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  1. mickey

    invest in my country

    its atleast worth a try
  2. mickey

    invest in my country

    Cheap labor. Abundant talents - from graphic artists to arrangers to 3D modellers and other IT related jobs. We own a building here. I'm wondering if someone reading this might be interested to invest a few thousand dollars. I'm willing to run a business here for you where you guys can get to outsource some of the jobs here. I'll take care of the operation of the company from starting the company to buying the necessary equipments, hiring people to managing the employees, from getting the job done to delivering on time and taking care of all the legal business issues here. a little background of myself - i used to be active on these forums before back on college. That's some 2 years ago. I'm a software developer myself and I have a background how games are created. I can spot good programmers, graphic artists, 3d modelers and accountants. And i know how to handle people here in my country. Let me know should anyone be interested.
  3. anybody can help me here please? try checking the properties of a midi file and going thru the summary tab. you can see various information there that you can change. i'd like to retrieve this information in my code.
  4. yeah through code. i'm using c++ plus wxwindows. i can use a 3rd party library, win32, or directx. or just plain raw file i/o. just tell me which part i can decode/retrieve the information. thanks.
  5. i'd like to know how i can get the summary information on a midi file when you go to it's properties. ie, right click->properties->summary tab. i tried to open the file on a hex editor but wasn't able to see those information. thanks.
  6. hi well, the company doesn't want their employees surfing to other sites, they just want their employees to go to this one site. onemind: well, that would work but then i should remove internet explorer and prevent them from installing/downloading browsers...? smr: how do you exactly do this: "remove it's DNS server entries. " ? falkone: can you explain more how to setup such services? eg, "configure the browser go through a proxy server. ", where do i get a proxy server etc.. thanks for the help guys, more advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. hi was wondering how do you configure/setup that a computer which connects to an ISP is only allowed to access on website/url? The user will not be allowed to surf other sites... thanks.
  8. hi, either in a symbian platform, a simcard reader or windows ce, is there a way to access the sim card's features? not only the names and numbers... thanks.
  9. mickey

    how much do you guys charge for 2d game art?

    hi guys, thanks for helping me out, but it's just that i need some prices/rates right now, even per hour, so i can make my prices competitive, hmm... can you guys give some links to graphic art sites where there are rates/prices? much better if those graphic site are servicing the game industry. thanks guys! :)
  10. mickey

    how much do you guys charge for 2d game art?

    oh wait... that's a texture! i'm asking for instance.. a tile! one tile...2d graphics :) that's really more expensive than my tile. thanks guys! :)
  11. mickey

    how much do you guys charge for 2d game art?

    hm.. i think you guys are thinking like artworks from games like diablo, neverwinter nights etc.., i'm just asking price range for simple artworks, like the ones in mario bros... isn't $8 for a grass tile is enough? or perhaps $22 for mario?
  12. hi guys, just wondering how much you guys charge for game art? for instance, on a mario brothers clone, how much would you charge for drawing the rock/brick there? what about the plant? the pipe? what about the sprite? how do you price the sprite? is charging $8 for the rock/brick etc., reasonable? what about $22 for a sprite which has 4 views with 4 frames each and one still? or is it too cheap? thanks a lot! :)
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