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    Graphics API for Visual Studio 2015

    On Visual Studio Nuget Manager you have SFML 2.3.0, i think, if you don't want to go through the linking process.
  2. Akatsua

    OpenGL Help: GL_QUADS Explanation

      The assumption i made was just an idea to try to explain what was happening. I did not believe that GL_QUADS and TRIANGLE_FAN had a relation. Like i said, just an idea ^^         Yeah, i know i should only use triangles. In fact, im learning OpenGL 4.3, but, in college, i have to use 2.0, unfortunatly.       Yes, i though that was probably happening. But i find it interesting that to create a quad, the vertexes need to be strictly ordered for it to work as intended!       I do not have culling enabled. Interestingly, if i enable it, it transforms into a triangle only. xp   Your post was very interesting, no need for further explanations. Im satisfied!     Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge Good night
  3. Hey everyone.   So, i've run into a problem. Well, its not a problem, because i know how to fix it, but, i want to know why it is happening.   I was playing with OpenGL, making squares, and this happened:     Keep in mind, im using gluOrtho2D(-1, 1, -1, 1) , and this shape is drawn on the 3rd quadrant of a 2D plane.   (Interestingly, if i change GL_QUADS to GL_POLYGON, the shape gets turned 180º)   I tried to figure out what was happening, and changed GL_QUADS to GL_LINE_LOOP     So far so good, i understand that i have to change the order of the vertexes, and doing that, makes the square perfect.       Now, my questions are:   In the first image, instead of a weird 5 sided shape, shouldnt it be something like an hourglass, like the second image?   Assuming that GL_QUADS work something like GL_TRIANGLE_FAN that paints the first triangle (first three coordinates) and then paints a second triangle, using the the first coordinate, the last one, and the "new" one, shouldnt be the shape in the 1st picture be rotated 180º ?   How does GL_QUADS really work?   Thank you.
  4. Akatsua

    SDL2 + OpenGL

      Like i said before:     I've just checked the additional Dependencies and its normal. With SDL2.lib and SDL2main.lib, the same unresolved external symbol errors still exist, even for SDL functions, like SDL_CreateWindow.   On other note: Even if this doesnt work, can you refer me a good website that teaches how to properly handle libraries? The problem still is happening so, this is a bit offtopic.   Wait wait, i've rechecked everything again, and its starting to work. http://puu.sh/aGs4g/c750494663.png Only these 3 errors are left and im not sure what libs i should add dependency...   OOOOK. Its done. Thanks RoundPotato. Just FYI, i love potatos. Potatos are the best.   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5643172/glfw-failed-to-open-a-window
  5. Akatsua

    SDL2 + OpenGL

    Hey GameDev community   So, im having a problem. A noobish problem imo.   I was trying to execute this tutorial: http://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/51_SDL_and_modern_opengl/index.php and, for some reason, this error keep showing up.   http://puu.sh/aGipp/17fac42c7b.png   I've tried other tutorials, including FreeGLUT and GLEW tutorials, and this same error keeps on showing up.   I've placed the headers and libs inside Visual Studio folder and the DLL inside de %SystemRoot&/System32. I've also tried using the properties of the visual studio project -> Additional Include Directories and the Linker correspondent. (and Addicional Dependencies) SubSystem is set to Console.   I've probably skipped a step in setting up OpenGL, but i can't seem to find that step.   Im sorry if this was already explained in other topics. I did search, but i didn't find anything that helped.   Thank you   Akatsua   EDIT: Any other information that is missing for the resolution of the problem, please ask. I will include it ASAP.
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