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  1. I've just finished the basics of my engine and i was going to make a graphics engine but i decided it might be better to just try find a free one. Anyone know a good 3d graphics engine that is in c++. and uses open gl?. I searched on google and found some stuff but i just want to check if there's anything better that anyones found. thanks.
  2. hello_there

    WM_CHAR message

    Ahh opps i got it working now. But now when i press a key it prints out heaps of that character. How do you do it so that when you do a short press it prints it once and if you hold it down it starts printing heaps. I read on MSDN that lParam has a repeat count or something but i don't know how you suppost to use it.
  3. hello_there

    WM_CHAR message

    It's not in exclusive mode. Yes it's the same HWND of the main Window.
  4. hello_there

    WM_CHAR message

    I'm using WM_CHAR message to see what character keys are being pressed but no WM_CHAR messages are ever sent. I need it so i can write stuff in my Game. Anyone know why? case WM_CHAR: switch (wParam) { case 0x08:break;// Process a backspace. case 0x0A:break;// Process a linefeed. case 0x1B:break;// Process an escape. case 0x09:break;// Process a tab. case 0x0D:break;// Process a carriage return. default: // Process displayable characters. COGLWindow::GetSingleton().OnChar(wParam); break; }; break; From the WndProc function Am i missing anything?
  5. Is there a function that lets you pass in a string or character array and returns the integer for that key. eg you pass in "DIK_SPACE" and you get back 57. Or am i going to have to right it myself? I want it so in my settings files i can put DIK_SPACE and when the setting is loaded in it gets converted to an integer so i can use it.
  6. hello_there

    Rotating around a Scene problem

    void gluLookAt( GLdouble eyex, GLdouble eyey, GLdouble eyez, GLdouble centerx, GLdouble centery, GLdouble centerz, GLdouble upx, GLdouble upy, GLdouble upz ); the eye ones are the position of the eye. center is what it's looking at. Just set the center to some point in the middle of the scene and use something like eyex = sin(angle)*radius; eyez = cos(angle)*radius; eyey = SomeHeight; hope that helps. You could also do it by using calls to glRotate and glTranslate so you don't have to use GLU. Call it after glClear(). But you might want to put glPushMatrix() before DrawGround(). then do this after each glPopMatrix(); glPushMatrix();
  7. hello_there

    how far to the next pixel

    It doesn't say how to get an average though and i just wanted to check that the next pixel is that far away since it doesn't actualy tell you that.
  8. hello_there

    how far to the next pixel

    I'm doing some Dynamic gamma thing and i need the average luminancy min and max luminancy. I can't use glReadPixels() since it's way to slow if you getting that much data.
  9. I want to sample the previous pixel in my CG shader and i was wondering how far away the next pixel is. I have a image that covers the entire screen exactly. which is 1024 by 768. Do you do this? float4 oColourPrev = tex2D(Texture, TexCoord0 - 1/1024); I want to do this because i want to get an average of the colours. How would i do this by the way? I was thinking I could do what i did above and then the last pixel's colour will be the total then i could do a call to glReadPixels() and get the last pixel and divide it by how many pixels there are. I tried that but it didn't work. So how would you do it?
  10. hello_there

    copying the frame buffer

    Thanks. How many tex2D samples can you do on a single texture coordinate on a 9800XT because on my last card i could only do 1.
  11. hello_there

    game engine tutorials

    Thanks for the help. I might read up some different design patterns since that's where i have the most trouble. I can never think of a good way to connect everything together.
  12. hello_there

    game engine tutorials

    Good idea i might try see how quake 2 and stuff do it.
  13. hello_there

    copying the frame buffer

    How would you do that in a CG shader?
  14. hello_there

    copying the frame buffer

    I need to loop through the values and get averages and stuff. Can you do that sort of thing in a pixel shader.
  15. Does anyone know a good tutorial for designing a game engine. I was looking at the Enginuity tutorial and it sounds good but it's not finished. Does anyone know of a tutorial along those same line but finished. i tried searching on google but i couldn't find exactly what i wanted. Cause if i can't find a decent tutorial online i'll have to buy a book and i'm quite poor. thanks.
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