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  1. DerekL

    Current market state for web games

    If you did decide to go back into this I would look at picking up an html5 framework as flash is almost dead.
  2. DerekL

    Steam keys for Indiegogo supporters?

    This will be changing pretty soon as steam has announced they are getting rid of greenlight. So any developers will be able to release their games on steam for a undetermined fee atm.  This happens with any steam keys acquired outside of the steam store. Which as Hodgman pointed out isn't always the case that it was free. This will happen if you sell steam keys from your own web store.
  3. DerekL

    Steam keys for Indiegogo supporters?

      Steam allows you to generate keys for your game. You use their tool generate keys and hand them out. If you want to have special keys for contributes you just add the content as dlc and have keys given out for the dlc.
  4. This, get your job first and then move. Took me 6 months of applying at almost everywhere where I live until I landed my first gig in the industry. 
  5. DerekL

    Mock ups and copyright

    I know this isn't answering your question but here is a link to a ton of free icons you can use. These use a creative commons license so you can use them in your game all the way to publishing if you want to.
  6. DerekL

    What would you do in this scenario

    I always get a signed document or get it added into the contract when I start at a new company stating I can work on programming projects and make money from them as long as its not in direct competition with my employer( at the moment casino games ). They were totally okay with signing it, I also have written verification in an email. Only 1 company I have worked so far has refused to sign this allowing me to work on things outside of work.
  7. DerekL

    Community College or Game Development?

    Yeah, that is less than 1%. Always have a backup plan, finish your degree.
  8. I also agree with the top 2 posts. His grammar is straight out of a translator, meaning hes reading your words through translated text most likely meaning so much will be lost in translation. Maybe next time you are looking make sure to put "speaks fluent English" on the post or whatever language your team speaks mainly.
  9. I know steams doesn't allow people to comment on their contracts for how they are paid, so it may be hard to find someone who can give you 101% of the info.
  10. Have you tried seeing who owns the artwork your using and asking them if you would be allowed to show them off in a non release version of the game only included in screenshots. They may say yes, never hurts to ask.
  11. , if you get permission then yes you can use them. I'm guessing Microsoft owns all those textures now though and not likely to allow you to use them. It doesn't hurt to ask though!
  12. DerekL

    Game Design Student

    Not to discourage you but design is a super hard job to land especially straight out of school. They are usually reserved for more experienced people in the industry. That aside its all about networking and your portfolio. Make sure you have a strong portfolio then make it twice as good because you are competing against an overcrowded job market with a small number of jobs.  After that make sure you are going to local game dev meetups and talking with people there as well as sharing ideas and your portfolio. Here is a website that can help make finding these meetups a lot easier, depending on where you live. 
  13. DerekL


    Yes they do, and it depends on the company but usually a few people from all departments would go as the demo isn't the only job to do there.
  14. Also if you go with revenue sharing make sure you get in legal writing that anything worked on belongs to the company. Otherwise 6 months down the road a programmer or artist decides to jump ship and then tells you you are not allowed to use their code or art, they're completely in their right to do so.
  15. This just because a company owns the ip to a product doesn't mean they own the rights to all of it. Like Disney owns the rights to marvel but sony owns the rights to make spider man movies. This is why Disney is unable to have spider man in any of their new marvel movies.
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