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  1. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    A sad fact indeed, however I'll find some way to do it, even if its on my own! ^^
  2. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    Because as dumb as it may seem in your eyes I have ideas, ideas I wish to bring to life. I've done miniscule programming in both HTML and Java and I just loved it more than anything, creating something out of nothing fascinates me, and it was really just an enjoyable experience for me all in all. So why not do something you enjoy, am I right?
  3. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    -Side note- I really do appreciate all of your replies and I am taking all of them into great consideration. <3
  4. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    This should have told you everything you needed to know. Why are you so focused on an "online school?" Unless you're working two jobs and raising kids, and therefore have no other option, you should be looking at something physical. A community college will teach you a lot more than an "online school." Barring an actual university or college, you're better off just getting a non-gaming job and using your free time to teach yourself programming and start your own project. If game programming is what you really want to do, then you'll be motivated enough to finish - and in 2 years, you'll have learned far more than an "online school" will teach you, and will also have a completed project with a LOT more credibility for employers to see.   I can understand how my fixation on online is annoying, however it always just felt the most convenient. I learn better in silence than I do in large lectures.   However recent posts, including your own, have really pushed me more toward a community college, so I believe thats what I'll do. Ill probably follow your advice as well and get some tech job such as geek squad ect.
  5. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    You didn't need to do that. Any college with a good Computer Science program can give you an excellent start. You should read this forum's FAQs. http://www.gamedev.net/page/reference/faq.php/_/breaking-into-the-industry-r16   Didnt even know this existed Thank you!
  6. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    Awesome, any Idea if UAT is one of those scam schools or should I just go to community college to save money and time? -Edit Forgot to add this- Thank you for Saving me 60k my friend <3   UAT IS A COMPLETE SCAM SCHOOL, AVOID IT. Seriously though, these schools make my blood boil, especially UAT. Seriously, don't go. It's a complete, complete waste of money. Go to a traditional brick-and-mortar school, it will be way cheaper and you'll learn way more.   Is there another online school you recomend that will help me accomplish the same goal?
  7. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    Awesome, any Idea if UAT is one of those scam schools or should I just go to community college to save money and time?
  8. TheTrueFoofy

    College or Solo?

    Greetings, I am new to the community and hope to become a part of it soon! <3  My name is Logan but a lot of people call me Foofy so I have adopted that name. I am 17, 18 in November and am Interested in starting my life in creating games for people to play!   Introductions aside, I have come across a problem that I am sure some of you fellow developers and people in the game industry may have experienced yourself and would really appreciate any help you can give me.  I wanted to go to college to get a degree for Game Programming, The first college I came across was UAT (University of Advancing Technology) and upon looking into it, seemed perfect. It was online, and seemingly very friendly. However my Family notified me about their suspicious requirment for my Social security number, which is required for creating the online profile. Plus it's really expensive (60k, roughly what my mothers house costs). Out of pure curiosity I googled student reviews and was not happy with all of the 1 star reviews and comments noting it's a waste of money and effort. I have applied for this college and all they require is my ssn and some paperwork and Im pretty much set. Curious if there was a better, more appraised option I then came acoss digipen. Another college, Although it seemed to have better reviews, it feels like it is not offering all I want, such as online (Really the only thing i care about, as well as accredidation).   So I am here to ask you guys. Should I even do this? Is college even necissary for this field? Or can I teach myself code and make a living off of Indie projects and the communities Involved. This is a serious reach out, And I'm sorry it's so sudden and especially from someone so new to the community. But I would appreciate any help you can give me. <3
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