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  1. Working on building scenes from a script, its kinda neat. http://t.co/2pA0XSm8vu
  2. RT @GSElevator: #1: As a society, we’re actually smarter than ever. It’s just that technology has given a voice to the unsophisticated mas…
  3. There is a solid chance I won't get to see Halley's comet.... damn.
  4. DustedHam

    UDP Multiplayer Movement Jitter.

    Thanks for all the replies and info, I seem to have things running pretty smooth!
  5. DustedHam

    UDP Multiplayer Movement Jitter.

    Thanks for the information, looks like I have a few changes to make....   I'm trying to make a fast paced game, and to be honest this is my first crack at using UDP, I figured I would run into a lot of problems.     That's my current goal... Right now I'm storing the clients movements and running them then checking the packets against movements when the packets come in.   so movement packet 132 only checks against the clients movement 132   Is that the wrong way to approach this? (I may be explaining it poorly)    
  6. DustedHam

    UDP Multiplayer Movement Jitter.

    Wow... I kinda feel like an idiot, lol.   defiantly thought of giving them IDs, for some reason never occurred to me to actually check the order based on the ID number....   thank you.
  7. I've started work on a basic grid based multilayer game. The game is made to run at 15fps, so data is sent around every 66ms.   Right now what I've got working is clients joining, getting a player spawned, and a start on movement. Everything works fine as long as your round trip for a packet is less then 66ms. after that movement gets jittery. That was expected though, because of how I'm handling the movement.....   Here's basically how it works: Client 1 tries to move the player in a direction. Client 1 checks if it can move the player Client 1 sends the request to the server Client 1 moves its player. Server checks if the player can move. Server moves the player Server sends all clients the new position of the player Client 1 moves the player to the position the server sent back (if it has to). A basic authoritative server, right? If the client moves the player more than once before the server returns with first movements data, the client will think its in the wrong place, thus the player jumps around between grid spaces. (jitter)   The solution would be to keep track of a player's movements and match them up with the proper packets (by ID-ing them I suppose)   but what if packets are dropped? What if the packets return out of order?   oh and, I've read this article http://www.gabrielgambetta.com/fpm2.html. which describes my situation pretty well.... I'm just really unsure of how its implemented.   Thank you for the reading/helping!
  8. DustedHam

    Hello All !

    Thanks!   also I'll start looking at those videos, C++ isn't my forte but I'll figure it out, Its a language I've been meaning to learn anyway. 
  9. DustedHam

    Hello All !

    Thanks guys, I'm getting a lot of info so far. only trouble I'm having is finding a tutorial on fast paced network synchronization, with some source code to learn from. (I sort-of get the concept but seeing some one else's code will make it click a little better, especially if I can do some science with it).    I'm sure its around, I'll find it eventually. :D 
  10. DustedHam

    Hello All !

    Hey just thought my first post should say hello maybe a bit about myself.   Hello every one, I like making games (but I guess that's why we're all here), The language I most enjoy doing that with is C# but I also know a bunch of other languages. I don't have any art skills as far as drawing, modelling or animation go, but I do like to think I'm an al-right programmer.   I don't really have a favourite genre of games, but I play a lot strategies and shooters I guess (bit of an odd combo I suppose). Oh and arcade style games have a habit of holding my attention for fairly long lengths of time too. as of right now the three games I'm playing the most are Borderlands 2, 7 Days to Die, and Hitman 2.   I guess that's a little bit about me.... other brief notes I suppose are: Canadian Loves food Jokes a lot Steams a bit In collage any way it's nice to be here, I like it so far. I don't know how often I'll jump into conversations, but I'll be reading around.
  11. Nothing has happened today, some one please entertain me.
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