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  1. I have a question about phaser. Can you make graphics like yoville in it?? 
  2. Thanks for the help everyone, I'm thinking of using java script to code the game? Is that ok?
  3. Hello, i don't understand because my english is horrible. Anyway i dont mind what it is but just so it can create the game and also create good looking items that are shiny, sleek and basically awesome items. I don't mind if it's a content create program program or a runtime. WHatever works best with virtual worlds and makes the items look realish. I'm thinking of making the virtual world in javascript if that helps but if theres better programs out there for coding for the game please let me know. thanks so much
  4. Hey, I’m making a virtual world. The game will be 2D and will be on a website. the graphics will be as good as other games like yoville If you can google it) So what graphic program should I go with? The graphics have to be suitable to create the game and also create items and clothing with animations if needed. Also the items in the game need to look very good.   Ps my English is horrible I know but I’ve only been learning English for 3 months. Also I know some people say it’s up to you but I really don’t care and don’t have any sources that can lead me to some good programs for graphics. Thanks for your time,   Rob
  5. Hello, I'm interested in creating a Virtual world for Ipad/Iphone users. The game will be in 2d. I'm new to all this but really want to create a virtual world. What programs will i need? Will i need to learn coding? How long will it take? (Btw the games going to be very simple). Thanks,   Rob     P.s I've only been learning english for 3 months so excuse my english :.P.
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