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  1. A while ago i started using unity, and with unity came monodevelop. Now i am starting using MonoGame in the monodevelop editor. So i downloaded the monodevelop monogame file. and triet to "install add-in from file".   I got the following error:     I tried installing a non unity version of monodevelop, but got the error (something like) You need gtx# version 2.1.x.x.x.x.x (forgot).   Thanks  
  2. Xyexs

    I'm A Programmer, Not An Artist

    Id go for pixeling, its pretty easy
  3. Xyexs

    I've decided unity

         http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/c-fundamentals-for-absolute-beginners   Got nothing to do with Unity but if you want to become a game programmer imho you should learn to code first and worry about Unity later. Thanks for the help. Yeah I want and am willing to learn a language. I may have missed that bit in my op, but I wanted to ask which is most worthwhile and relevant to use later on with unity. I appreciate the link and I'll check it out.   https://buckysroom.org/videos.php?cat=15 Video tutorials here, they might not be for you, but it's around 200 * 5-10 min.   I haven't seen these, but i followed his java and c++ tutorials and they are nice   Also, it doesn't matter what you script in in unity. But if you want to proceed with ex. OpenGL you'll wanna learn a c language (c,c++,c#). If you wanna make websitelike stuff, use javascript.
  4. Xyexs

    What's next for me?

    Since i feel i get good answers for anything here i'll keep asking questions. Does c++ and OpenGL work good for 2d? Would that be to hard for me? If not; any tutorials? Right now i want to make small games and upload to sites like kongregate... There is no way to do that with C++? I guess i could go back to keeping my stuff for my self... But i get less feedback then.
  5. Xyexs

    What's next for me?

    Triple post.... Überfail
  6. Xyexs

    What's next for me?

    Double post...
  7. Xyexs

    What's next for me?

    Thank you for taking the time! The programming course is something i had heard was easy for anyone, especially someone that knew something before. What i am hoping for is being able to interact with a teacher and ask him questions about more advanced things that we dont learn in the course. I heard he is a great teacher, and my hopes are up the roof! :D (i guess that could be a bad thing) About the computercraft script... It was good for me, i learned how important version control and organizing / comments is. Thank you again
  8. A few years ago i randomly felt like learning programming, I was 11 and googled where to start. I got a random 5 part text based swedish guide for c++. It took me a while to learn but after that i had a very basic grasp of c++. I was super hyped... i had made a text based rock papor scissors game! Ofcourse i didn't know how to export it from my IDE and i had failed a bit with the randomness but... i had made stuff appear on the screen. I still didn't put much time into this, it was just something i did when i had time over.   So after that i didn't know  what to do... at the time i was a huge minecraft fan and my goal was modding minecraft, i had heard minecraft was made in java so i went learning it at thenewboston.com. A year had past and my english was decent so i could atleast understand most of what he said.After a year or so i eventually got through his basic/intermediate tutorials and made a cool 2d pong/snake game in swing. Still not putting that much time into the hobby.   At this point in time i still liked minecraft, and there was a mod for it that made computers/robots ingame that you could give scripts to in lua. It was fun and i made a script that got 35000 views on a forum... i was super proud until i realised there was a very major bug in the structure of the program that made it unusable... you would think that someone of the 35000 readers would tell me...   Wellwell, i still haven't solved that problem and my code was so unorganized i never will. After all that i started with unity after a few months break and found it awesome how fast you could make games with it.   I made a breakout game(following a tutorial), and then this random thing on a random afternoon where i had to much time (http://www.kongregate.com/games/theprodev/leaf-simulator-2015)   That leads me to today, unity is cool but in kind of feels like unoptimized cheating.  I'm 14 now, next year i have the choice to learn basic programming in school (can't wait!). I wan't to make good games, and i've never spent that much time on a project... I really want to learn opengl. I found this 3d tutorial, http://www.arcsynthesis.org/gltut/, and couldn't even setup the ide... i felt that was way beyond my scope (even though i learned a bit about vector math and the structure of programs there). For now i want to settle with 2d.   Any good tutorials for my skill level... or maybe another alternative?
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