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    Want to move onto a graphics library

    Starting to learn DirectX and looking into SDL. I am taking in a step at a time, looking up 2D graphics creation at the moment. I have finally got a window with a picture on it. Now, I just need to know how to develop sprites then use them in the program. Doesn't sound difficult now, does it...?
  2. PvtFreddy

    Want to move onto a graphics library

    #pragma comment(lib,'SDL2.lib') #pragma comment(lib,'SDL2main.lib')   Pasted into my Evernote. Thank you.
  3. PvtFreddy

    StretchRect Problems

    Hello all,   First off, I want to give a warm heart thank you for all that posted on my last post.   I have a problem. I have decided to go with the DirectX API and want to begin getting a graphic (a character sprite) on the screen. My goal is to get it moving. In my book, "Beginning DirectX 9" it uses the StretchRect method to draw a sprite.   It is written as:   pd3dDevice->StretchRect(surface,                                           src,                                           backbuffer,                                           dest                                           D3DTEXF_NONE);   src and dest are variables of int with values. I understand how all this works.   However, in VS2012 it tells me that src and dest should be referenced (&). When I do this I get no image come up. If I set these to NULL and have D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFile load a file then it displays.   All I want is to get a sprite in a certain position on the sreen.   Thank you,   Lewis.   If anymore information is required to help than I will post it if asked.  
  4. PvtFreddy

    Want to move onto a graphics library

    Thank you very much for the information. May I ask one other question?   How do I include the .lib files to Visual Studio for SLD2?
  5. PvtFreddy

    Want to move onto a graphics library

    I am a beginner in this field so I am just learning. In my C++ course I was always told that once you have one language down then others follow easier. Isn't this the same for libraries? If so, I am not that worried. I just want to get some knowledge to one day create a VERY basic game.   Thank you for your reply,   Lewis.
  6. Hello all,   I've just joined the site so I hope that I am posting in the correct forum. If not, then I am terribly sorry for the trouble.   I have a question for those who are wise about programming libraries like DirectX, SDL and OpenGL. I have been programming in C++ for almost 4 years now and understand the basics, including the STL. I have picked up a book on DirectX and SDL and understand the code inside them. I think I am ready for moving onto a library to begin using graphics. I also know and understand how to build a Window using the Windows API.   My question is this: What library is the best (not so much easiest) to begin with? I have no hopes of designing a game. I just wish to mess around with the graphics, input, sound, etc. so I obtain a better understanding of how it works and how to write it.   Thank you,   Lewis
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