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  1. Hello! I'm relatively new to gamedev.net, and I've noticed the "Journal" tab on the profile page of this site. Is it beneficial, or otherwise recommended, to keep a development journal, and, if so, what should I put in this journal?(e.g. lessons learned, activities performed, code written, progress made.) Also, do you prefer to keep a pencil-and-paper journal, or a typed one? I am very new to game developing/programming, so this is a new concept to me.   (Also, I didn't really know whether to put this in the general Game Development forum, or the Game Programming sub-forum, so apologies if this is not where the post should be )   Cheers, boxnuggets
  2. boxofnuggets

    Unity Unity or C++?

    Thank all you guys so much! I really appreciate the support. I'm definitely going to finish the game in Unity, and attempt to make my own engine. I've decided I'm going to try SFML. Does anyone know any good resources for reliable video tutorials? I'm more of a visual learner.
  3. boxofnuggets

    Unity Unity or C++?

    Hello! About 7 months ago, I started to learn C++. After a month ago, I considered myself fairly well-versed in basic C++(i.e. classes, instantiating objects, and some knowledge of splitting code into source and header files ). My goal was to make a game. Then, I kind of went off on a tangent, and attempted to learn some java, and make an android app. However, I found I had a lot of trouble with running Eclipse on my PC, so, long story short, I startedusing Unity. Currently, I'm working on a small, pixelated, 2D platformer. I've been bashed for using Unity 2D, people say that it "isn't real coding' and that it sucks. Now, I'm wondering if it would be more beneficial to make a game in C++ using SFML or something along those lines. Is using Unity hurting my programming skill?   More importantly, should I be focusing on making games with "pure" code, in other words building my own engine/physics? I'm torn here. I'm halfway through the game in Unity, but I'm not sure if it's what I want to be doing.   Cheers, boxnuggets
  4. Programming my new game, Super Jetman 2D!
  5. boxofnuggets

    Unity Unity 2D StartCoroutine

    Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the example included. So the coroutine is basically like a function, except it can choose when the it "yields" and continues the code in regular order.
  6. boxofnuggets

    Unity Unity 2D StartCoroutine

    Thanks for the reply! This really helps me. So, basically, a coroutine is a function that can effectively pause, execute code in other classes/functions, then resume the flow of control in the function/class it's in. One question though, what do you mean by "hidden classes"?
  7. Hello,   Fairly recently, me and a good friend of mine have decided to take on a small project in Unity 2D, a pixelated platformer called "Super Jetman 2D". He's making the sprites, and I'm in charge of scripting, and actually pulling it all together using Unity. However, I've been struggling when it comes to StartCoroutine. I've looked at the Scripting API and Manual, and still can't seem to wrap my head around it. I'm a beginning programmer (barely 8 months or so), so please keep it fairly light on terminology :)   Cheers, boxnuggets
  8. Hello I am a new C++ programmer with a basic comprehension of simple C++. If anyone could provide any C++ guides/tutorials for a beginning game programmer, I would be very thankful. I already have a partner who can animate, and we have a game idea. Where should I start looking for a C++ FPS tutorial for beginners?
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