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    Promoting Your App On Radio?

    We're seeking two mobile apps that we can produce a demo radio commercial for.    There is no cost and the spots will be published on our site as a demo (free promotion for you).   PM me if interested. You can also browse our beta site for more info http://www.sticky.fm/radio2.html
  2. sticky.fm

    How many develop cross platform?

    What percentage of independent developers would you guess have their app available on both iOS and Android?     There isn't a lot of data available, but understandably it looks like only the larger development houses have the resources to publish on both platforms.     One issue is if you promote your app by any means that is not platform specific you potentially have 40% of the audience (give or take) that is unable to try your app. 
  3. sticky.fm

    Promoting Your App On Radio?

        Good questions:   - Yes, we have been doing a lot of market research. I will include some additional details below for feedback.     - Yes, I have personally been a "starving app-developer" and the fact is the vast majority of apps are not generating much revenue at all: http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/21/the-majority-of-todays-app-businesses-are-not-sustainable/   However, Sticky.fm is working off the premise that if your app is compelling enough, it just needs the exposure and critical mass of users to start the word of mouth chain reaction. I feel large market radio is a way to achieve this and rise above the noise of ASO and the other methods for promoting your app.     - Our initial campaigns are set to run in 5 large radio markets that we have selected, see PDF below (attached). [attachment=22877:Stickyfm-Markets.pdf]   Overall, targeting gamers with smartphones stuck in traffic:   Worst Traffic Highest Smartphone Penetration Top "Tech" US cities Top US Gamer Cities Top US Trend Setting Cities      For demographics we are able to target by gender, age and others via radio industry metrics. We are basing our targeting using data from Flurry (see below) on demographics by given game type, since they do differ, and plan to target accordingly.   [attachment=22867:Demo-Graph-1.png] [attachment=22868:Demo-Graph-2.png]
  4. sticky.fm

    Promoting Your App On Radio?

      The air time is purchased based on CPM. The industry works off Nielsen ratings (who bought Arbitron) which are published and made public several times a year for each participating station. This takes into account a surprising number of factors including time of day, day of week, average time a listener tunes in, station market share and several others.   When we purchase air time we do so by setting a max CPM for the budget for that particular buy. We are using a system to purchase un-used ad inventory that stations still have available for the following week. So we will be getting rates below what you would be offered by approaching stations directly.    The goal is to use this along with a co-op model to deliver value and have a cost effective (new) way to drive app downloads. I'll post more on demographic targeting below.
  5. Hello,   We're launching a new beta service to promote iOS and Android games using large market terrestrial radio ads.     We're trying to solve the problem of promoting an app and rising above all the noise to get noticed.      Radio can do this, but large min buys typically prevent most developers from considering it.     Sticky.fm is our startup and we'll be using a co-op method of grouping several apps in one ad buy so the buy-in per developer is much lower than usual.      Apps will most likely be promoted two at a time in a 60 second spot. We'll also produce the spot.     We are targeting about $800 for the entry level, which will get your app on the radio and will have a guaranteed min CPM. We're optimistic about the call to action to drive immediate downloads.      If anyone is interested in being apart of our first run, or for more details, feel free to PM or email me. Thanks.     - Adam Sales@Sticky.fm
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