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  1. Cube_MEGA

    Claiming Ownership of a Company Name

    It's just my friend and I making a video game as a hobby, and we want to release the game to the public professionally.
  2. Cube_MEGA

    Claiming Ownership of a Company Name

    1. It's called "trademark." Look it up, and check out www.uspto.gov 2. You trademark them the same as a for-profit partnership does.   Thank you! I will check that out.
  3. Cube_MEGA

    Claiming Ownership of a Company Name

    Yes, I live and work in the USA.   I really appreciate your answer, however I am only concerned about the processes necessary in order to claim ownership of a company name, and a game title. We work in a partnership, rather than a sole proprietorship, and our group works as a non-profit business. I apologize for not explaining this earlier, however I will refer back to your information if I need it in the near future.   On the other hand, how would a non-profit partnership go about claiming ownership on a title, or name?   Thank you.
  4. Am I allowed to put an image of my fiverr username in my signature?   So far the other two forums I am very active on don't have problem with it. :)
  5. Hello. I am currently working in a partnership video game developing team, and our group is close to beta release for our first game, however we have not claimed ownership to a company name in any fashion. The group consists of minors (under 18,) however assuming we have parent consent and assistance, how would we go about claiming a business name? Alongside the business name, we need to claim the name of our game also.   I'm assuming these steps are necessary in order to ensure we keep both names, and protect ourselves from legal issues.   Thank you! -Cube
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