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  1. A few friends of mine, and myself have been wanting to create a 2D multiplayer game. We don't know where we should start really? We just want to make a basic 2D game where we can all communicate with eachother through a server. Any help on where to start?
  2. Unlovable1337

    Where should I start? (2D Game Programming)

      That would explain a lot. I didn't know I needed Boost. Thanks, I'll install Boost, try to compile, and let you guys know if it worked when I get back from work.
  3. Unlovable1337

    Where should I start? (2D Game Programming)

    Wow, that's a broad statement xD I never even stated anything as if I know anything better. I even admitted I can't code very well in C++, I'm a newb here. Please, before prosecuting me take a look at my past messages. I've never stated that I know more than ANYONE here. Thank you.   ? Well one problem I have noticed is that I am using VS2013, and it says in the MySQL C++ Connector docs that I have to use the outdated 2008 IDE which is fairly retarded. I don't understand why I should have to downgrade my IDE in order to use something that should work fine since it's still the same language. (MicroSoft problems am I right?) As for my actual problems, here is my code (which is an actual sample code from their website and should work by default):   #include <mysql_connection.h> #include <mysql_driver.h> #include <mysql_error.h>   int main(){ sql::mysql::MySQL_Driver *driver; sql::Connection *con;   driver = sql::mysql::MySQL_Driver::get_mysql_driver_instance();   delete con; }   I get these errors in the Error list:     1    IntelliSense: cannot open source file "boost/variant.hpp"    c:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C++ 1.1.3\include\cppconn\connection.h    31    1    MySQL     2    IntelliSense: name followed by '::' must be a class or namespace name    c:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C++ 1.1.3\include\cppconn\connection.h    41    9    MySQL     3    IntelliSense: expected an identifier    c:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C++ 1.1.3\include\cppconn\connection.h    41    24    MySQL     4    IntelliSense: identifier "ConnectPropertyVal" is undefined    c:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C++ 1.1.3\include\cppconn\connection.h    43    35    MySQL     5    IntelliSense: cannot open source file "boost/shared_ptr.hpp"    c:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C++ 1.1.3\include\mysql_connection.h    31    1    MySQL     6    IntelliSense: cannot open source file "boost/scoped_ptr.hpp"    c:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C++ 1.1.3\include\mysql_connection.h    32    1    MySQL     7    IntelliSense: cannot open source file "boost/scoped_ptr.hpp"    c:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C++ 1.1.3\include\mysql_driver.h    30    1    MySQL     8    IntelliSense: class "sql::mysql::MySQL_Driver" has no member "get_mysql_driver_instance"    c:\Users\Jeremy\Dropbox\C++\Projects\MySQL\MySQL\Main.cpp    9    37    MySQL   That's also another broad statement. I have been able to code anything I've ever wanted in Java without ever touching a doc, thanks to the great community support and millions of working examples on websites such as YouTube that will teach you how to do things correctly. However with C++ there seems to be much less resources like those I found for Java, and it's much more complicated. That's why I'm trying to get help.  
  4. Unlovable1337

    Where should I start? (2D Game Programming)

      I've tried the connector countless times in the past, all I get is errors. Then when I ask for help, people just point to the documentation, and tell me to read it. I don't have time to read the documentation. I read it anyways, and it was still a waste of time because I never got my problem solved.
  5. Unlovable1337

    Where should I start? (2D Game Programming)

    Also, not going to lie. If I could make my game in Java, it would be a piece of cake for me. But the fact is that Java will most likely never be secure enough to make video games due to the fact that .JAR files are very VERY VERY VERY easy to decompile and hack. So that's why I have to now learn C++. I am having A LOT of trouble coming over from Java because C++ goes much more in depth when it comes to coding things such as servers and what not. Especially since in order to use MySQL in C++ you have to use a windows form application. You cannot use MySQL in a normal "empty project". :/ any help on that would be appreciated. All of the links to MySQL in C++ seem to have to be a Windows form application which I cannot use...
  6. Unlovable1337

    Where should I start? (2D Game Programming)

      I don't know if I really have any "skills". I know Java like the back of my hand, and am trying to transition over to C++ because it is much more secure for game programming.  I do not consider using pre-built game engines like those because I want to create an MMORPG. No "real" (or in other words successful) MMORPG's were ever created in a pre-built engines such as Unity.     The best I have done as far as programming a video game would be making a text game in C++, and making an incomplete version of Super Mario Bros in Java as seen here: 
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