to the National Olympiad in Informatics, here in Romania. Well,then I left aside C++ and started web design and I pretty much managed to learn everything useful in HTML, CSS and Javascript, and I also managed to make simple games with those(very simple ex: http://logicsquares.do.am/ , I'm still working on it in my free time).   So, those said, I still want to make my own game based on the ideas in my old topic, but I don't know where to start, would you guys give me some pointers?
  4. I guess I made my choice, I will learn C#(I already started) and in the meantime I will make the artwork for my game. I must thank you all, because without your help, I would still be sitting in front of the computer thinking of what to do :P
  5. Maybe I am underestimating a bit the time required,on another note art creation is my  thing so that wouldn't be that hard.I will take your advice and learn Flash.
  6. I have never seen a 2D game made with Unreal Engine.   I think I will go with Monogame and learn C# and XNA, anyone has links to some kind of pdf books to start learning?(I don't have the money to buy them.)
  7. I am planning on making a PC game, which would be a great thing to spend what's still left of my summer holiday.   First,I need to say that I have no programming language knowledge whatsoever but I am willing to learn.   What I thought of is:   -a 2D top-down RPG game but with the ability of moving in ANY direction(most probably I will use only 8-directional sprites) -map selection (there will be 2-3 different premade maps) -character customization(I want to able to select from a few types of haircuts and skin color)(can be replaced with character selection) -random items spawned in some areas of the map (example: I want items to spawn in a house, if the player takes all the items existing in that very house, they will be respawned in a specified amount of time.) -random monsters (zombies that follow you when you get in their field of view and you lose them if you hide) spawned in some areas of the map(example: I want monsters to spawn only in towns, if the player kills 5 zombies from that town, those 5 zombies will be respawned in a specified amount of time) -interaction with objects (example:I want to be able to cut a tree or mine some rocks to get resources) -crafting (a 3x3 Minecraft-like grid and an adtional 1 slot for tools and/or fire) -health, hunger and thirst bars -vehicles (would be nice) -portals -multiplayer -armor -ranged weapons & guns (crossbows, bows, lever-action, pistols, rifles, stuff like that)   RED = Needed GREEN= Optional   Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help.   English is not my native language, so yeah.
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